Mon—Frit).3t1arn~~5prn. Sat ‘}.3llarn- lprn.

Thumbs Up for Geology .-\ new national campaign launched this month. designed to increase awareness of mirseurn geological ser\ ices and collections. Both the llunterian and Kelyirtgroye ;\ rt (ialler'y o; .‘yluseum qualified to display the cheeky lduanodon ’Iihunihs I 'p sign.

0 IMAGES GALLERY "4 1 1y ndland Road. 334 5311

Mixed exhibition of etchings and prints.

0 J. D. KELLY GALLERY 1 1S1)ouglas Street. 24S T411. .‘\lon l‘rr

lllfillam .5..‘~llprrr Sat

lllarn 13,3llpnr

Paintings by Katherine Kynoch Sat :2 I‘ieh Sat S \Iat'.

0 LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngayie. ‘l5o3351. Inc In 1 lam 5pm 6; T "pm. Sat A; Sun

I ~5pni.

An Exhibition of Paintings by Sandie Gardner. Lynn Donaldson and Jill Finlay I 'ntil Sat 1 \Iar‘.

0 MAIN FINE ART'I he Studio ( iallery. lfi(il1‘still Street. 53-ISS5S Itle Sat ltiam 5pm. Sun I 5pnr

Images 01 Italy I 'ntil Sal S \Iar'ch. Recent drawing and w atercolour's hy Kenneth Burns

I‘iye working studios w ill soon he in operation at the Main ( iallcry. offering priy ate tuition in draw ing and painting hy professional artists either lor indiyidualsorsmall groups. Contact Michael Main ll you are interested in enrolling for classes or need studio space.

0 METRO GALLERY “1.1(ir'eat Western Road .U‘lllTV. lucs Ill..511;tltt 5pm,

Dominic Snyder t mil Sat 3: l’eh. Paintings and drawings dormnated hy dynamic urhan themes and an all-consuming passion for (an.

0 THE MITCHELL LIBRARY lsent Road. 221 "(Bil .‘slon l'ir'r

‘)._‘stlam “pm. Sat ‘lfdlam 5pm. Levelsdand 5:

Jacques Damase—Art Publisher t ‘mil Sat :2 March. Writer and puhlisher. Damase has a passion for hooks second to none. Since his first puhlishing yenturc at 1S. he has gone on to hecome one of the giants of the priyate press. ('octeau. Sartre. Braque and Has Izrnst are iust some of the artists he has collahorated with within his hook-making career. This exhihition celehrates.‘llyearsof 1)arnase volumes. See panel.

0 PEOPLE'S PALACE MUSEUM (ilasgow (ireen. 554l1323. .‘ylon Sat lllani 5pm. Sun 2 75pm. (ilasgow ‘s museum ofworking lile. Easterhouse ——A Scheme for the Future L'ntil 311.1une. liuilt to house 5lHltl people. this post—war housing


scheme on the eastern edge of (ilasgow has not heen without its prohlerns. But this exhihition looks at the good news and such proiects as The Iiasterhouse l’estiyal. The Iiasterhouse Voice. the success of a local rock hand and the wealth of community activity. The trade-in hy the residents of their tenements for the modern hlocks is deserihed and there is a selection of original work from the punk‘s eye view of Iiasterhouse.

0 POLLOK HOUSE It lhll I’ollokshaws




In a desert land an oasis is earthly paradise. The tapestries on show at the City Art Centre untit the end oi March. capture that paradise.

Woven in Harrania. a well-spring of undiluted imagination and untrained creativity. they are the work of a school founded by a man with a vision. Ramses Wissa Wassef. a trained architect and craftsman. spent his life dedicated to ‘theflame ofcreativity‘ which he believed could be found in every child provided he or she was not inhibited by the circumstances of life and education. Coupled with this belief he was afraid of society‘s tendency to neglectand run downthe role olthe craftsman. ‘The decor of our lives has become neat and elegant. but without soul‘ he once said of the decline of craft.

By providing a group of children with a secure. loving environment and by encouraging the creative process without strict regimes or pressure. his efforts and those ofhisfamily continuing his work afterhisdeath in 1974, are rewarded bythe magnificent tapestries of the pupils of Harrania.

Road. (6211271. \Ion Sat lllarn 5pm. Sun: 5pm. Allthe Tea in China l ‘mil litres l April. (ior'geous tea gowns. tea services. caddies and ceramics hring aliy e that terrihly British tradrtron of the tea ceremony which in fact was imported from I‘rance.

O PROVAND'S LOROSHIP 3 ('astle Street. ,‘ylon Sat “.311 5pm, Sun

2 5pm.

Annan‘s Photographs l‘or an indefinite period. (ilasgow seen through the eyes of the Victorian photographer. .larnes Arman. Etchings and Prints of the Glasgow Cathedral Area l'or an indefinite period. .-\ selection of Victorian prints which illustrate some of the (ilasgowcharacters ol‘the trrne.


Two generations of weavers are represented on two floors of the arts centre. The tapestries of the first generation (those taught by Wassef himself) are very large and clothe most of the wall space in yards of tightly-woven wool. The natural dyes of many. many colours and the choice of subject matter give the tapestries a closeness to their makers and to the soils of their origin. Patterns are often dense and lush a thronging market place full of faces. a grove of palms. Despite the desert never being far away. life is everywhere in abundance. Even the pale pink sand dunes are teeming with goats.

Upstairs, the work of the second generation includes the miniature of the genre small intricate cotton tapestries. Like old samplers they are subtler in colour (cotton is much more difficult to dye) and less figurative in pattern than the larger works.

As an exercise in colour. pattern and the warmth of human nature. these tapestries go a long way to proving Wassef‘s theory of creativity. (Alice


St Vincent Street. 221 (i121.

.\lon I‘ri‘tfitlarn 5pm. Sat

‘lanr 5pm.

The next exhihition Sailingto SUCCESS will hegin Fri 14 March. 0 SCOTTISH EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE CENTRE I’innieston.

24S31HH1. l'w'o restaurants. liye hars.

open all day. .»\lso snack hars and hank. Access via ramps.

Scottish Electronic Technology Show— SeISl‘ue 25 I’eh Thurs 27 I‘eh.

0 TRANSMISSION GALLERY 1} 15 (‘hisolrn Street. I‘ueerat 12 (iprn. Glasgow Space Events 1 'ntil i'ri :s‘ I’eh. Artists take to the tuhe in this exhihition of video art. comprising film. yideo. installation and performance. (io along and he surprised at the constantly changing exhihits. (‘ontrihuting artists include

David I lall. Kevin .-\therton. .lo (ioslan. .lane Righy and Steve 1.ittrnan. .\ platform for Video art is longoyerdue,

0 THIRD EYE CENTRE 35ft Sauchiehall Street. 55: T531. IUL‘ Sat

lilarn 5.30pm. Sun 2 5._‘~llpm. (ate. lDl

Innocence and Evil in the Work of Scottie Wilson “ed in I‘eh Sat 23 Mar. Throughout his work. hideous monsters in thousands of ex il permutations hattle with the peaceful Villages of innocence until. in Wilson's old age. the forces of greed and descruction arc yanquished and a charmed ( iarden of Iiden reigns supreme. 'l‘his nralor suryey of this ( ilasgow -horn ‘narye' artist who shunned the lahels ol surrealism and l‘art hrut . co-rncides with the puhlication ol t ieorge .‘ylc‘ll_\"\ hook ‘lt‘s .-\ll \Vrit ( )ut I'or YOU: The life illltl \Vtit Is‘ (if Scottie \Vilson’ (Thames and 1 ludson £12511).

Exhibition Talk Sat S .\Iarfi lfillpm. Rogert‘ardinal will giy e a lecture on Scottie \Vilsolt.

Tom MacDonald1914—19852A Memorial Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings \Vetl 3o I'eh Sat 3: \Iar'ch. Though the work of '1 om

Macl )onald has not heen without its admirers. it has suffered some neglect against a stream ol fashionahlc trends. Modest in scale. it is hoped that this exhrhition will proyide the impetus for a reassessment of his work and achieyement.

The Girl in the Picture: Photographs by Ken Mellin From the Film wed 3o I‘ie‘IFStit 32 Mar. liar exhihitrorr .lohn (iordon Sinclair stars as an aspiring photographer in this modern love story. The photographs taken hy the main character are the work of(ilaswcgian photographer Ken Mellin. 'l'he eshihition shows work Used in the lilrn as well as hehind—the-scenes shots ol the lilrn in progress

0 ( ieorge St reet. 2% 2428. Daily ‘lfillarn 4.3tlprn with extended hours w hen the huilding is in use during the eyening.

O BACKROOM GALLERY 1 'nderneath the Arches. 4: l.tiittl(ilt Street. 55(i S33”. Mon Sat lllam 5.3(lpm. I‘uture exhililtioiis will he announced.

0 BOURNE FINE ART41)untias Street. 557411511, \lon I’r‘i lllarrr hpnr. Sat lllam Qprn.

HecentAcquisitions t mil Sat 1 March. The exhihition includes work hy RohertMac(iregor.1: -\. \Valton. Marianne Stokes. Rohert \ohle. .lohn Duncan and .Ioalt Iiardley, Bourne‘s framing shop has recently rnoy ed from ( 'umher'land Street to the gallery premises at I)undas Street.

0 CALTON GALLERY ltl Royal 'Iierrace. 55h 111111. Mon Sat

lllarn opnr

19th Century British Watercolours l'ntil'l’ue4 Star.

0 CANONGATE TOLBOOTH Royal Mile. Mon Sat lllarn 5pm.

Art. Laughter and the Bright Eyes of Children I ’ntil summer. While their new home is heing prepared inst

IIIL'I 1S1 I c‘l‘ l‘.\