o This section aims to provide a review 01 every lilm to be seen in central Scotland overthe next lortnight. For programmetlmes see individual cinema listings.

U - Universal. suitable lor all ages.

PG - Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable lor youngercthren.

15 - No-one under the age 0115 admitted.

18 - No-one under the age of 18 admitted. 11'- New Release. o A Propos De Nicer iii (lean \‘ign. l‘ranee. lilill) fill mins. Savagelv satirieal portrait ot the millionaires~ paradise ol~ Niee. Still visuallv arresting alter all these vears. l5dinburgh; l‘ l ' l-ilmsoe 0 L‘Age d'Orl 15) l l.ui.s Bunuel. l‘iranee. l‘13lll(iaston Modot. l._va l__\.'s. (13 ruins. the ( ~hureh. the lustablishment and espeeiall_v middle elass mor'alitv eorrre under Bunuel‘s' satirie lire in this earl} surrealistie pieee w‘hieh looks lorw'ard to his later worlv and provides the same sort ol gleetullv. inluriatinglv bi/arre entertainment. lidinburgh; lil' liilmsoe 0 Amadeus l l’( i) l .‘slilos l5or man. l‘S. WS-l) l5. .‘slurrav Abraham. 'l‘om l lulee. Simon ('allow. loll mins. A risbile title light tor a plaee in poster'itv between a ( iod~learing but medioere talent and a musieal genius w ith bad manners. \ltrsie‘s good. (ilasgow: ( irosvenor 0 And the Ship Sails 0n ( t’( i) ll-‘rederieo l’ellini. ltal_v. l‘itSfl‘s) l’reddie .lones. Barbara .lellord. 135 mins. Naples 1914. A luxurious oeean liner paelted with rieh SllL‘l'dlllL‘S ttlttl 'a lovesiels t'ltlltti sets sail to seatter the ashes ol' a liamous opera singer. Rather uneventlul tor a l‘iellini lilm. and with not quite as mueh ol' the w inninglv extravagant as w e has e eome to expeet. it rs lelt to the gorgeouslv artitieial sets to earrv the dav. lidinburgh; l5ilmhouse o L‘Apprenti Salaud ( .‘vliehel l)eville. t5ranee. W70) Robert l.amoureux. ('hristine Deioux. ‘ltS mins. 'l‘he storv ot' an average l’renehman who. through lear ol boredom. aets out the role ol Dr .lekvll and .‘Nlr l lvde. (ilasgow'; l‘reneh ('ine-(‘lub o The Assam Garden it'ltfsiarv .‘vleMurrav. l'ls'. 1985) Deborah Kerr. .‘sladhur .lal'trev. Alee Mel‘ow‘en. ll: ruins. A delieate


blossoms between an Indian woman and a reeentlv widowed memsahib as thev restore a vast. exotie expanse in time to earn a plaee in the Great British ( iardens guide. .lat'lrev and Kerr turn in exemplarv perlormanees that llltll'vL‘ a simple drama a rnerrrorable one.

l'idinburgh; l‘iilmhouse

o The Aviator‘s Wile t i’( i l t tine Rohmer. l’ranee. liits'l ) l’hilippe .‘v‘larlaud. Marie Riviere. lll4 mins.

A jealous student lollow's his

CarTrouble (18)(David Green. UK. 1985) Ian Charleson. Julie Walters. Hazel O‘Connor. 93mins. Allertheir WestEndtriumph in Sam Shepard's FooliorLove itcan only have appeared acannymoveto reunite co—starsJulie Walters and Ian Charleson ina cheap and cheertul British comedy. Alas. Car Trouble isadispiritingvehiclethat tailsto pass any criticaltestlor roadworthiness.

An unlikely married couple, the two leadsiind nine years olwedded suburbanblissirreparablyshattered when he purchases an E-type Jaguar coupeand is driventothe brinkolmass murder. Disgruntled wile Walters has strictlylimited accessto his cherished new acquisition:she isbannedtrom driving it. smoking in itorbreathingon it. Then. one afternoon. shediscovers the hidden keys and ventures outlora spin. Enroute she encounters a hunk iromthe carshowroom andthetwo headlorthe woods and a little afternoon delight. In mid lling Walters sutlers a vaginal spasm. herpartner is unable to withdraw. and theytind

l girllriend‘s' older lover around Paris

and trrrds time tor a little dallranee himsell along the w av lihe l'ir‘st ol lirie Rohmer's(‘omediesand l’roverbs is an intr‘ieatelv—struetured vet l‘reautilulls lluid esereise lll dr_v w‘it. ldrnl‘ur'gh. l‘rlmhouse

o Backto the Future l l’l } r l llol‘el'l [L‘llle‘elsls l b. lA’NSl \liehael .l l’ox. ( ‘histopher l lovd. l ea 'l hompsorr. l rrsprn l ilo\ er. mrns. ln the manner ol a eertarn \larl. l'w .nn hero .1 tv preal Amerrean teenager is transported tlnrtv sears


baek in time v la a nuelear powered l)e l or'ean. Apart from the well—detailedeultur'eshoel. he eneenrrtersthereistheaddrtiorral eorrrplieatronolablossorrrirtg rornanee with hrs lniur‘e rrrollrer. l‘dinbnrgh; .‘\ltl l iornrnion. (ilasgow ; Alll ll l.tils.slrill Road l. Allt(Sauelrielrall Street).

0 La Belle et la Bete l l‘( i i (lean

( ‘oetean. l r‘anee. lli lbllean \larais. .losette l)a_\ . \lar'eel Andre. ti} rnirrs. llauntirrgh beautilul version ol the

elassie table. ( ilaseow ; ( il 'l

themselves iockediogeiherasthe car hurtlesintoe rnultiplepile-trp. Charleson isunderstandablydistraught when hewitnessestheirnewiuund closeness ontheielevisionnews and vawsvengeanee.

CarTroublesrriiers irornlheiairlty engine ore leakyscriptihattrades originalityarrdvviiioriarniliarityand crudity.Theone-jokeplollacks suiiicierrtinvenliorr ioradeoeniTV sit—com never rnlrrrl a i it: hour big screen leaiure. Horribly overextended ano'grimlyunirrnrrytheiilmalso leaturesihe novrobligaiurypop soundtrackthatbounces along more in hopethanharmony.

Charleson. pulied with the manic energy of a Basil Fawlty. and Walters. crushed with erribarrassmenl throughout. are enoouragedtoplayit broadlyand loudly. Theircomedy techniques couldurjreathorough overhaul.

AltogetherrepellentCarTiouble only provokeslondyearningsloranother test-drive oi Genevieve. (Allan Hunter)

0 La Béte Humaine l l’(i)t.lean Renoir. l’ranee. l‘l‘sSl .lean ( iabin. Simone Simon. ‘N mins. An epileptiei train driver lalls lor the voting w'il‘e ot‘i‘ a stationrrraster. but strangles her in a lit then eommrts snieide. /,ola‘s novel is brought l'orw‘ard to a eontempor‘ars lireneh setting with a strikingdoeurrrentarv-stvledepietion ol' the railwavs otl'setting the uneven drarrraties. lidrnburgh; l’reneh Institute

0 The Bill Douglas Trilogyt 15 i ( trill Douglas. l "K. lip: lit“) ltS‘l mins plus rrrterval. lhree lilms. .\l_v (hildhood. .‘slv Ain liollx and Mv “as l lome. paint a spare and masterlv autrrbiogr‘aphieal portrait ol a bov‘s elrildhood in the mining villageolNeweralghall immediately alter \Vor‘ld \‘var ll. l'hroughout the l‘lSlls he dev elops into an aw kward and uneer'tain adoleseent belore laeing National Serviee and the great adventure ol dutv in ligvpt. l‘ilmed in harsh blaek and w hite. words and irrrages imparted w‘rth elinieal

preeisron. the eorrrbirred elleet is


overpmflmllrtg. llotlglas‘s

long awaited ( 'orrrr'ades. the storv ol~ the'l‘olpuddle \lar‘ivr's.willbe released this vear. l‘dinburgh‘. l‘rlrrrlrouse

'5 BlOOd Simple l lb) (.ltie‘l ( illCll. lb. l‘lSli lian l ledava. \l. limmet ' \‘v'alsh. ‘ib rnins. A lesan bar-owner hires a pr i‘vaie eve to ltill his wile and lrer'lover. but tl‘edeleetivetrresto trielv him bf. lillslllg’ their deaths. A :rleelullv serpentine lilrn noir bearing more than a passrrrg resemblanee to the steam} . tangled tales ol.lames M ( ain. l dinburglr: l'ilmhonse

a Broken Mirrorsr lsi (Marleen llollanrl. l‘tSll l lllL‘lsL‘ Riisrnan.llenrrelte lol.l13rrrins.

'l wonarratirestr'ands


involvingasadistiekiller‘andone lollow ing the grow mg r'esistanee ol a prostitute to thederrrearring demandsollrerwor‘lt are intertwinedtothought—provoiling but ultirrratelv inequitable elteet in this l‘eminist perspeetir. e on malerlenrale relationshipsfrom the tlir'eetr rr' ol’ A Question ol Silerree. lilasgow ; l il 'l

0 CarTrouhlel is) l l );l\'ltl ( ireen.

l ls. l‘l‘\<l.lttlie \Villi'e‘l's. liltl ('lrar'lesr in. l la/el ( )‘t 'onnor‘. ill rnirrs. See eaptrorr review.

l dinbur'glr: Alll '. ( ilasgow '. Al$(' lSanehrelrall Streell

9 UnChienAndalour is) i this Hunael. Salvador llalr. l’r'arree. l‘lI‘ii lfirrrins. surrealist lilm reall‘. has to be seen to

l he best Alarown

l‘e‘ l‘ellt‘\e‘tl. W e tile i;lll~.lllg tle‘tttl donlvewrnside pianoshere.

lipen mouthed ltrn though. and the (literallv ) eve popping opening will has e _\ou stluir'rrnrrg in vour seats. lzdirrbur'gh: l- l lilmsoe

O Chinatown l lSi i Roman Polanski. l S. l‘lfil l .lttele \ie‘lltilstrll. lave l>unawa_v . .lolrrl l lustorr. lRl mins. l’r'i'v;rtt'e've‘.l;rl\e*liittestaltesorra routzne ease lll l‘tl" l .os Angeles. but ends up nrretrver‘rng rrrore than he llatl l‘algtlllle‘tl llil.

l landsornel} -rrrourrted period thriller eombines a tvrrre‘;illv eool per'lorrnanee lrorrr \reholson and l’olarrslti'sdrsseetionol thedarls‘

depietionola triendshipthat 24 lfrel rsl ll leb

heart ol the Arneriean l)r‘earrr. (See