O Cactus Club Kavio’s. Victoria Street. Wednesdays 9.30 till late. £1.50. Modern (but not chart) dance music. with on screen films and videos.

0 Cat’s Pyjamas Goodtime Emporium. 6 Abbeymount. 661 1662. Thurs—Sun 10pm—3am. Fri. Sat £2 before midnight. £3 after. Sunday disco.

0 Clnderellas Rockerlellas 99 St

; Stephen‘s Street 556 0266. Mon

private functions. Tue 14—18 years. 8-1 1pm. Members£1. guests £1.50. Wed 8pm—2am Half Price Night

£1 .50 entrance. Bar and rest also half

. price. Thurs 9pm—3am free until

11pm.£2.50 after 1 1pm. Fri

; 9pm—3am £3. Sat 9pm—3am £3.50.

' o Coasters Complex 3 West Tollcross. 228 3252.

j Hoochle Coochie Club in the Bermuda 3 Triangle. Fri, Sat 10.30pm—3am.

£1.50—£3 over 18‘s. Funky.


Texas in Bermuda Triangle. Sundays 10.30pm—3.30am. £2. Funk. Jazz. Soul, Latin. All drinks 70p until

; midnight. Goombay Beat in the Barbados Suite.

Fri, Sat. Sun 10.30pm—3am.

- £1.50—£2.50. Reggae.

Snake Plt in the Barbados Suite.

1 Thursdays£1 .50 and £1 members. . Psychadelic.

. Tuesdays in the Bermuda Triangle. , The hi-energy club. Gays and

g non-gays. £1 .50 before 11pm. £2


? Outer Limits in Coasters is closed until end February at least. , o Jailhouse Calton Road. 557 3073.

Mon. Tue. Wed until 2am. Thurs 2.30am, Fri 2.30/2.45am. Sat

' 1.30/1.45am. Sun 10.45pm. Different live bands every night -

rock. jazz. blues, reggae (not heavy metal or punk).

' o Kangaroo Club The Place Disco, Victoria Street. Every Sat ; 10pm—3am.£1.50(noconcs).

O Lucilers Jamaica Street. Jazz club closed down.

L 0 Mad Hatters 126 High Street. 225

4343. Thurs—Sun 9pm—2am. Fri and Sat 9am—3pm. £l—£3 depending on


. O Madisons Greenside Place, 557

2692. Mon—Wed closed except for

I, private functions. Disco Thurs—Sun

9pm—3am. Thurs and Sun £1 until

11pm. £2 after. Fri £2. Sat £3. Thurs

f and Sun Happy Hour all drinks half

5 price. Resident DJ Jay Crawford.

1 o Moray Arms Bar 2 Bath Road, 554

6735. Thurs. Fri until midnight, Sat

1 until 11.45pm.

' 0 Top 0' the Walk St James Centre. 557 2631. Mon—Thurs until midnight. Fri, Sat 1am. £1. Live music. Thurs. Hayfever and Dangerzone on alternate weeks.

0 White Swan Morrison Street.

42 The List 7 - 20 Feb

El Cambalache Thursdays until 2am. £1.501azz. Latin. Funk.

Big Ten Inch Club Fridays until 2am. The Lazy H Sats until 2am. Jazz. Soul, Rhythm and Blues. Blues.

0 Zenatec 56 Fountainbridge. 229 7733. Fri—Sun until 3am. Fri and Sun £2. Sat £3.50. (Riviera Function Suite £60 Fri and Sat).


O Bangalore Tandoori. 52 Home Street. Tollcross 229 1348. Mon—Thurs 1am. Fri. Sat 1.30am.

o Loon Fung Chinese Restaurant 2 Warriston Place. 556 1781. Mon—Thurs and Sun midnight. Fri, Sat lam.

O Madogs Bar/Restaurant. 38a George Street. 225 3408. Mon—Sat last orders 11.45pm. Sun 10.30am. Bar closes approx one hour after last orders.

0 Calé Noir Bar/Restaurant. Waverley Market. 556 1374. Mon—Wed midnight. Thurs—Fri 1am. Sat 11.45pm. Sun 11pm (opens 8am every day. noon Suns).

0 Bar ltalia Italian. 100 Lothian Road. 228 6379. 7 days till 2.30/3am. 0 Bar Roma Italian. 39a Queensferry Street. 226 2977. 7 days till 2/2.30am. o Dario’s Diner Italian. 157 Lothian Road. 229 8778. Tue. Wed 2am. Thurs—Sat 3am. Closed Sun and Mon. Also see Take-Aways.

o Kingllsher Restaurant 71 Bread Street. 229 3028. Sun—Wed until 3am. Thurs, Fri and Sat until 4am. Steaks, pizzas, fish and chips (soon kebabs) to eat in or take away.

0 The Gilded Balloon 209 Cowgate. 225 3013. Restaurant until midnight 7 days.


O Alton Hotel 6 Grosvenor Crescent, 225 7033. Bar till midnight 7 days.


I We at The List are always pleased to

I hearabout anyone and anywhere providing a late-night service oi any

1 kind. To this end we are altering you - the List reader- the chance to win a small encouragement. All you have to

I do Is send us detalls ol anywhere you llnd onering an interesting or vital late-night service with opening times,

. address, phone number etc. The first entry out at the hat will win a ‘mystery nlghtcap’.





O Whistlers 39 Thistle Street. 225 6191. Mon—Fri until 1am. Sat until 11.45pm. Sun until 11pm.

o Traverse Theatre 1 12 West Bow. 226 2633. The licensing of the Traverse Theatre requires theatregoers to become members of

the Theatre Club. This can be

arranged at any time at the theatre day membership from 50p (special price for students). Bar until midnight Tues. Wed and Thurs until 2am. Fri. Sat and Sun. Closed

Mondays. o The Gilded Balloon 209 Cowgate. , 225 3013. Bar until 1am Mon. Tue.

Wed. Sat. Until 2am Thurs and Fri. Until 11pm Sun.


§ 0 Dario's Diner Italian. 157 Lothian road. 229 8778. Tue—Wed 3am.

Thurs—Sat 4am (everything on

restaurant menu except starters and ~ specialities). 0 Kebab Mahl 7 Nicolson Square.

Mon—Wed and Sun. Mon—Wed midnight. Thurs lam. Fri, Sat 3am. Kebabs and Curries.

, O L'Alba D‘Ore 5 Henderson Row. 7

days until midnight. Fish and Chips. 0 Potatoland 82 South Clerk Street. Mon—Thurs and Sun midnight. Fri 4am. Sat 3am. Baked Potatoes and Fillings.

O Rapido Fish Bar 79 Broughton Street. Sun—Thurs 1am. Fri and Sat

' 2am. Fish and Chips.

0 Rumbles 15 Banks Street. Fri until 2am. Baked potatoes. hamburgers. soups. pies. sandwiches.

0 Turkish Express 146 Easter Road. 7 days until midnight. Kebabs.

0 William Anderson (Bakers) 39 St Patrick Square. 667 3866. Fresh

bread baked on premises available

from midnight and open all night

(not Saturdays). Scones and rolls are first out ofoven. pies and bridies


0 Oven Fresh Bakery 147 Morrison

' ; Street.2296470.The backdoor at

the side of the building is open from 11pm right through the night until



i baseman"; i YOUR NAME & ADDRESS:


front door opens at 5am. (Sundays shuts at 4am). Bread. rolls. pies. bridies. sausage rolls. cakes etc all baked on premises.


o Mister Beeton’s Delicatessen 42 Broughton Street. 557 2726. Mons until 8pm. Tue—Fri until 10pm. Sats

until6. Closed Sun.

0 Saleway Cameron T011, 664 6190.

: Mon—Thurs until 8pm. Fri until 9pm.

Sat until 8pm. Sun 10am—5pm.

0 Late Night Shopping Thursdays.

o Waterstone's Bookshop. 114-116 George Street. 225 3436. Mon—Fri until 10pm. Sat and Sun 7pm.


o Breakdowns Alex Lattos Seafield, 552 1595.

Rosebank Recovery Service 59 Lanark Road West. 449 4420.

0 Links Service Station 21—37 Barclay Place, 229 9859. 24 hour Petrol and Diesel. Also 24 hour film developing service.

0 Crewe Road Filling Station Telford Road. 332 9940. 24 hours 7 days.

0 Dairy Road Service Station 209 Dairy Road, 337 6857. 24 hours 7 days. .

o Thimblehall Service Station 23 Lanark Road. 443 9948. 24 hours 7 days.


0 Heatwave 13 Frederick Street, 226 4664. Sun tan beds till midnight 7 days.


0 Boots Cameron Toll Shopping Centre.666 1111. Thurs and Fri until 8pm, Sat until 5.30. Sun noon—4.30pm.

0 Boots Shandwick Place, 225 6757. Mon—Sat until 9pm, Sun Ham—4.30pm.

0 Morningside Pharmacy 207 Morningside Road. 447 6188. Mon—Fri until 8pm. Sat until 6pm. Closed Sun.

0 Saleway Cameron Toll. Lady Road, 664 6190. Mon—Thurs until 8pm, Fri until 9pm, Sat until 8, Suns 10am—5pm.


o Waterstone’s George Street. Mon—Fri 10pm. Sat and Sun 7pm. 0 Bargain Books Princes Street. Mon—Sat 11pm. Sun 10.30pm.


O Buses Lothian Regional Transport, 226 5087. Buses from the city centre finish at 11.30pm Mon—Sat and 11pm Sundays. Five night buses operate (101. 102, 103, 104 and 105) leaving Waverley Bridge nightly at00.15am.l/153m, 2.15am.4.15am (3.15am on Sat and Sun). There is a flat fare of75p. all passengers, before 4.15am; after 4.15am normal day fare scales.

0 Tralns 556 2451 . The last trains between Edinburgh and Glasgow

are at 11pm in each direction. 7 days a week.