Square. Edinburgh EH2 4DF) by 30 June 1986. Stories previously published in books are not eligible but the editorial board Deirdre Chapman. Arianne Goodman and Iain Crichton Smith will take a

' peek at ones which have appeared in 5 magazines or been broadcast. Make sure you enclose two sae‘s with your

submission: one for an acknowledgement of the receipt of

' your story. the other to notify you

whether or not it has been selected. lfit has. a cheque for £100will be following shortly.


Between 17 Feb and 8 March the Book Marketing Council. which squats significantly under the same roofas the Publishers‘ Association in London's Bedford Square. is hyping the Great American novel. ‘Authors USA‘ concentrates on twenty novels. selected by Malcolm Bradbury. Melvyn Bragg. and Hermione Lee. which highlight 'the best and liveliest in contemporary American fiction‘. But despite the superlatives Maggie van Reenan. the BMC director and mastermind behind the promotion. is at pains to play down the ‘best of‘ tag. According to her. ‘the judges did not in every case feel ‘obliged to choose the best work by a particular author.

they went for works they considered I to be outstanding and that people should be excited about reading.‘

Saul Bellow is represented by Humboldt's (lift rather than Herzog, Something Happened. Joseph Heller‘s pilloried second novel. has precedence over Catch 22 and

Norman Mailer‘s The Naked andthe

Dead is ousted by The Deer Park. The full list includes; How German is it Walter Abish. Humboldt's Gift

Saul Bellow. The Sheltering Sky Paul

Bowles. Invisible Man Ralph

Rabbit relaxing: Updike at the Edinburgh Book Festival

Ellison. The Recognitions William Gaddis. Men andAnge/s Mary Gordon. Sleepless Nights Elizabeth Hardwick . Something Happened Joseph Heller. The Friends ofEddie (‘0er George V. Higgins. Mrs Caliban Rachel Ingalls. The War Between the Tates Alison Lurie. The Deer Park Norman Mailer. The Assistant Bernard Malamud. Song of

Solomon Toni Morrison. Gravity 's Rainbow Thomas Pynchon. The Ghost Writer Philip Roth. The Slave Isaac Bashevis Singer. Rabbit. Run John Updike. Myra Breckinridge Gore Vidal. Losing Battles Eudora Welty.

Already it has sparked off ‘alternative‘ lists and among the more notable omissions are JD. Salinger (with The Catcher in the Rye still clocking annual sales of over a quarter of a million he presumably doesn’t need a boost). Alice Walker. Ken Kesey. Peter de Vries. Mary McCarthy. John Wideman, William Styron. Robert Stone. William

Burroughs and James Baldwin. i Sevenofthetwentywillbe in ‘: London and a variety ofevents are I planned including the £35 Observer Book Banquet. But it’s in the High Street that the campaign is expected to be most conspicuous with over 2.000 bookshops displaying the selected titles supported by what the BMC describes as ‘a festive package of razzamatazz‘. Does anyone grudge Updike for staying at home and playing golf! (Alan Taylor)

A poet . . . who can catch the joy of the eighties.

—George Mackay Brown



A selection of her best raps. songs. sketches and mono-

logues from plays and revues.

The social satires in Liz Lochhead’s new collection are among the wittiest and most original pieces she has written. —(}lasgow Hera/d

DREAMING FRANKENSTEIN AND COLLECTED POEMS (£3.95 paper) This is a collection of Liz Lochhead‘s poems 1967-1984. containing Memo For Spring. Islands, Grimm Sisters and her most recent volume. Dreaming Frankenstein.

Dreaming Frankenstein is a rare thing: a book of poems which sparkles. —'I'he St'otsmttn

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