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‘Time to call in the experts...’

Graham andAlison

3o y ear old (indium from Cambridge had been an dc'lll e member o" lots of clubs and

organisations, but 11m Right Hat proi inc yery elusn 8 anti.' he ioined Dateline and me! :1 lMU’l '/ thought

Inlnlt’tltdlé’ly nhar a nice girl she

was. and as ise’ mere talking through the en eninc, liery quickly realised that our personalities

matched quite H ell. and / kneu that I would really like to continue the relationship Hitlun the first ten nee/(y they knelt they had something special (indium couldni belieie :I' / kept telling "rise/t to keep calm about 1!, and see him [limes progressed. bill I [\‘tte’ls is (1\ the one :1 Valentines llay engagement, \11 months otter they 'irs! met. Mlll be Nil/rm ed by a Ht'tltlttlL’ llll.\ \ear


."llllllte’V [oi e match by the exper(\'

‘Love at first letter. .. Sally and Wally

‘You meet such nice people through Dateline’

\latirie Breed ism an independent minim: H ll“ lltltl l’t'r'H ‘.r‘7\ lllr'

break it,” o' lit" marriage 'I am not a other

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\ll((('\\'lll :n rebuilding her ."i'e utter

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1‘ you hate been married 'or any length 4"


tittlr‘. you tlr) Niiys lltlll’lL’ a tunirriltmertt ltl another tier you l’I’I’lt'tl [late/me :n the hope that / 't'ltllttiIHlIt/l in "rind llatine llecus .1 laridu t1!’t'tl(".’L”lt". is ho had ruined Dateline to do wruc'tliiric about hm li‘estyle H lieu he inquired he had been unpresyed Milli the finality o' literature sumo/led about llatelme and had \ltttlllt' Has [he \e’t’rt'ttltfn'rwltl lte' t’tlttltlt‘lc‘tl

lulu/d meet men Hill] a lasting

lltl‘ ’('t t"!ll\ "lil’Nt'il [{(K't’V

'runed t"!"l¢'lltt1lt'l\ [thought she may incredibly beauti'iil. is lien l 4’[l("3t'(l the rim” l t’ttttltlttt l‘e’lte’le' 1!" Roger ,"ro‘rmyed yeieral [inlet to .llatine be'ore finally agreed to "ram llatine nun/ed to H at! three yetm, but in the l tl’llld’l-l

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end we timinnmiiyed on tun

‘Good Heart’ is not so

hard to find. . .

You may have lots of friends. a busy job. a super social life. but still despair of meeting someone really special with whom to share a close relationship. Dateline is the answer. Dateline is a really successful and sensible way of meeting lots of compatible people: nice people just like you.


People yy ho join Dateline come from all oy'er the country from farms. y illages. market towns and cities. The problems of meeting people are not confined to any particular locality. The backgrounds and occupations of Dateline members are equally yaried \lP's. suryeyors. solicitors. engineers. doctors. journalists. teachers. secretaries. stockbrokers. nurses. chemists. receptionists. bus driy’ers and ey en zoo keepers. Loneliness is classless. H hat all Dateline members haye in common is an optimistic. positiye attitude in tackling the problem practically. .‘yleeting someone special is difficult. but after that the romance is easy.


Forget fears ofcold-hearted computers? You choose the sort of people you want to meet. H hen you loin Dateline you yyill complete a yery comprehensiye questionnaire. Information from this will be locked into our computer memory. and the matching process. in which your data is compared yyith that of eyery Dateline member of the opposite sex. will begin. The most compatible matches ysill be found and their details foryyarded to you immediately. You yyill also be matched to other compatible people and they yyill contact you. and so a yy hole neyy social life begins.


Dateline is the LARGEST computer dating agency in the yyorld: and because yye haye the most members. yye simply haye more people foryou to meet. Hoyy ey er. size has not made its impersonal. H e are not rust a bos number; our friendly staff are alyyays happy to help you either in our Kensington office or on the telephone.

l.\'E.\'PE.\'SI l 'E

Dateline is certainly the best \'.-\l.l'l{ FOR MONEY sery ice. and our Ill years of experience. and a caring approach. giye us a iustifiable pride in the professional. reliable and confidential sery ice yye proy ide.

H'E (Uth‘

H e yyant your membership of Dateline to be successful. yy hether it's friendship. loye or marriage you are seeking. so our Dateline system and personal scry ice are geared to cater for your indiy idual requirements. and yse are successqu Dateline does yyorkl The many thousands of happy couples from all oy er the country yy ho hay c met through Dateline. are our testimony to the fact that loye quite olteii needs the help of a caring. efficient and \UCCL'\\llli \L‘l‘y ice like Dateline. .r , It: . FI.VI)()("I’.1!()RE 32%“: Simply complete the questionnaire below. We will \en(1_i'ou confidentially" and completely'free, full details abouthateline and how it works, and details ofjus! one ofthe Dateline members you could meet. Send today to: Dateline ('ompater Dating. 2.? _-lbingdon Rd. l.ondon H}? 6.1 H. 'I'el: ll] 933 101].

, EE 4—- - I - - - ComputerTestto Find Your Ideal Partner

START HERE ' I I am over seventeen and would like you to send me 1 Do you consider yourull completely free and without obligation a descnption at my ‘slzy ideal partner Plus a lree lull co|0ur brochure and lots mare

l \lfiwt'fl Mariam: up. inlormation aboutDaleline lenclose twolirstclass stamps \du‘lll'ih'as (ft’.lll\t' “ml. 1W. “WWI 3 Yoursex ray \1 .v l YourHeight :-

Indicate which activmn and int-mu you copy by pllcmg e '1' tom) in the appropriate box ll you dislike a particular ecuyrty, m I '17 (noneng in the eppropnete box it you have no prelim-ice, leave the column blank

YourAge yrs Age you wouldlilieto meet yl» \l.:\ I Christian Name Surname

: .PUIIW Address

> Classical lll‘tl\l\

T“ l’op musit Fashion

1 I '2 I I

Pubs Art 1 iteraturc .. ..

5P0“ .M. l “C mum" Nationality Religion

Pets _7 Science or technology

Folk mUsic (reallyc ysriting painting occupfl'on' " ‘t' I Jazz M Poetry an to 'l o

Dateline. DeptT 2325Aoingl10n Rd London W8 01-9381011

Phll\‘\\‘Ph\ Psychology St‘cls‘li‘y:\ History .-\rchaeo|ocy


I’rasclling (‘incma

(iood food

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