0 Cantilena l lenry \ytmti llall. ('laremont Street. 553 5‘lhl ( liiels'et (ientrel. lprn.13.'l‘liispopular‘ Sunday lunehtime series eontinties with a programme ot mtisie hy Boyee. lloeeherrnr. .'\rne and llaydn

0 SCO ( ‘ity llall. ( aritller‘rggs. 55: 5901. ".ftllprn. LS5“ L". See Saturday 2:. 1’ttinhurgh tor ltill deseription.

o Paisley Abbey Choir l’arsley .-\hhey. l’aisley. lieltetsat door. Spin. L151]. 1)urutle is the teatur‘etl eomposer in this eoneer't. yy ith his RL'tllllL‘llt heirig the main work. htrt some organ musre and motets tllltt\\ll in too lor good measure. l’lirlipl edger. 1’rineipal ot Seotland‘s .‘ylusie .‘\L‘;lt1L‘llly'. lS tllL’ e‘itlltltlL‘tttl‘ttl the Paisley .-\hhey (‘horr~ ysith organist (ieorge .‘ylel’hee.

oASaltire Young Musicians' Concert ()ueen‘s l lall. ('ler‘lt Street. IIS 1 155 (l'sher l lttll l and Saltir‘e Sitt‘le‘ty. 15 .-\tholl ( 'reseent. 2pm. t- l .5tlttl l. Nigel Murray . 1)ir'eetorot St Mary ‘s Music School. leatls some ol his pupils in this speeial eoneert. lt‘s Seotland‘sonlyindependent spe‘e‘ltlllSI llltl\le \t‘lttitil so the l‘L'Stllts otthis ter‘rn‘s lahours should he \yorth hearing

- Caledonia Brass 1’oyer‘. Royal (‘omrnonyyealthl’ool.1)allseitlr Road. tree at door. 2 3.15pm. 1 it e .‘ylusie Son and the t 'ity ol lidinhurgli 1)istr'iet ( ‘ounerl present 'l'his popular Brass Quintet. \y lio‘ll he playing a huge seleetion ot rnusre lirortt Reriaissattee to Roelx'. lhe idea hehind Sir Yehudi Menuhin‘s liye Musie Now is to take liye rnusie haek intotheeommunity go along and listen.

MONDAY 24 Edinburgh

0 Edinburgh Secondary Schools Orchestra 'lihe Musie l lall. Assemhly Rooms. ( iL‘ttt'ge Street, ililL‘lKL‘tS 411 'l‘orphieen Street. ladinhurgh. 32‘) llltyhext 317». “.Rllprn L1 (511p). Not so long ago threatened yy ith extinetion. this resilient hotly ol young players trom 1.dinhurgh sehools get together to pert-orrn Sehuhert‘s Rosarrrunde ( )yerttrre. (‘aprieeio lispagnol hy R1111S1‘\_\ Korsakoy and 1'ehaikoyslty”s4th Symphony.

WEEKE- Glasgow

0 Working Rehearsal 'l'heatre Royal. 1 lope Street. 332 3331 . 7 15pm. l’r‘ee to Friends ot Seottish ( )pera. A ehanee to yyitness iust a little ol what goes on het‘ore Seottish ( )pera present their tinished produet to the world at large. '1'he opera in question is Massenet‘s \Vertherandthotrgh this eyent is only open to 1‘riends ol Seottish ( )pera neyy triends would he more than \y eleome.

0 RSAMO Opera .-\thenaeum 'l'heatre. RSAMI). St (ieorge's Plaee. 332 41111. “.15pm. 1ixtra dates: \Vedlh.’1‘hun 3“. Fri 2S. Free. Students otthe RSAMI) pert‘orm l’ureell‘s Dido and Aeneas

it‘s tor you so



This coming month sees an exciting timetoropera in Scotland. As itstood. ScottishOpera'snewproduction otKurt Weill's The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny assured a welcome. it challenging. additiontotheir repertoire, but a recent press statementannouncingthatthe conductorwill be 26 year-old Sian Edwards(see photo) addsa newthrill to whatshould beastunning production. Miss Edwards. replacing Simon Rattle who has withdrawntor “personal and tamin reasons”. has an extensive listotconducting creditsto hername. butMahagonnyrepresents an importantlandmark as itmarks her professional operatic conducting debut. In spite ot heryouthtulness she has studied withsucheminenttigures as Sir Charles Groves. Neeme Jarvi. Norman del Mar and. in Leningrad. llya Alexandrovitch Musin. Hertriumph at thetirstLeedsConductors' Competition in 1984 resulted in appearances with the SNO. BBC Philharmonic and BBC Scottish SymphonyOrthestrasandthe English Northern Philharmonic.

In Mahagonny Miss Edwards will no doubt receive invaluable supporttrom DirectorOavidAlden and Designer David Fielding. notto mention the distinguished international cast including Felicity Palmeras Widow Begbick. Kate Flowers as Jenny (originally to have been sung by Simon Rattle's wile. Elise Ross). Jan Blinkhot playingJimmyMahoneyandAlexander OlivertakingtheroleotFatty.

Acknowledged asa masterpiece of 20th century music theatre. Kurt Weill's haunting and often disturbing music. a mixture ot operetta. ragtime and revue. combines with Bertolt Brecht‘spolitical allegory ot Mahagonny builtasacity‘only becausethis world is so rotten'. Murdergoesunpunished while gluttonyisavirtue andtailure to have

.ilong yyith Millraud‘s l.e l’auy re .‘ylatelot. 1he opera sehool has a growing reputation so this dotrhle hill should he well worth seeing.


0 Edinburgh Quartet Reid ( ‘tineert

1 11111. 'lieyiot Roxy . llr‘isto Stiuar'e. turfltllle'x145“.1.1tlprn.1*ree. Sehuhert's ()tiartet entitled Death and the Maiden is the sole work in the li()‘s Romantie ()uartet series. liliere‘s a master'elass on it tomorrow (see listings).



0 RSAMO Opera Athenaeum '1'heatre.1{S.-\\11).St(ieorge‘s l’laee. .133 41111.5.15prn1ixtra dates: lhurs 3“ and 17ri 2S. l’ree. See 1ue25 tor lull deseription.

0 Glasgow Philharmonic Choir ( ‘itt- llall.('aridler‘iggs.55:5‘1h1. ifstlprn.1'xtradate:l-ridayZS.

L1 .511. :\ tairly traditional ehoral eoneert with something tor eyery musieal taste ranging trorn religious

enough money torwhisky is a capital ohence.

It opens at Glasgow‘s Theatre Royal

on 5 March with repeat pertormances there on 8. 25. 27 and 29 (mat) March and two evening pertormances at the

King's in Edinburgh on 12 and 15 March. (CarolMain)

songs and spir‘ituals to loye songs and

traditional songs ot Seotlantl. lor hotlr ehoir and soloists.


0 Heriot Watt Music Society Magdalen

Chapel. ('oyygate. .-\t door 1.15pm. l‘ree. lleriot \Vatt t’niyersity Singers pertorrri a seleetiori trorn their repertoire in the unique surroundings ol this taseinating ehapel.

o Masterclass :\llsull l louse. Nieolson Stiuar'e t .‘yltrsie 17aeulty). (to—7 1111 1 ext 45“. 3 ~lpnr. l‘r'ee. 'l'he lidinhurgh ()uartet giye a masterelass on Sehuhert's lamous Death and the Maiden ()uar'tet. yyhieh they poert‘ormed yesterday lunehtime. lidinhurgh l‘niyersity has organised this yyorthyyhile idea tor all those interested in string playing.

0 Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra ()treen‘s l lall. tit-rit- Street. 33S l 155 it‘slier' l lall ) anti 1idinhurgh l 'niyersity l 'nion Shops. 7.45pm. L: t {1.511). 'l‘his

enterprising young orehestra haye ehosen a nearly all 15r'eneh programme ineluding yyorlts hy l-‘aure. Satie. Saint-Saens and Ray el. .>\ppropriately enough. the only pieee not to tall into this l-‘reneli nest is ( )n Hearing the 1’irst ('uelsoo in Spring hy Delius.

0 Scottish Philharmonic Club St Andrews and St ( ieor‘gos t ‘lrur'eli. (iettrge Street. :3S 1 1.5.5 l l isllel llalll. Spin. L3. 'l’he

llale 'lihornas \Vilson trio is a r‘eeently lormed ensemhle \y ho liay e an attraetiy e programme ot l laytln's (iypsy Rondo 'l‘rio. lleethoy ens '1irio ( )p 5711 No l and the Rayel 1 rio in A minor.



0 Organ Recital Birte l lall. < itasgtrtt l'niyersity. 33‘1SS55 ext 5T1. 1.1.5plll. l'it'e‘e‘ at tlttttr. 1’rolessor‘ ol .‘ylusie at ( ilasgoyy l'nry er‘sity until lllSll. lireder‘iels Rirrirner returns to the organ in the newly restored lltite Hall to otter a Reeital ol'ysor'lts hy llaeh. the Rieet'ear‘e a o yoei. - linglund’s 1’assaeaglia and eornpositions hy l’r‘ot Rimmer hirnsell.

O RSAMO Opera .-\tlieriaeurir VlllCLlll'C.1{Sx\i\rll).81(1L'tlligk'h 1’laee. 332 41111 a. 15pm. l'xtr‘a date. 1’ri 3S. lir'ee. See 'l'ue 35 lot lull deser'iption

0 BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (‘orreer't llall. llroadeastrng l louse. 33113345. ".Rtlpm. 1*r‘ee at door. .Itltli ('entury musie is the reasoning hehind this eoneer't. .lolin \lel .eod‘s 'l'he \‘s'hisper'ed Name yy ill he premiered yy itli soprano .larie Manning as soloist. and ltdyyard llarper‘s lntr‘ada reeeiy es its lirst hroadeast per‘tormanee. .'\lso on the programme is \‘l'alton'sSpittir'e Prelude and l‘ugue. 1.aeurra hy .lolin (ieddes and Mont .luie hy

llritten llerlseley. See panel.


0 SCO ()ueen’s l lall. ( ’ler’lt Street. 32S 1155(1'sher11alll. fi.-l5prn

£3 LS. 'l'he ( ~omposer ( "ondtrets series eontiriuesyyitli l’eter'.\laxyyell 1)ayies and his Sirrtonia heirig tlie leatured \yor'k. '\lsti on the progratnrne are \lo/art l’iano ('oneer'tos Nos 1tttlllt1:.5\\ltll the tlelightlul Klitstrkol ehitla as soloist

FRIDAY 28 .~ .- Glasgow

0 Midday Concert Steyerrson llall. RS.-\.\11). .St (iettl'ge‘is 1’laee. .15.: 41111. 1pm. 17r’ee at door. l'seape lrortt the hustle and hustle ot (ilasgoyy‘s lunehtrrne trattie and relax to a prograrrrrrie ot llar'otiue tlute soriatas per'torrned hy \\ rllrarrr llennett ( llute ). lili/ahetli .‘y‘laedonald (eellol and l’hrlipl edger (harpsrehordl.

0 Glasgow Philharmonic Choirt lty llall. ( 'andler'iggs. 553 5Wtil ifsllpllt. £1,511. See \\ etlllestlay .ltt tor l'ull deser'iptron

o Masterclass Steyerisori l lall. RSAMI). St ( ieorges l’laee. .1 L‘ 41111. 5pm. 1*r‘ee at door. 1 Eopelully not too exhausted lrorrr his etlor'ts at today'slunelrtirrieeoneert. \Vllllalll

lllt'l N :1 l will 17'