along the mad. some at the ttws. teddies and puppets than the Museum «it'(‘hildhtitid are I)” displas at the IUII‘UUIII.

0 CENTRAL LIBRARY ( ietirge l\' Bridge. :25 55M. .‘sltin- l’ri

Vain “pm. Sat Vain 1pm.

The World ol Cinema Mon 24 I’eh-l‘ue 1 April. .\ stairease exhihititin.

Acrossthe Ages t 'ntil 'l'ue is Mar. A displas lrtim the Reereatitin Department in the (‘nnterenee Rntiin ( iallers.

0 CHESSEL GALLERY Visual Arts Department. .‘sliiras' I ltitise (killege (till I ligli Street).

Peter Lanyon Mon :4 let» In 21 Mar. Oils and giiuaehes.

0 CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 335 3434 e‘s‘t. (itisll. \Itttl Sat

ltlam 5pm. (‘ltised Sun. lieensed eale [1)]

John Duncan RSA (1866—1945) I intil Sat 23 l-eli. .‘\I_\stie;il ( ireelss. saintl_\ (‘hristiansand (‘eltie heroes lw a Setittisli Ss inlmlist.

Getting Ahead Sat 1 Mar ’l'hurs.‘ .>\pr .-\n exhihititin whieh examines the rule til ptirtraiture and what makes a grind likeness. l'he wtirk has been drawn trim the (‘its‘s ettlleetlttli.

Arts and Crafts Exhibition East Lothian Visual Arts Workshop t 'ntil Sat 5 Mareli. l’ainting. l'urnitiire resttii'atitin. quilting. Iaeewtii‘k and eeramies shtiw the di\'et'sit\ at this lneal luthian wtirlx‘shtip.

Egyptian Landscapes 7 Weavings

Geottrey McEwan accepted Dante‘s invitation to make a journey. It was a ditticult trip. taking him tive years to complete. stopping ott at the inroads of imagination and discovering avenues olselt-knowledge alongthe way. McEwan‘s interpretation ot the Comedy (illustration would be too impersonal a word) began with two dozen paintings on paperwhich explore the dark wynds othell and flash thin lightonthevapid inhabitants. Deathly spectrestloatinthe black inlinities and youteelthatityou were to switch ottthe lights, theirscreaming taces would remain luminous. The sins oi man grow down into the depths ol hell like tuberous roots. The serpent coilsiteltaroundthethiet, whose leatures have become pure agony. ‘Never was ivy so rooted to a tree as the horrid beast intertwined the other‘s members with its own‘. The pictures and portraits ol the great Italian poet resonate in McEwan‘s translation. Lettering scratched into the paint or stencilled. whisperthetormentand names olthese beleaguered souls. The hellishness ol the place is in no doubt. During the making otthe series. McEwan‘s own lite strangelyparalleled his metaphysicaljourney. While paintingthe Interno his cottage at Tarbrax caught lire leaving it burnt out. The work completed betore the tire was saved but was left blistered by heat and scarred by smoke. an uncannily appropriate twist at late. The making of the Purgatorio was accompanied by illness and bereavementin McEwan‘s


32 Iltel ist ll I’eli ti \Iar


from the Ramses \Vis‘s‘a \Vassel Sehuul Sat 15I-‘el¥-.'\Iun31Mareh. l'he inagnit'ieentl} etiliiurlul ettlleetittlt t‘l tapestries

woven in a little \ illage near ( airti.


Street. 'l'ue. wea. l9ri 13m 5.30pm.

l‘hurs llfitl “pm. Sat

lll..‘~tlam 5pm. (‘Itised Sun and \Inn.

AlistairNicol—Paintings l-‘rill I7eIM\Ved I: .\Iiil‘.

O CRAMONO SCULPTURE PARK Dunlermline('ullege. ('ramiind Road Nth. 33h (itltll. Open all da_\'lrght htiurs.

Scottish Sculpture Open 3 1 int! Man 35 I7eli. Don’t miss this linal tippnrtunits [U see the seulpture in the sittiw (il’it lasts).

0 DEMARCD GALLERY lit.lellres Street. SSTIITIIT. \Itiit Sat

ltlam (lelpni.

0 DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE lalinliurgh l 'iiiVersiti . It l ( ‘liamliei's Street. Inliirmatitin li'tiin 23‘) “SOS. \Itin l5ri‘l..‘\llam tipm.

Two Recent RIAS Competitions t intil \Ved Iti I’eli. Buth etimpetititins were liir liuildings in the ( ‘hristian etimmunits a new ehureh at Rtissth and the Mael .eud ( ‘entre sprinstii'ed lw the Inna etimmunitx.

O EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Iatiristtin l’laee. :2” WI l

Mun 'l‘hurs lllain 5pm. Sat

lilam llnmin.

Build Ye Cities lixhiliititin til Israeli x\i‘ehiteett1re.lintil\Vedltil’eli, Inspired lw stiurees as diverse as the easliahs (it the tild eities til .lallas and


lamily. This section (the least powerlul otthethree) is angry.

Ironically the lnterno has been hung in the upstairs gallery ol the Talbot Rice with Paradisio shining below. The contrast between the two series could hardly be greater. with Purgatorio hanging loosely somewhere in the middle. The large brightly coloured paintings of Paradisio cleanse away the despair otthe lnlerno. Cyclic shapes till the unframed canvas and

Jerusalem and the Bauhaus

arehiteets til the ZIIS. Israeli arehiteeture has deseltiped and matured in UIII_\' Stlsears. l'his e\hihititin lt‘tll'sS at liisttirieal and intidern areliiteeture,

o EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (ienrge Square. Ni“ III] I. \Itiii I'll ‘laiii 5pm.

Pickupa Penguint'niil Airtime lL'\lllI‘IllUIl rtitinil. 'l'lie tirange spines are still lamiliar on many a htiusehtildlititikshell. llllSIdtlllL‘lles the l 'nis'ersits ‘s grtiw ing eulleetitin till’enguinBtitikst1935 lWilll and eelehrates tilts yearsiil l’enguin piililishing. lt illustrates their des'eltipiiieiit. their predeeessurs and their imitattirs iiitidestli lint initirmatix'els.

William Drummond otHawthornden 1585—1649 Book Collector and Benelactor l 'ntil Mareh ( I)Ttllllllltllitl Rtitiin l. (’tiinmemtirating the 4tltlth anniversary til his liirth. this exhiiiititin illustrates the grtiwtli (ll Drummnnd‘setilleetiiin and his relatitinship with the l 'nisersits and its lilirars. During his liletime. I)TlllilllltllltlthtliiIIL‘LlStilllL‘TllllI‘tHll'sS to the lilirar}.

O FINE ART SOCIETY 12 ( ~treat Ring Sireeififiiiiifsnfi. .‘slmn l-‘ri

‘lfitlam 5.3llpin. Sat ltlam lpm. Scottish Paintings1800—1920(ienei-al seleetitin til wtirk tliriiughtiut Mareh. 0 FORREST MCKAY 3S I ltuw e Street. ZZtiZSS‘). \‘ltin l’ri lilani I‘plll. Sat lllain lpm. [his new gallet'}. speeialises in Setittisli paintings li'tiin

the lreedom ol the brush imitates the lreedom otthe divine inhabitants. Venus emerges from her planet in a glowing mass otyellow like the sun. The written warnings have gone and you can leavethe gallery inthe knowledgethatparadise hasbeen regained. Geoffrey McEwan is also exhibiting at the 369 Gallery. A lecture on Dante and his World will be held at the Talbot Rice on 21 February at 5.15pm. (Alice Bain)

Tl lStltlunwards. also selling furniture. I pnreelain. rugs and pottery trum the I same period.

0 FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph (‘i‘eseent. 325 53hr» .‘sltin l’ri

lllam lpm. 2 5.3llpm. Sat

lilam 1pm.

French Printmaker31890—1960 t 'ittil Hi 31 I‘L'Ii. Bernard Lassus Sat 1

Mar Sat 2‘) Mar. .-\ seleetitin til reti'tispeetis‘e works ineluding l'he (iarden «it the .-\nteritii” lw l.assus. artist and l’rtilesstir til .-\rehiteettire at the l'etile des Beaux .»\rts in Paris sinee l‘lti‘). See alsti ( iraeine .\Itiri‘a_\ (‘iallerv

O FRUITMARKET GALLERY 3" Market Street. :35 BS}. 1 tie Sat

ltlam 5.3llpm. ('ltised Sun tk .‘sltiii. l.ieensed eale.

Reconstructions: AvantGarde Art in Japan 1945—65 Sat 33 let» Sat 5 :\pr. 'l‘he titherside ulfllapaneseart. presenting a \‘er_\ dill’erent pieture trtiin the easeading w aterlalls and L‘XUIIL' I‘IUUIITSUIII'LILIIIIUIIIII .Iapaii. I'he 4tls. Slls and (ills w as a period til \ iiilent ehange ltir this ewuntr} alread_\ shaken lw war and ptilitieal upheaval. With the w estei'nisatitin and industrialisatitin Ul stieiets'. a elimate til radiealism and anti-autlitiritarianisin grew within artistie eireles. Sueh are the qualities til many til the works in this exhihititin.


Japanese Avant-garde Art atter1945 Sat 33 l‘eli Ntitin. Ka/ii Kaidti. art histnrian and Ieeturer tin post-war Japanese art will give an intrnduettirs' leeture «in the L‘Xllll‘llltill.

Tokyo Rising: Signs. Meanings and Architecture in Japan Sat 1 Mar. ntitin Nigel (hates. arehiteet and member til NA 1‘( ) will give a leeture (ill urlian landseape and new attitudes tii arehiteettire.

0 GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belltird Riiad. 55h S02 1. Mun Sat

ltlam 5pm. Sun 3 5pm. Rest. [1)] American lmages1945—1980 t mil :3 I'eh. 'l‘he eameras rtill (Her 35 years til .-\meriea‘s histtirs with an e_\'e to the develtipment tit phtittigrapliV itsell'. Not an eKIliltititill tit he missed.

0 GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Seutland Street. 5% (illlll. 'l'uer Hi 1 “Pill. Sat ltlam lpm.

Bernard Lassus Sat l.\‘lar Sat 3‘) Mar. A new etineeptual wtirk by this I’reneh artist arehiteet. See alsti Freneh Institute.

0 HANOVER FINE ARTS lll~1 Ilanm er Street. :25 24W.

Lalia C. P. Dickson I 'ntil 'I'ue 4 Mar. :\ TL‘ITUSPCL‘IIVL‘ exhihititin tit t’ltiw er. hird. animal and laiidseape paintings.

0 HM GENERAL REGISTER HOUSE l’rinees Street. 55h (1553. Mini l‘ri lllam 4pm.

Watch This Space t mil :5 .'\pril. .-\n exhihititin til'liistorie advertising. interesting ntit SH mueh inr the designs. but IUT the wealth til smeltiltigleal detail It ettlltailis.

0 MALCOLM INNES GALLERY (i7 (ietirge Street. 2204151. .‘Vltin -I‘it'i ‘l3tlam (iplll. Sat lllarn 1pm. General Exhibition t‘niil ltll'tllel‘