o The Seventh Victim ( l’(ill.\lark Rohson. l 'S. 111-151 Kim llunter. lom('onway.51mins.A girl seareltes tor her sister irt New York and finds tltat she has fallen urtder the mlltienee ol Satanists. Although Lk'lle vr'ship makes tlte plot vaguely ineiunprehensihle. this is a good

e\.irnp1eo1thesirggestiy ely‘ shadowy

thrillers pr'odtieed hy v.11 l.ew ton irt the ~111s l dinhiirgh; l-ilmhouse o Spies Like Us 1 l’( i ) 1.1olt11 1.;111L11S. 1S. 1115.5 it heyy (ltase. l)art .\y kroyd. 111: mins. l)im espionage eomedy w itli ( ltase arid Aykroyd as twoespendaltle agents deployed to distr'aet the other side from tlte eoyert .ietiy itiesol tlte gertuirte .111111’;

l’tehistorie )okes. sluggish direetioii and retitine per‘lor‘manees make this an entinently‘ for‘gettahle t'\pe11e11ee. 1 tlirilttirgh: .\B( ‘, ( ilasgow : ABC ltlai'lxslrilll{t1.1t11.:\ll(' tSatiehiehall Street 1. ( 'inema. (irosyenor. Rte. 1 othian; AB( '. Regal Stratht'lyde: .\B( f (ireenoek. .\B( '. Rilmarnoek: ls'elhtir rte. ( )deon. llamilton: Rial'o, o StarTrek 3' The Search torSpock tl’fiille'ti11.ll‘t1\lliltty.1‘5.11115-1) \‘v illiam Shatner'. ( 'hristopher' lloyd. 1).ime.1iidith Anderson. 1115 {111115, 1 ollt iw ing on lr'om Starlr‘ek 3. iii w hit'li Spoek gay e ltis all to save Ihel riter'priseer'ew. 11111111k‘t'51111tlS .1 him 'LllllL‘ lsir k suffering eountless pi i" aiions as he returns to the t lettesis l‘lariet 1o retrieve whatever it mains r )1 his departed eolleagtie. A \t illlt‘\‘. 11.11 siihdiied outing tltis time. l«111111111g111l‘lllllllt‘llSL‘ i9 Stnp Making Sense 1 1’1 1) (.1onathan l)e‘[]1|]‘;g.ll\)‘ 1‘1.S41.S1\111111.s..'\ rfj.ii..iitieeiiteiii.tyer‘sionof'l'alking l1e.it1siiri‘orieert. l'tllill‘lll'glll liL 1 11i11\t 'k t ilasgow ; ( ill a The SweetSmell OtSUCCBSStl’(i) i \leyander\laekendriekd‘S.11157) l‘itll'll .ineaster'. lony ('urtis. Wt inins ('ut its is a par'asitie agertt digging tip or ereating seartdals for laneaster ‘s unset tipulous gossip eoltitnnist. t )neol llollywood's rttost eatistie dramas. this is a dark triumph of a film. with .i hiting seript mottlantly delivered hy twostarsat the heightsol their pow ers. 1 dinhtirgh;l ilmhotise oTeenWolttl’ti) tRot11)aniel. l'S. 1%.5) .‘ylieltael .1. l’ox. James llarnpton. Susart l ‘rsitti. ‘12 rttirts. Ay erage teenager l‘ox aequires a legionol dotinglartsthroughltis inherited ahility to transform himself at w ill irtto a werewolf. llis haskethalls skills itnprove rto end. ltis hirsute appearanee attraets the girl of his fantasies arid opportunity knoeks ineessantly at his door. 1 low ey er. he ultimately realises the value of heirtg loved for yourself rather tltart as some sideshow freak.

loy is a per‘sortahle young star artd his presenee has earned this filrtt art unwarranted degree of popularity. It is a paper thin )uy ertile eaper wltieh fails to exploit the eomie poterttial of its eentral notion, A 1aek1ustre disapptiintment. ldiithtirgh‘. ABt ', (ilasgow‘. AB(~ (Lilttl'hSltlll Rtldtll. (Satiehiehall Street 1. l.otltian; ABC.

28 1'iel is'. :1 l eh o\l.it


Strathelyde: ABC. (ireenoek; AB(‘.

Kilmarnoek; Kelhurne. Ayr: ()deort. Hamilton: ()deon.

0 La Vie est a Nous ( PU i (Jean Rertoir. Franee. 19%) Max Dalhan. Madeleine Soiogne. Roger Blirt. Known ahroad as People of Franee this was a propagartda filrtt ordered front Renoir hy the Fretteh (‘ommunrst l’arty.

l'dinhurgh: l-reneh Institute

0 We of the Never Never t PU ) ( lgor Au/ins. Australia. 1982) Artgela l’uneh Tyle( iregor. Arthur Digitam. 'l‘ommy‘ l.ewis. 132 rttirts. Novelettish true story of a print white woman travellirtg irtto the Australian wilderness. 'l’lte sereen is filled with awe-inspiring vistas hut the rtarrative is altogetlter rttore rtturtdarte. Strathelyde: llaldarte liilm Soeiety

0 West Side Story ( Pt i) ( Rtilncrt \Vise. Jerome Rohhirts. LS. 1961) Natalie \Vood. Riehard Bey'mer. Rita Moreno. 152 rttirts. Disregarding the inadequate eerttral perforrttartees artd the inordinate rurtrtirtg time this is a vihrartt sereen adaptation of the Broadway ltit. settirtg the Romeo arid .1 tiliet story amidst rival gangs irt New York. the rttusieal seore irteludes Maria. Artteriea artd Somethings ( ‘oming arid the filrtt reeeived 111 Aeademy Awards. lidinhurgh; 1*ilrtthouse

o Wetherby t 15) (David Hare. L‘is'. 1985) Vanessa Redgrave. lart llolm. -1udiI)eneh. 1112 rttirts. A young student. a ehanee aequairttartee of less than 24 hours standing. arrives at the farrttltouse of Yorkshire selnmlteaeher Redgrave. re—introdtiees himself artd prorttptly hlow's otit his hrians. 'l‘hrough art intrreate series of flashhaeks artd differing irtdivrdual perspeetiy es the film seeks to explain his motivations arid the sotiree of his affinity with Redgray e. I‘drnhur'gh; l’ilnthouse

0 When Father Was Away on Business (18) 27‘: (limir Kusturiea. Yugoslavia. 1985) Moreno de Bartoli. .‘Vliki Manojlovie. .‘ylir‘jana ls'aranovie. 13o rttirts. See (‘aption Review. Ftlmhouse. (ilas‘gow; (iFl~

0 Witness t l’eter weir. t's‘. 19145) Harrison Ford. ls'elly' Me(iillis. 113 mins. A young Amish hoy‘ is a witness to rtturder. 'l‘he investigation leads a eop irtto a hrush with another eulture. a little romanee artd the expected poliee eorruptiort. Atmospheric. intpeeeahly aeted and heautifully‘ eonstrueted. Showered with ()sear nominations irt the run up to this year's Star Wars. Witness is one ofthe outstanding filrtts ofthe deeade.

ldinhtirgh. l lorriinion

o A Zed and Two Noughts t 15) (Peter (ireenaway. L'K-Netherlands. 1085) Andrea Ferreol. Briart Deaeon. lirie Deaeort. 115 mitts. Wraeked with grief following the deatlts of their wives irt a freak aeeidettt twin hrothers heeome obsessed with the life eyele of hirth. death. deeay' artd putrefaetion.

A perverse. witty. puzzling. infuriating. often pretertsious artd frequently dazzling new feature lrortt the direetorof'l'he Draughtsntart's (‘ontraet Edinburgh; Filrtthouse


'l‘his seetion gives detailsof programmes showing at einemas irt eerttral Seotlartd oy er the nest fortrtigltt. Readers are advised that many einerttas irt the Str'athely de artd l.otltiart regions are tinahle to provide the list with details of their prograntmirtg for hotlt weeks eovered hy‘ eaeh issue. as these may rtot he availahle at the time of going to press. 'l'hese listings therefore provide art aeeurate guide to programmes for one week only. unless further dates are speeilied. Readers are advised that programmes may he stihteet to late eltartge at arty time.

(’irtemas operating a family diseotirtt seheme allow art adtilt aeeompany'ing a ehild to ‘l " artd ‘l’( i‘ eertilieate prograrttrttes to gain admission for the same priee as the ehild tip to opm. All prograrnnte times are pm unless otherwise stated.

0 ABC l.otltian Road. 3311.5'1311. Bar:

llartt _._5llpm.5 litpnt

(Mon 'l’htirsl.11am llptn

(15r'i Sat). 5 lllpm tStinl, [1)] einemas I S 3 prior notifieation advisahle. {1511. £2.31) ( ‘hild L1 .411. £1.311()Al’ L1 (helor'e (rpm). 1*ami1y diseotint selteme operates.

1. Spies Like Us)1’(113.31).5.jti. S211. Sun 5.211. S311. 2.TeenWolltt’(i) Sun 5. 15. .S‘Csll.

l‘iront 2S l’eh Revolution t l’( i) l'neonfirmed.

3. Backtothe Future ( 1’( 1 ) 2. 5. s. Sun 5.8.

From 2S 1-‘eh CarTrouble l'rteonlirmed.

. le‘tllSUIl Street lift-V 155.5". [1)] ('inema elosed Sunday. L3. ( )A1’ 1.1.

t'ntil 2Z tel) When Girls UndreSSt is) 13.3)). is. it). 5.5ti.s..‘~tiFinders. Keepers. Lovers. Weepers l is) 1511. 4.5115111. FromlsiiehTeenagert1S)13.511. 5115 Erotic Encountert is) 3.35.1).41) Emanuelle—Oueen Bitcht is) 5.411. s. 0 \L‘yk'ltttttlc I-L‘I'I'LIL‘C. ~14“ loot). Rest lllam me a 11pm (Mon-15111. lllam 1 1pmtSat 1. Bar 12 72.3llpm. o lllpm ( .‘ylon Sat 1. (‘inema elos'ed Sun. £3.51). H.211. ('hild L1 .311 ( )A1’ 1.1 111411 Students £1.311.tallperfs exeept evng perfs irt eirtenta 31.

1. Backtothe Futuret1’(i)2.1i).5. 111. .S’. 111. 2.R0cky|th’(i)2.15.5.l5.s.15. 3.Witnesstl5)3.5.s’.

O EDINBURGH FILM GUILD l‘illllllltitlsc.l.tit1111111l{tittt1.::h josh. .‘y‘lertthership details ay ailahle front I‘ltlltllltitlse‘. (itiest tiekets availahle forindividual sltow s.

Sun23: Nosteratutl’tiis.‘~ii.

Sun2: DiarytorMy Children 1 1’0) 5.311.


FILM SOCIETY Mertthershipol Britain's largest film soeiety is open to the puhlie; L15 waged L111 student l‘B411. l’assport size photo required. Six films show it weekly. eurrent season ends .511 May. ( itiest

(L125) rttay he purehasedin liL'SA shops at 'l‘eviot Row. .‘ylandela (‘entre. l)avid llurtte lower. I’USL I: Bueeletieh l’laee. l'he l’leasanee and Kings Buildings shop 'l‘hey' are not ay ailahle on the night. l5ilmsoe olliee5551145ht13,311 1.311pm). For 31 hour information. Nightline 557 1444.

lit 3 1: Stop Making Sense 1 PM) 11.45 Purple Raint 15) 1.25am ()le'tlIl.L‘1L'l‘I\ Street.

Sun 23: Un chien andalou11sitv,—15 L‘Age D‘Ort 15) 111A Propos de Nice ti5).s‘_ 15 Sauve Oui PeuttLavie) t is) Sfitlt ieorge Square llteatre.

Wed 26:The LastHolidayti’tiits.45 Kind Hearts and CoronetSit’tiis.f~ti l’leasanee lheatr'e.

Fri 28: A Man Like Eva 1 18) 11.15 Fox and his Friends 1 is) S31) ( ietit‘ge‘ Square lheatr‘e.

Sun2: Full Moonin Paris<15iix45 Ghost Dance 1 15) S515 ( ieorge Square l'lteatre.

Wed 5: Female TTOUbIe(\tie‘e‘t‘tl7.tl5 PinkFlamingos(\oeeros5o. .‘s‘B \femhers only . no guest tiekets for tonight‘s performanee. l’leasanee 'l'heatr‘e.

O FILMHDUSEl othtan Road. 22S loSS Bar 1 Mon Sat. rtoort 11pm. Stiii list) 11pm) Rest (.‘ylon Sat. rtoort “pml.

.‘ylatinees L1 .211. teones 511p). liar'ly‘ ey gs L 1 .S’tlteones £1.3111..‘\Iain evenings be l)ouhle Bills L121). No

tiekets for irtdividual per'lor'maneesfil

L‘tiilL‘L'SSltiitwilt Sills

Cinema One

Fri 21:Wetherbyt 15):. AZed and Two NoughtSt 1.5m. s51)

Sat22: InternationalVelvettl’ti)2. A Zed and Two Noughts t 1Slt). .sptt) Blood Simple t is) Ly The With) (admission Ll.5lli 1 1.

Sun 23: A Zed and Two Noughtsr is)

s ‘sll

Mon 24: When FatherWas Away on Businessr 1S1545 AZed andTwo Noughtst 1S).s'..‘~ti.

Tue25: WestSide Storyti’t't) 3. When FatherWas Away on BusineSSt 1S) 5.45 AZed and Two NOUghtSt 1S) sat). Wed 25: When Father Was Away on BusineSStts)1.5.45..s.15.

Thurs 27:WestSide Storyil’(1)3. When FatherWas Away on Business llSl.5.45.S.15.

Fri 28: Persona 1 is) Ly The Seventh Seal 1 15 i 3.,tiiWhen FatherWas Away on BusineSSi 1s).5.4.5..s. 15.

Sat 1: StarTrek 3 ( Pt 1 ) 3. When Father WasAwayonBusinessr1S)5,45.s.15. Sun2:The Assam Gardentt').s'..‘sti. Mon 3:The Assam Gardentt‘)o..‘~ii,

s at)

Tue 4: The Return of Martin Guerret 15) JyoThe Assam Garden 1 Lilian. S511.

Wed 5:The Return olMartin Guerre (15):.31) Pumping Iron 11: The Women (15in 1.55.311.

Thurs fizThe Return olMartinGuerre 115 ) 3.3)) Pumping Iron ||:The Women 11511». 1.5..ssii,


Fri 21:The SweetSmell otSuccess ti’tiity- Mickey Oneti’ti)“.

Sat22: The SweetSmeIl otSuccess ll’file\ Mickey Onetl’(i)3.15.“g

Sun 23: Pauline at the Beach 1 15 ) A The Aviator‘s Wile t 1’(1)o.45_

Mon 24: Pauline atthe Beacht 15) Ly The Aviator‘sWitet1’(i)it,45.

Tue 25: Private LitetPG)6.15, 8.30.