Citizens‘ Theatre, Glasgow Along dumb show presented behind a gauze curtain introduces us to Goldoni‘s characters as it they might be ghosts. Romantic music sentimentalisesthe vision.

There is probably much about this eighteenth century Italian comedy set in Hamburg thatwill always remain mysterious. What on the surface is a recognisable comedy of confused love is also a sophisticted examination of contemporary eighteenth century attitudes to love. trienship and money. Florindo. a wealthy eldest son trom Venice and best lriend ot Sebastian falls in love with Sebastian‘stiancee while visiting him in Hamburg and she. Stella, loves him. An impossible tour cornered passion deve|0ps with Sebastian‘s sister declaring her love for Florindo. The tate ot the couples is bound up with Stella‘s tather- a


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Cooking with Tony and Derek Sat 1 Mar. llain tk l..‘~tlpiii. Ll. t_l fill adult. ilaute ( ~uisine \x itli a dtllet‘enee: I'L‘Ltl lttttti e‘ttlltties \\ itlt juggling and eluxx ning in l'un_\ and Derek. is eutttte shim. but all the latnil}.

The Misanthrope Amended i‘ltttt's

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0 .‘MS Pttrtlte‘ Street. 55: Alli? S Buxuttieelues Sat. \uun lllpnt. Baru'ith luud.

The Overcoat l 'ntil Sun 33 l-‘eb. .Sptn. Sat tnat 22 lieb at Spin. .\ 'l'run Yuuth l’ruieet invulx'ing :4Mttltlg peuple between the ages ut l4 and 22 in a staging (adapted and direeted b_\' Hamish (ilen ) ut' a gentle. funny and turning tale by Nieulai ( iugul the Russian writer. abuttt a quiet little L‘iVil serVant \thse lite ehanges \\ ith the aettuisitiun ul a new m ereuat. Mtisie by Bill Murdueh.

The Boxer Benny Lynch lue 35 Feb—Sun ‘J Mar. Spin. \ternbers £25”. (itlests £3.5ll. (‘unes Ll ult.

undistorted Goldoni.(Nigel Bitten)

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grotesque miserplayed by Giles Havergal.

The situationsdevelopthroughwetl crafted coincidences and misunderstandingsthatare well handled by the cast. Jonathan Phillips' tortured Florindo contains some excellent comic acting. Equally. the miserand his comictoilthe servant Trivellino(Rupert Farley) produce some memorablytunny scenes. However. ultimately a sense of melancholy is as strong as a sense of comedy. It director and translator Robert David MacDonald canthrow littlelightonthe nature otthetorces thatGoIdoni satirise3~the relationship between Florindo and ‘Sebastian' is portrayed at times as pastiche Brideshead Revisited—he compensates bybringingto the stage emotionsthatteel as itthey could be

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0 ASSEMBLY ROOMS Sit ieuige Street. lfdtnbtirgh. .735 Krill. Hat

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Hard Times l'httrs letk l rill l'eb. “,Rllpnt. £3.5ll(!-l.51l). .\ \‘irtuusu pruduetiun b_\ l}\(i theatre (‘untpanyut Steplieii_lettre_\s' adaptatiun ul the nu\el b} l)iel\ens. l'nder tan Brim n‘s taut. suilt direetiun. the east ut luur eeununtteall} and intaginatixel} ereate the eharaeters aitd

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The Vicious Boys \\ ed in let». spin. t-:.5'll‘el.5lll. illL‘Slik‘L‘i entertainerspare\eellenee euntained under une t'uul tsee panell.

Fini Tribe and Pop Wallpaper iiltlt\ 3,“ l hutsz 1 en, S .lllpni. if, (H.351. luul dinburghbandstsee Ruekt. The Big ShOWl lijh i eband Satl \iat. sfittpm. thtttrlStn. \t» ltail nteasures intended here .. eabaiet husted in. the tdiussneiaiie \iem \lael ttll t u. \Kllll theatre lnteiiiatiunal. \ulunteei Sl.i\er_‘.. Susie \let itiire. \\ e l'lee lsangs tl ll unb. t.l lastie \\ hippett unipam (Sat unit. t. \‘t iltfeat and surprise guests

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EatyourheartoutEmu. street entertainers TheVicious Boys (Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh. 26 Feb) have gotunsolicited aggression down toahnean.

Andy Smart and Angelo Abela have come a long waysincetheytirstbegan hitting passers—bywithplastic hammers. Geographicallythatis. in spirit. they are as brash as ever and intenton making audience humiliation a bigpart ottheiract—whetherit‘s New YorkorNewark.

Members otthe public may. for example, be torced to join the comic duoin impersonating big moviestthe

titles not the stars). Much otthe action is in slow motion. which makes screen kisses(usually behind ascreen) excruciating andChariots otFire even more at a plod than usual.

Winners ota national busking competition and acclaimed on programmes such as Saturday Superstore. The Tube and Game ForA Laugh. the Boysthreatenedto subvert the message ot British Film Year when they appeared atits roadshowin ‘85. Nowthey're outtoturnthe world upside down—includingthe Assembly Rooms, as its mini-festival otcabaret continues. (Stephanie Bitten)

litel is: .‘i l u \ln 13