Who Joins Datalink?

In simple terms everyone! We have Members of all ages and from every walk of life. Professional, manual, students yes even titled people.


Just consider the facts

I We are based in the centre of England, yet we cover the ENTIRE country. You can be sure of finding a local partner.

I We advertise in most local papers every week - providing a constant supply of New Members everywhere.

I We genuinely CARE that you are matched with compatible partners.

I You will find Datalink REAL value for money - probably the least expensive National

(Computer Dating) Agency. We economise on PRICE - but not on SERVICE.

FRI with JIM

S lllhmflléé

It makes sense

to join a large modern Organisation I’ve been really impressed by your overall efficiency not least my partners being within a

reasonable travelling distance ..

. You have

obviously analysed the problems I am very

grateful for all your attention and

efforts " Ml (‘ I 'Iiattastxtei

5‘! "'l‘tt'enty out of ten for 3%

finding me a gorgeous man Mike and I hit it ott right from meeting. "

K1:\\ \ -..:;

8' ,\\o ‘\

"I am now engaged to the yery first person I met through your Organisation. Weare very much in low. andl 3 can't thank you enough ' for your fantastic ' service. t‘ H Bmaiiiia


F n l lam over 17. E E 5 OCCUDEHIO" COMPUTER TEST l

Y0ur Sex V F 10005 of delighted Members have c0mpleted our YOU' H99” Questionnaire Why not fill in this simple version

We will send you FREE and in COMPLETE I CONFIDENCE tull intOrmetiOn about Datelink and details of iust ONE of the many Oetalink Members

who we feel YOU would like to meet It c0u|d well

lead to Lites most wonderful Gift 3 triend a companion a partner for Life

Su'“a'ne F rs: Name


Please processthis completed questionnaire, send me full information on Datalink, AND details of someone you believe Will be compatible I understand that this is FREE and WITHOUY OBLIGATION.


You Age

Age'ar‘geo‘ perso" yOu w s" '.C meet V


Are You

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' i .i" Litmertxis I vounmrenesrs AND ACTIVITIES I

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a X '1 ss O'."e'.'. \v- ea.e I) arm

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Cor ‘ittee \‘l.’( r: __ Converse! o" _

Wa ' N; ‘V Museum » s is I

For Brochure by return post,phone (O789)750092. (24-hr Reply Servicex DATALINK: P.O.BOX 100, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON