0 Albion Rovers v Queen of the South (‘lif‘tmthill 3pm.

0 Ounfermline Athletic v StJohnstone Iiast Iintl I’ark 3pm.

0 Meadowbank Thistle v Raith Rovers Meatltm hank 3pm.

0 Queen‘s Parkv East Stirling

I lamptlen 3pm.


0 Celtic v Manchester United ( elite l’ai'k “Slipm. (See I’anel l.


FINE FARE LEAGUE I’Rl‘..\lll{l{ l)l\‘lSl().\’ O I learts V St \firt‘ett lyneeastle 3pm. .-\I this stage. e\er_\ titatelt is \‘ital ltil' I leat't\ .itttl thet lll‘tl\l latte} lliL‘Itt\L‘l\e\ against St Nltt‘t'eit. l‘tll il Htetelsttthe.t\lhtektleleai.l \Hitiltlit‘t ltet auatitst St \ltt'iett Item}! the L';III\L‘HI tt. 0 Motherwell V Celtic l'ill' l’at‘lx Rpm. (an \inthei‘u ell ptill till the Hillel hall «it the Llfllll‘lt.‘ against .i( eltte team u hm \\ ill hax e halt a mititl till the I'L'\llll tt‘nttt Itiitthtiiph‘.’ I \xuttltl think llriatt \le( ~lati \xill hax e Hillel lLlL';l\ till his return ll‘ his «m It L‘llll‘. ltteitletttall} . him tittieh litttuei' eatt (‘eltte litiltl tillltl a playei \\ Fit: \Kttlllfi perform untitlet's ill I‘ ttglatitl'.’ 0 Rangers v Hibernian [tum 3pm. Will \Vttmlei‘kiml .\le.\litttt lL‘rI'ttI'l\L‘ the Iitlinhtii'glt sitle‘s Llelettee will Rmtgh enme [U the t'esette'.’ \Vill tlte lhrtix hurtles turn up ltl l'ititl tittt'.’ I‘IRS'I l)l\'lSl(),\' o ClydevAirdrieSlitmtieltl 3pm, 0 Dumbarton V E Fife lltl‘flllL‘Jtl 3pm. 0 Falkirkv PartickThistle lll'tiL‘l\\ ille 3pm. 0 Kilmarnockv Montrose Rosin t’ark 3pm. 0 Morton V Ayr United ( Xippieltixx .‘PIII. SI'Z('()\'I) l)l\'lSl( ).\' o Albion RoverstastStirling t‘littnnhillfmin. o Cowdenbeath v Berwick Rangers (‘entral l’ai'k 3pm. 0 MeadowbankThistle vArbroath Meatltmltattk 3pm, 0 Queen‘s Parkv StJohnstone Ilamptleit 3pm. 0 Raith Rovers vStranraer Starkx I’ark 3pm. 0 Stenhousemuirv Ounfermline ()ehthiew l’ark 3pm.


o EastofScotland Boys Championships ( irattgeiitttutlt Sput'ts (‘mttplex :\tltlll Ll (‘hiltl Flip.




o Grange v Edinburgh Civil Service Raehtirit l’laee.

o KelbournevHazlehead Whitehatigh. l’aisle},


o Clydesdale v GN Eastbank lieattitt Ruael. (iSl.

o lnverleith v Uddingston t 'astleltt‘ae. o Babcock Renfrew v Perthshire Mooremf‘t. Retttt'ew


35 'l‘he list 21 I‘ehrttar} ti Marelt




0 Edinburgh Civil Service vWanderers \ftttrhtttise

o Westeranelbourne \iiltlgawe. I)I\'ISI()\ j

0 ON Eastbank v Morgan Shettlesttitt Ritatl.

o Uddingston v Clydesdale (Itifillptlllll Rmatl. Iii'ttlgetun.

o Watsonians v lnverleith \fx I'L‘\itlL‘ Ritatl.



O Kelso I‘it’SI Raee 1,45pm. Sahndayl o CIS Scottish Cup League l’lat all»


John Morrison League

0 Coafbridge v Cumbernauld o Prestwick v Lanarkshire

o PaisleyvAuchinleck

o Ayrvlrvine

15:3 r"?

Friendly matches between large clubs frequentlyconsistofseIf-indulgent money-spinners. with both protagonists cynicallyfeeding offthe other's fans. Butas mutual appreciation societies go. Manchester United and Celtic have had some justification inthe formation oftheir own. one which has been meeting now lorsome 20 years. These gatherings usually occurabouteveryotheryear. butthe circumstances ofthis one. taking place on Tuesday 25 February. are fairly remarkable. ltwasthe first match arranged between an English club and one from another country. sincethe Heysel Stadium deaths, and since United playersthemselves were involved in an ammonia-spraying incident. atAnfieId. recently, against Liverpool. (Rangers were visited by Chelsea lastweek. butthis dubious honourreceived its approvaltromthe FA and SFA subsequenttothatolthe Parkhead friendly).

The link began asfarback asthe signing of Jimmy Delaney. from Celtic 10 ManChesler. in 1966. Celtic won thatyear. 4—1 . and the move Southwards by Pat Crerand and then

Lou Macari. as well as the friendship of

managers Matt Busby. and the late JockStein. have maintainedthe communication. The importance of the fixture is illustrated by the fact that testimonial matches for Bobby


o Ardrossan v Glasgow 0 AllandervBlantyre


Vai'intts L'llll‘\ llII'HllletHlll the entittti'} at'e lll\ttl\ ed in the l eaetie matehes. l he lizst eltth itaiitetl I\ always the hmt. lllIlL‘\ \at _\. I Hi t'ttt‘tltei‘ lllltil matimit emittaet the Sewtntsh htdtuitllm\\lhte .»\\\tteiatititt.


o CIS Senior Fours Scottish Cup Leaguetuattut» o CIS Under 35 Scottish Cup League.


- Croft Original Scottish Regional

Championship (Jim-tel t that Ti l l 2' '-


o Six-a-Side Club Championship Finals Meatltmhattlx. l’tlllll‘llltlll ll..1ll.itit. l'tttal \L'llL'LllllL'tl ltll


Charlton. JimmyJohnson. Bobby Lennox. Danny McGrain (1980!) and Lou Macari. have all been between the two clubs.

Asforthe controversyaboutwhether the match shouldtake place. Celtic managerDavid Hayisquite determined; ‘lt‘s an ideal opportunity forfootball to show how entertaining it can be. aside from the trouble caused by these few disruptive elements. We don'twantitto gettothe stage where we can never play in friendlies. In fact. the hooliganism makes matcheslike this even more important. First, because they create a good atmosphere among rival fans and. second. to showthatthiskind of behaviour is an extreme case. But too manysimilarevents. andthe impact would be spoiled.‘

There are. however. a number of internationals involving England. N Ireland and Wales. taking place on the 25th and 26th. ‘Bryan Robson and Mark Hughes are likelyto be on dutyfortheir countries.‘ said Ron Atkinson. the United manager. ‘butwe willbe fielding ourstrongestsidesforthe match. barring injuries. of course.‘ Thisteam islikelytoinclude Scots Gordon Strachan and ArthurAlbiston (both picturedlboth. incidentally. Edinburgh-born .thus giving them a chanceto press theircasesfor World-Cupselection. (TobyPorter)



ti..‘~flptit. l’t‘ee, llll\ limit «if ei'ieket is

rapidly l‘L‘L‘UlIllII}; mute pttptilat‘. .\ \ITL‘LT.lll\ tlL‘\lL1liL‘tll‘;tll i\ tl\L‘tl;llltl all hatsmett tettt'e \\ hen the_\ hax e

t'eaehetl15 i‘tttts.

[H111- Sahnday22

0 Scottish Open Men's Championships \lL‘.lkltl\\l‘.Illl\. l tltitltttt’uh. ‘lam start \\ tth finals at fipttt appi‘ti\. .\\lllll Ll ('hiltl Ll




o WestofScotlandvGala

o Hawickaoroughmuir

o Stew/’Melv FP v Kelso

0 Preston Lodge v Melrose

0 EdinAccievailmarnock l)l\'l.\'l( i.\ 3.

0 Musselburgthyr

o Glas High/Kelvv Langholm o JordanhillvOunfermline

o Portobello FPv Haddington 0 Glasgow Acciestlarkston 0 Royal HighvEdin Wanderers

Wednesday 26

0 Scottish U21 v Scottish Universities lmeileith l’ai'k. l'tlitthttiglt.

Saturday 22/Sunday 23 o WestSeniorChampionships (ilLWlette.

0 Log Cabin CUp(ilelt\llee.

0 Salomon Sprini(ilett\liee.


0 Bon Accord Slalom l eeltl. 0 Bairns Race ( fitit itiziit‘tit.


- Salomon North Junior Championships ( fitit‘ttutit‘ttt.

0 British Polytechnics Championships ('ati'ituuttits.


0 Bairns Race ( ~.itt'ttutit Ill.

Raee lilIlL'\ tlepeiitl till tttimher til emittpetitnt's atitl L"Hlltlllltlll\flll the day


o Under19 Scottish Finals-Tennent‘s Open Qualifying .-\mlw;t\\atlmg Ix'tt'lxealtft.

Fnday21—Sunday23 0 Scottish Under23 Open l'l'l ex ettitt}; aittl all tlax Sat atttl Stilt. I‘I'L'e. \lat'eiik l .L'l\llI'L' ( ‘eitti'e. l'tliithtii'eh.


o Fortronic Scottish Open litillllilll'tlll SpurtsCltilt.

Sun 2 Mar: Semi-finalsl it‘xt \emnn ~l. 15pm Seat Lllfl. Staittliitu

L l .35 L l. Seeutttl \L‘\\IUII p.45pttt same pr'iee.

0 Mon 3 Mar: Finals at Skean Ohu

Hotel. Dyce. Aberdeen!» 1Hpm int fitwtt t.l *lhtlJinit \\.Hk.flutul.

I win t-l..\.tttirtla\ .llltl Stitttla} fiflp. \lattH titiit \ i'.iitlti\ LI 3.".