competition. The theme is peace (1986 is International Year of Peace). Any sort of paint can be used to make the piece poster. acrylic. oil. watercolour. Entries should be within the following size: 11in x 7in (minimum) to 4ft 6in square (maximum). Cash prizes will be given in different categories under 8, 8—1 1 years and 12—17 years. The closing date is the end of March after which they will be exhibited at the City Arts Centre and other venues. Further details from: Roger Jones. Asst. Director. (Arts & Entertainment). Dept of Recreation. 249 High Street.

' Edinburgh. EH1 IQF. 225 2424 x

6614. O THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton

Place. 225 7942. Puppet Making

. Workshops Saturdays from 1 Mar—l9

April (NB not Sat 5 April) 5—10

3 years. 2—4pm. £4 for 7 sessions. 7 Register and pay and advance.

Workshops stringing together odd

bits ofeveryday items into

handmade puppets ofall shapes and dimensions. A wide variety of

i puppets to make are introduced. but

rod puppets tend to be favourites with children as they have lots of flexibility and arms long enough to

reach all parts of a puppet! O THINS SATURDAY CLUB Thins

Bookshop 53-59 South Bridge. 556 6743. Saturdays 10—1 1.30am. Free. Open to children ofall ages. Puzzles.

: quizzes. competitions. games and


O 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate 225

3013. Mon—Sat 12.30—5.30pm.

; 369 Saturday Morning Art Clubs ()nly j just started. almost all the places on this class have already been taken.

The next term will begin on Sat 12 April and bookings can be taken for this.


Rent-a-Toy arrangement to make

available high quality toys at low

cost. There are 12 locations in and around Edinburgh. £5 per year or £2 per term. Contact Mrs Tebble at WRVS. 556 4284 for further details. 0 YWCA 7 Randolph Place. 225 4379. Tomato Sauce Theatre Company Children‘s Theatre workshop for 10—14 year-olds. Sats 10.30am—12.30pm. Membership £2.50 per annum. The class is currently working towards a production to be performed in the summer.

“Seueeze a.

lemon. 5( write a. Message WI“?! , t/ie

che. s 2 1



0 CANONGATE TOLBOOTH MUSEUM 163 Canongate. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Closed Sun. Free.

Art, Laughter and the Bright Eyes oi Childhood The art of the playful is illustrated by this selection of delightful historical toys from the Museum ofChildhood whilst this is being expanded (due to open again inJJte summer).


0 FILMHOUSE 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. Junior Matinees under 15 years 80p. Adult £l . Tickets available on day of performance only. Details ofspecial ‘parties after the film' from the box office.

Sat 22 Feb, 2pm: International Velvet (PG) (UK. 1978) 126 mins. Nanette Newman and Tatum O‘Neal in the sequel to the 1944 Elizabeth Taylor classic. There may not be a dry eye in the house. but it isn't in the same league as the original.

Satf Mar, 2pm: Star Trek 3—The Search for Spock(PG) (US. 1984) 105 mins. Starship Enterprise mission to boldly trek space and put Spock in the right spot.

0 REGAL North Bridge Street. Bathgate. 0506 630 869. Sat matinees 2pm. 30p child and adult. Selected programmes from the Children‘s Film Foundation. includes a feature. cartoons and a serial.


0 KING’S THEATRE 2 Leven Street. 229 1201. Box office Mon—Sat 10am~8pm. Bar. Rest. [D] [E] Aladdin Until Sat 22 Feb. 7pm every day excl. Suns. 2.15pm Weds & Sats. £5 £2.50. Halfprice cones available on some days.

0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. Box Office 226 5425.

Mon—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm and before perfs.

Bumpelstlltsltin 22 Feb. 2 and 4.30pm. £2 (£1). In the well-known fairytale. Rumpelstiltskin's dramatic end comes about when he stamps his foot. But as he is a puppet here. he doesn‘t have any feet to stamp! This company. who use lots of imaginative special effects. send him off with an electronic bomb flash

I instead. The Edinburgh Puppet

Company will also be teaching

workshops in puppetmaking at the

Theatre Workshop. See Activities & Fun.

CflPEFl/LL y

hear the fire {/4410ch

the message s/o w/

GAGO 5 Classes

0 Contact lmprovisation/Tai Chi Weekend Sat 22 Feb 10am—5pm. Sun 23 Feb 12am—5pm. Contact and 'l’ai

Chi connect dance with martial art

bringing spontaneity and

; self-expressiontoaself—defence

form and giving fresh insight to the notion ofsharing. Both techniques emphasise relaxation and

E meditation. Kate Holingbery and

3 Larry Butler join teaching forces for

i this occasion. For details ofprices etc 3 contact Larry Butler at 37

Cranworth Street. 334 3507.

i 0 SCOTTISH BALLET 261 West Princes

Street. 331 2931. Classes with Steps ()ut every Wed 6—7.30pm. Beginners ballet.



PEG Dance Theatre 2. 3. 4 March 7.30pm. Contemporary dance by this corntnunitygroup. Choreography includes works by Gregory Nash. due to come to Scotland with his own company in March and Neville Campbell. dance

officer for Renfrewshire. Contact

Margaret Gardner (05057 4466) for tickets.


t Classes

O EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY MODERN DANCE SOCIETY Ballroom. Chambers Street House. Chambers Street. Mon 8—9pm Ballet. 'l'ue 7.15—8.15pm Beginners Modern and

. 8. 15—9. 15pm Advanced Modern.

Wed 7.30—8.30pm Contemporary class in the Highland Room. The Pleasanee. All classes £2 (£1.50).


Centre. Epworth Ilalls. Nicolson Square. 668 1091. Mon 7.30—9pm ()pen Contemporary with Carolyn Gavin (ex Basic Space). 'I’ues

6—7.30pm ()pen Contemporary and 7.30—9pm Jazz. Wed 8—9.30pm Adult Ballet. 'l‘hurs 7.30~-9pm 'l‘ai Chi Chuan.

0 NEW DANCE INITIATIVE Wilkie House. (iuthrie Street. 225 2079. Mon 6.30—7.30pm ()pen Contemporary. Sat 10.3” noon ()pen Conctemporaty and

12. 15—1 .30pm .laH. All Dance Initiative classes are £2.50 1 £2).

0 REBECCA WALKER DANCE STUDIOS 14 ()rwell Terrace. 337 0748. Wed 6.30—7.30pm Beginners Contemporary with Raymond Kaye. 'I'hurs (v7. 30pm I Beginners Intermediate Contemporary with Tom Yang (ex Basic Space). Both classes £1.95. Contact the studios for details ofthe many open classes they hold daily. Jazz. 'l’ap. Ballet. Ballroom and Highland are catered for.


DRAMA 106 St Stephen Street. 552 4388. Contact the school for details of contemporary and ballet classes. 0 LEITH COMMUNITY CENTRE (tots 2754or334 851.7 (eyenings for details).

Lothian Morris Men meet eyery

Wednesday I’eb- April and are interested in recruiting new members(tnttsicians dancers).

0 SALISBURY CENTRE 2 Saltsbut y Road. 667 5438.

Contact improvisation Series of II\ c classes beginning Wed 26 Feb 2.15—3.30pm.’l'henWed5.12.19.2(i March. £2 per session. Kate Hollingbery explores dance through contact ~ two bodies balancing. leaning. fallitig.giyittg and taking weight. sharing energy.

Performance 0 CITY ARTS CENTRE 3 Market Street.

225 2424 ext oofio.

Egyptian Landscapes Performance Sat 1Mar3pm. Lyndsay John and the OIITL‘T tIdiiL‘L‘l .\ WIII ct CLIIC Lt tittltet' specially for tlte exhibition and v. ill perform with the tapestries forming a backdrop (see Art).

0 LYCEUM STUDIO Cantl‘tt'idge Street. 229 9097.

Into Fame'l'ue 25 Feb Sat 1th”: 7.30pm. Sat tnat l Marat 2. 15pm. £2.25 children £1 .75. The lidinburgh Acting School's version of the well-known American film and 'l’\' series. Fame.


0 SCOTTISH CHOREOGRAPHIC FESTIVAL MacRol’iert Arts ( ‘entre. 07866108122 23 lief) all day Performance given by dancers teaching at the Festival. Sat 22 lieb 7.30pm. £2 (L150). Performance by groups participating in the festival.

l Sun 23 Feb 2.30pm.

lhcl ts: l tit t~.\‘39