0 Art is listed by clty tlrst then by venue, running In alphabetical order. Please send details not laterthan 10 days belore publication date.

0 ANNAN GALLERY 130 West (‘amphell Street. 221 5087 S. Mon—Fri9an1—5ptn Sat 0.31)~ 12.311. General Exhibition by regular artists.


O ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 357 392‘). Mon- Sat Illam—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Restaurant. [D] Voluntary guides are available free ofeharge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. (‘ontact the enquiry desk.

Sculptors' Drawings l'ntil Sun 23 Feb Sculptors” ideas on paper. Working drawings by 25 contemporary British


Jacques Damase dislikes being called a publisher—he is a ‘makerol books'. ‘A book'. he says is like an aquarium. The paperisthe waterandthetextand the illustrations are the lish.And they mustswim‘.

The exhibition at the Mitchell Library covering 30 years 01 Damase‘s work is in remarkably good shape considering ithas beentravelling the world since 1978. The books he wrote himsell reveal a formidable range otinterests- he moves lrom primitive Swiss masks to the history 01 the Music Hall; from the 17th century etchings otCallotto the paintings otChagall.

Like all the bestpublishersDamase constantly challenges established taste. In the 19603 in France he was the lirstto understandthe importance of Pop Art and produced an authorative

30'I'he list 21 Feb (i Mar

workon Italian sculpture underthe lascist reign ol Mussolini. Even his more commercial projects remain provocative. Ahistoryolmaletashion avoidsthe usualchronological approach— a picture 01 the Beatles is juxtaposed with Gainsborough's portrait olThe Blue Boy. Innovative typography isanotherimportant leature: Apollinaire‘s poem ‘ll pleut.. .' literallydrips downthe page.

Perhaps the mostbeautilul items in the exhibition are Damase‘s collaborations with Sonia Delaunay. particularlythe retrospective other drawing. ‘Noirs et blancs‘. hervibrant designs tor a pack of cards and the ‘Robes poemes‘ a collection 01 her outlandishlashion designs which unlolds like a brilliantly coloured concertina.

l _

1 artists including David Nash. Eduardo Paolozzi. (‘ieorge W'ylie and Ainslie Yule. A Scottish Arts (‘ouncil 'I'ouring Exhibition. Ourselves as Others See Us L‘ntil Sun 9 Mar. A sometimes accurate. sometimes sentirnentalised and often humorous glimpse ofour forbears. Paintings. prints. drawings and ceramics which go some way towards answering Burns" wish '0 wad sotne powr the gyftie gic us It) see oursels as others see us‘.

Thumbs Up tor Geology in (ilasgow Museums. A new national campaign. See Ilunterian Museum.

0 THE BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaws Road. (v49 7151 . More—Sat 10am 5pm. Sun 2-5pm. Rest. [1)]

Lacetrom the Burrell Collection Lintil summer. I.ace once adorned the ladies. and gentlemen for that matter. of fashion. Mr Burrell had a special passion for such trimmings and collected cuffs. collars and ruffs. shawls and llounces. all of which can be seen in a special display. Examples from France. Belgium. Italy and Ireland exhibit a wide range ofstylesandtechniques. 17th and 18th century bobbin. needle and crochet lace as well as some 19th century machined lace can be seen. 0 COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 44th). Mon—Fri Illam 5pm. Sat I2~4pm.

The Decoration ol the Suburban Villa 1880—1940 I'ntil ’I'hurs 27 March. Arthur Silver affected the lives of suburban families at the turn of the century by design. Ilc and his two sons Rex and I Iarry were designers of wallpaper patterns. linoleum. carpets and chint/ motifs. ’I‘hrough companies like 'I'empleton‘s (carpets) and Nairn‘s (linoleum) their work reached villas and tenements up and down the country. 'Iiliis exhibition looks at some of their designs. A related exhibition is being held at the I Iunterian Art (iallery.

0 COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 221 o37ll. Mon-Sat lll.3llam--5.3l1pm.

Peter Nardini—Paintings 1979—1985 I'ntil Sat 22 Feb.

0 CORNERS GALLERY ( iibson Street. 334 63So. Mon-Fri ‘).3llam» 5.3llpm. Sat Illam—5pm.

Triplicity I'ntil Sat 1 March. Photographs by John ’I‘homlinson. head of illustration and photography at (ilasgow School of Art. Fiona McSporran and Jackie I’orteous. both students at the school.

0 CYRlL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street. 221 3095. Mon-~I-‘ri 9.3llamA5.3llpm. Sat

9.31 lam— l 2 . 31 1pm.

Scottish Paintings L'ntil end rich. Artists include W. Y. Me(iregor. Paterson. Park. Roche. Christie. 1). Y. Cameron and 'I‘. (K Morton plus (iillies and Iiardley.

0 FINE ART SOCIETY I34I31ytliswood Street. 332 4027. Mon; Fri 9.3llam~5.3llpm. Sat Illam—lpm. Cities—A Grand Tourantl Contemporary Scottish Paintings l'ntil beginning March.

0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 452(i. Mon—Fri 1(1am~1(lpm. Sat and Sun

2—5pnr There will be no further

performances or exhibitions at the

j programme will carry on as usual.


(‘entre until March. The teaching

Ingram Street. 552 (1704. Mon—Sat Illam—-5.3(lpm.

Alex Colvllle— Screen Prlnts Until Mon 5 March. Canadian. (‘olville's painstaking dots and strokesof colour build up careful studies of solitary figures. animals and birds and men at work.

Michael Judge—RecentWork l‘ntil Mon 5 March. Another Canadian. printmaker Michael Judge. is making the ultimate grand tour. accompanied by his wife Jennifer. ()vcr IS months they are taking in the world stopping at exotic places like 'I‘hailand. IIong Kong and India as well as at the centres of art closer to home. including Rome and London. 'I‘hcir stopover itl(ilasgovv has been a fruitful one and has culminated in Michael‘s exhibition of prints at the (ilasgow Print Studio. 'I‘he work is inspired by the experience of his travels so far.

0 GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Renfrew Street. 332 9797. Mote-'I‘hurs 9.3(1am~9pm. Fri 9.3llam—opm. Sat Illam—noon.

Mackintosh Gallery:

Ellel Saariven in Finland L'ntil Sun 2 Mar. Finnish architecture in photographs. plans and drawings. Newberry Gallery:

Student Exhibition Ilospitalfield is a hostel where students from all the colleges ofart in Scotland have the opportunity to work away from the college environment. This is an exhibition of I Iospitalfield products. 0 HAGG'S CASTLE 1le St Andrew‘s Drive. Mon—Sat lilam~5pm. Sun 2—5pm.

In Search 01 King Arthur 1 'ntil 23 Feb.

Last few days of this children‘s feast at the round table.

0 HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY L'niversity of(ilasgow. IIillhcad Street. 339 SS55 ext. 7431. Mon—Fri L)._Tl)am~5pm. Sat ‘).3(L 1pm.

Main Gallery:

Art Nouveau from the Silver Studio 1885—1910I'ntil’1'hurs 27 March. 'I'he Silver Studio founded in lts’Sll by Arthur Silver was Britain‘s largest producer of Art Nouveau designs from lSS5—ll)lll. A related exhibition is on view at the (‘ollins (iallery. (seestylist)

Publlc Lectures 'I‘hurs- 27 Feb. 7pm. Scottish and Silver Studio Wallpapers ISSIL I‘llllbyJuliet Kinehen. Senior Assistant Keeper. Glasgow Museums and Art (ialleries.

The Mackintosh House Gallery:

()pen as above but closed for lunch 11.3llam~l2.3(lpm. A reconstruction on three levels of the architect's home fitted with his own furniture and decorated according to the original.

Mackintosh Metalwork l 'ntil August. A selection of Mackintosh‘s designs for small decorative objects including the full range of Mackintosh silverware currently in production by Sabattini Argertteria S.p.A..Italy. ' 0 HUNTERIAN MUSEUM 'I‘he

University of ( ilasgow, 33‘) 8855.