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In an unusual step the actors union Equity has come out strongly against the minimal increase awarded to the Scottish Theatre Company by the Scottish Arts Council in this year's grant allocation. The increase of £3000 above last year‘s figure is the lowest

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As part oIEdinburgh DistrictCouncil‘s community—based arts festival. Spring Fling '86.thecity'sdepartmentot recreationis organisingan open photography competition. Since this yearhasbeendesignated bythe United Nations. InternationalYearoIPeace. thethemeotthecompetitionis ‘Peace'. There are two categories. over 18and young people and children. All forms otphoto are accepted except slides and negatives and each entrant cantorwarduptothreetor consideration. The entries. which should be mounted. must not exceed 21t6in and he largerthanfiin square.

Entriesmustbereturnedtothe Recreation DeptbyAprilBDandthe winners oIthe cash prizes will be announcedduring Spring Fling—17m 31 May. These and otherphotographs willbe displayedin an exhibition duringthe Spring Fling. Furtherdetails canbe hadtrom RogerJones. Assistant DirectorIArts and Entertainment). Department of Recreation. City 01 Edinburgh District Council. City Chambers. 249 HighStreet. Edinburgh EH110F ortelephone 225 2424 ext 6614.


The talons maybe out on Fleet Street. butthe community newspaper in Edinburgh looks like going through something 01 a revival over the next month or so. Last month saw the launch oIthe North Edinburgh News and The Tollcross Times. while The New Southside Standard and another paper

awardedto any otScotland'stheatre groups and represents an increase of 2.7% to 57113.000. Scottish Secretary oIEquity. Jim Service has calledtorthe SACto reconsider. Hepointedoutthat during lastycar'sFestival Productions

01 “The Wallace and ‘Ane Satyre ot the

in Leith are projected tor next month. or soon atter-allthese ontopotalready existing papers.suchastheWester Hailes Sentinelandthe Gorgie and DalryI Gazette.

The Newsisbased atPiltonwitha circulationottZCDUandthe Times. having been a newsletter. expands to tabloidtormatand'IDTlDD circulation withlhe recruitmenlotnewstatt. They will betrained bytheWesterHailes Sentinel. ‘We wantourexpertisetobe exploited bytheTimes. while it remainstotallyindependent editorially'sastel Youngolthe Sentinei. 'It's an approach that has already worked well with The Cergie and Dairy Gazette. now well established alter a year. so we hope the Sentinel canhelpstabilisethe Times as anindependentconcern.’

Thereisa longhistoryottailed newspapers whichdisappeareddueto inadequate advertising revenue. ‘We will probablybepooling resources. ratherthancompetingioradvcrtising.‘ says Toby Porterot the Standard. ‘But as wellasprovidingavitalservicetor the community. the papers have another. moreimportanttunction. Being part otthe Community Programme. we were setupso that youngunemployedpeoplecancome along and learn how to run their own paper. Weneedwriters. photographers. everything—and we'll teach them the ins and outs of newspaperproduction.’

ColinWhite inLeith has similar plans. but is financed by the Calouste— Gulbenkian Trust. ‘l wantto interest peopletiistand letthemdecidehow

Thrie Estaites' the STC employed 138 people overseventeen weeks ‘and there's no othertheatre in Scotland employingthatmany people.‘ Equity‘s main concern islorthe employment prospectstorScottishactors and an increase otlessthan haltthe current rate of intlation does not bode well lor them in the coming year. Service says he has no idea why the STC appearto have been singled out in this way as they have had a successtul time recentlyboth 'onthe box office and in artistic achievement.’

The SAC decision has raised the question ofhowtheygo about distributing their limited cash and how lartheyshould go injudgingartistic merit. Bob Palmer. Drama Directorot the Arts Council is angered at the suggestionthat ‘Ihe amountotmoney awarded amounts to a league table of merit.‘ He agreed that the STC is underfunded butsaid. ‘that appliesto 14 othercompanies.‘ Sayingthatthe STC had indeed done good work in the pasthe addedthalthe issuewill be looked. atagain nextyearbutlhatthe public should not think the SAC were prolerringiudgementon companies on the grounds of grants awarded. He addedthatthey consulted withtheatres when faced withtheatregroups' plans torthe comingtwelve months saying. ‘we have our thought aboutthese but that's betweenthe companies and ourselves.‘ We were unable to contact anybodytrom the Scottish Theatre Companytorcommentalthetime ol goingtopress.

theywantthe papertobe.‘

The potentialtorthese papers could be enormous. Productions costs are sinking andthetraditional papers appearto be inadecline-sotheday of the community newspaper. as an advertising medium. maywell have arnved.


EdinburghDistrictCounciI hasgivena grantolESDDUtothe Edinburgh Film Festival. thelirstin itstorty year history. Ata recentpress conference th: Council's Mark Lazarovitch handed overachequetothe Directorotthe Film Festival. Jim Hickey. and pointed tothe award as part oIEDC's continuing policy otaidto allareas olthe arts. not justtheoldestablishedtorms. lnreply. Hickeyclaimedthat‘the Edinburgh Film Festival. of its kind. is probably one otthe bestinthe world. although we obviously cannotcompete with massive state-Iundedtestivalslike Berlin and Cannes.‘ addingthat‘ithas now become an establishedand importantpartotthe Festivalasa whole'. The moneywill be spenton expandingthe programme and bringingovermore visiting IiIm-makerstomakethetortieth birthday somethingquite special.



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