0 Theatre is listed by city iirst then by venue. running in alphabetical order, except ior touring shows which are listed by the name at the show. Please send details not later than to days belore publication date.


O CITIZENS ( iorbals Street. 43‘) liti33 8133.Box()iiiee.Mon—Sat lilani ts‘pm. Bar. [D] Entertaining MrSloane t 'nti‘l Sat 22 Mar. TRllpm. L3. Students. ( )Al’s and l'B4lls L1 in ady anee. tree on the door. (iiles l layergal‘s eeonoiiiie. tightly eontrolled produetion oi ()rton’s horribly itinny eomedy attaeking hypoeritieal soeial mores. ()n a sixties set eomplete with flying Dueks. the produetion plays on a parody oi itseli. btit does neat justiee to the sharpness oi ()rton‘s writing. while l‘iidelis .‘ytorgan giy‘es a timely judged. eamped up periormaiiee as Kath. the houseproud housewiie w ho 'adopts‘ her nasty little lodger Mr Sloane into her sexual iantasies. O A iter this pioduetioii the theatre remains dark until May‘iest. 0 CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Ltiiiibernauld. U33 (t3 3388‘. Box ()iiiee Mon in Want opm. Sat lilam 3pm. (y S'pm pe ri. ey gs. Bar eaie. The Boxer Benny Lynch in 21 a; Sat 22 Mar. T.45pm. L335 t Ll .5ll). l'nited


77 3. .’ V T\\ ‘\ y. \A (I, \\ \ 3y )l1 l\ VET\‘ V \x 1“ 3” ‘Tza V 'i \ ,4

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Alasdair Gray’s new play (opening at the Tron Glasgow on Thursday 27 March) sounds characteristically idiosyncratic. ‘McGrotty and Ludmilia‘ tollowsthetate otan unprepossessing Scot who descends on Whitehall, and accordingto Graytwho is atpresent working on a iilm script of his acclaimed novel ‘Lanark‘) ‘makes Yes. Minister look like a White Paper‘ ditticultto say how itmightcompare with ‘Yes. PM‘. For news otAiasdair Gray‘s interesting views on the King Penguin incarnation oi his novel ‘the Fall oiKelvin Walker‘. turntothe book page. Is this whatthey calla cover story?


8 The List 31 Mar ~ 3 Apr


Artists ( Seotland l in Peter Arnott‘s play about (ilasgow ‘s ehaiiipion boxer and his light with aleohol (See' 'I‘ouring).

The White Bird Passes l-‘ri 3S ts Sat 2‘)

Mar. 7.45pm. L335 ( Li .5“). 'l‘heatt'e Workshop ( lidinburgh) (‘ompany in Anne Dow'nie‘s stage adaptation oi .leSSie KessotlS moying autobiographieal iioyel about liie as a poor ehild in a tenement in lilgin in the l‘)3(ls (See Touring and Reyiew). 0 DALMARNOCK CENTRE 3 Lilly Street. Dalmarnoek.

The Boxer Benny Lynch Fri 4 Apr .s'pm. lioi' tieket details tel (I41 33“) ITST l'nited Artists (Seotland) in Peter Arnott‘s play about the rise and tall oi(i|asgow's ehampion boxer Benny l.y'neh (See ’l’ouring).

0 THE DRAMA CENTRE l3b lngram Street. .553 5S37. Box ( )iiiee 9.3(lattt—rhpiti. NotAboutHeroes'l‘hars2n Sat33 Mar. Spin. (ilasgow' 'l'ouring ('ompany iii a touring produetion oi Stephen .‘yiaeDonald‘s l‘ringe l’irst Award winning play about the meeting oi Siegiried Sassoon and \Vilired ()w'en in (‘raigloekhart lly'tiro.

0 ( opp iatiiley' l’aiiiily ('entre) l‘iaiiley Road. (‘ly'debank The BoxerBenny Lynch’i‘ue 1 Apr Spin. For tieket details tel (14 l 33“) 1387. l'nited Artists ( Seotland) in Peter Arnott’s play about the rise and tall oithe boxer Benny l.yneh (see‘l‘ouring).

0 JOHN MAINS COMMUNITY CENTRE (‘umbei'laiid Street. ( iorbals.

The Boxer Benny Lynch Sat 5 Apr Spm. l’or tieket details please tel H41 33‘) 1787. t'nited Artists (Seotland) in Peter Arnott's play (see aboy e l.

0 Bath Street. Box oiiiee .‘yion~Sat 13 noon (rpm. 4 bars. [D] [ii] l’llttite bookings. ’l‘ieket (‘entre. (artilleriggs. .‘yion- Sat

l(l.3llam b.3llpm. 553 5‘)(yl.

Mame l 'ntil Sat 33 Star. 7.3tllpni. Sat mat 3.3ilpm. ('lieek priees. 'l'he musieal eomedy periormed by the l.yrie(‘lub.

CaiamityJane Mon 34 ~ Sat 3‘) Mar. 7.30pm. L3. L375. L35ll. (‘ones ay‘ail. ior().-\l’son Mon and seliools .‘yton-l‘ri. A produetioii by the l’aisley‘jyiusieal and ( )peratie Soeiety'.

Golden Jubilee Gang Show Mon 31 Mar 7 Sat 5 Apr. 7. 15pm. Sat mat 3.15pm. .‘yion— liri L3H)~ L3H). L2, Sat £3.35. L3.5ll. llali priee eones. ayail. Mon ek Sat mat. the Seouts and (iuides in their eelebratory golden Jubilee gang show.

0 (iranyille Street. 33l 3198. Box oiiiee .‘ytoni Sat. 13 HOOD-DPT“. Bar. (ate. [Diliekets also ay‘ailable irom 'l'ieket (‘entre. (‘andleriggs 553 5901. Monv Sat llHilziiii—(t.3tlpiii.

Beneath One Banner i'ntil Sat 22 Mar.

.7.3(lpm. 7:84 Seotland's touring

i prodtietion oi a new play by Sean .‘yieearthy about the pow ers behind the diyisions between the ()range and tile (ireen. set iii Lt Settitislt pit town last eentury'. (See 'l‘ouring).

English Dance Theatre tires 25

‘l'hurs 33 Star. tSee Daiiee Scottish Community Drama Association: Western Division Finals 'l‘liurs 3 Sat 5 Apr. “Slipni. Scottish Community Drama Association DneActPlay Competition: Western Division Finals 'i‘liais .1 Sat 5 Apr 3.3tllpin. Nine teams are through irom the iirst round ol the eompetition and eompete here to be seleeted Itir tile Seiittisli l'iliials in Dundee in Stay. the winners oi this will then go on to the British l'iinals held IlliS year ill Setttlttiltl tt'. l‘.LlL‘ll (’ourt ’l‘heatre. lny ei‘ness on 33 ts 35 June. 'l'lie aditidieatoi' at the Miteliell is Seott .‘ylai'sliall.

The Rape of Bunny Stuntz, The Choristers Lllitl Atterl'm Gone i‘iiut-s 3 Apr 7.3tllpm. (ieorge Stiiiai'e l’lay'ers iroiii lil\ ei'ely de present The

Rape otBunny Stuntz by .\. t t. ( iarney

.lr; Stew'artoii Drama ( ‘i'oup iioiii Ayrshire present The Choristers by .lohn Reason. while Sti‘ani'aer Drama ( ‘lub iioiii \Vigtow n \\ est hay e After I‘m Gone by Hank \iekery astlieii‘pioduetioii. A Shilling iorthe Beadle. Dod‘s Dilemma anti Between Mouthfuls in t Apr 3.3llpiii. Aeeent l’layei‘s irom the Ai'gy'll Kinty re dist riet present A Shilling iorthe Beadle by James Seotland. the New Vietoi'y l’layei‘s irom ( ilasgow present Dod‘s Dilemma by ‘l )od’. and lownsliead Drama (‘lub irom lsirkeudbi'ight present Alan .-\yekbourn's Between Mouthiuis. The Proposal, Hewers of Coal and Traitor‘s Tryst Sat 5 Apr. “willpm. ( )ii the iinal eyeiiing ol the eompetition. the liastwood lintertainei's present The Proposal by Anton ( 'liekhoy. the Dayaar i’layers ii'oiii Argle lsinty re present .loe ( ‘oi‘rie‘s Hewers oi Coal and the Antonine 'l’heatre ( iroup. again irom A i'gy'll Kintyre present Traitor‘s Tryst by Nan Ross. 0 MOIR HALL. MITCHELL THEATRE Lear'i'ues 35 Sat 3‘) .‘ytai‘. Spin. the (treat \‘y'estern 'l heatre ( 'oiiipany. who liaye been doing a lame iob in taekling diiiieiilt modern elassies reeently‘. in ifdward Bond‘s brutal and eontroyersial play taking Shakespeare‘s King Lear as its startingpoint. 0 PAISLEY TOWN HALL l’aisley. The Boxer Benny Lynch w eti 3 Apr Split. l‘ioi‘ tieket details tel “4] 53‘" 13S”. l'nited Artists t Seotlandl in Peter Ai'nott‘s play about the rise and tall oi( ilasgow ‘s ehaiiipioii boxer Benny l.yiieli (see louring). . l3l Reniield Street. 3.333 lS4o. Box oiiiee Mon Sat lilam Spin. Bar. SydneyDevineTyioan. Satjiifsiat: .‘y‘lon r'l'liurs "Sllpm. l‘ri tk Sat b.3ll t\' S45pm. L435. L35”. L3. 'l'he diyiiie Sydney brings his inimitable style to the l’ayilion. (l’ltis lull supporting aet ). The Krankies'l‘itttrs.‘~ Sttt5:\pr. Thurs 7.3llpm. l‘ri Ce Sat o. 15pm & S3lipiii. L4.5ll.L3.L3.5ll. (ones. 5le oii ior ehildren and ( )Al’s. lx'ranky

humouron stage loye them or hate

them they’re a huge sueeess.

0 RENFREW TOWN HALL Renirew'. Beneath One Banner‘l‘ue t Apr. Tj‘llt‘lit. tl5oi‘ tieket details tel 7:84 Seotland on (lid 553 3443). 7zS4 Seotland‘s touring pioduetioii oi a play by Sean .‘yieearthy' about the barriers betw een the ( )i‘ange and the (ireen (See 'l‘ouriiigi. 0 THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 331 1334 333 “Mill t eredit eards). Box oliiee .‘yton Sat lllam opm (3.3llpm on perl eygsl Bar. Buiiet. Mrs Warren‘s Protession t 'ntil Sat 22 Mar. 3.15pm. Sat iiiat 3.15pm. L3.5ll LS5“. (‘ones ayailable ior students. ( )Al’s. l'B4lls and eliildien. also parties. Student and tineiiiploy ed standby L3.5ll irom 5pm on day oi ix-riormanee. The National theatre in an aeelaimed pioduetioii oi ( ieoi'ge Bernard Shaw 's play about prostitution. banned when it w as iirst written. Vulture Bi'yeelaiid. reeipient oi “Best Aetress~ in the ( )liyier Awards ior ‘Road to Nieeea‘. plays .‘yirs \Varren. Foster and Allen Sun 23 Mar. 7.3iipm. L4 Lit, lt'islt itilk tltltt (See l'ltills'). Napoli l'uesl Sat 5 Apr. 7. 15pm. Sat inat 3.15pm. L3 L14. Seottish Ballet in August Boiii‘iioiiyilles ballet (See Danee l. 0 THE CARAVEL PUB l iallliill Road. (ilasgow . ( H3. The Boxer Benny Lynch than 3 Apr Split. l'ittt‘ tieket LlL‘ILlllS tel ll4l 33‘) ITST, l'nited Artists l Seotland) in Peter .‘\l'lllliI3S play about the rise and tall oi ( ilasgows ehampion boxer Beiiiiy l_y‘iieh (see touring). the periormanee will be iollowed by a Sports ()ui/ and lilm—elips oi boxing bouts. O THIRD EYE CENTRE 35” Sauehiehall Street. 3‘33 53.53 l. Box itiiiee 'l-tle VASth lilain—5.3tllpm. Sun 3 5pm. l'l'iekets also irom bookshopon perieygs). M iii Treasure \‘y‘ed iii iii 21 Mar. 1pm. (Lasts approx, 35 mins). L l. .‘ylereui‘y' 'l'heatre ( ‘ompany in a lunehtime presentation oi l’lautus‘s play. The Roman play‘w'right‘s eomedy is translated and adapted by Leslie (took a Latin lunelitime. Cilia Fisher and Artie Tresize with Garry Coupland l’ri 21 Mar. Tistipm. L35” i L3 ). See l‘iolk‘. Frank & Stein Sat 33 Mar. 3.3tllpnt. Ll ( L l .5“). [he london- based eompany' All Day Suekers iii a perioriiianee ior 7 13 year olds show iiig w hat happens w hen the unlikely—looking proprietorsw eoiiiplete with l_ederhosen roia li‘;llis_\‘l\‘;lilltlit einema elub iiiid themser es ioreed to improyise a yet'sion oiFrankenstein. .. Facade Wed 3o .‘ylar. 7.3ilpm. L3 (L l .5”). Walton‘s l'aeade presented by tile RSANtl) (See (‘lassieal .‘yiusiel. Kristen Nogues anti Sileas‘ihurs37 Mar, 3.3tllpiii. L3 (Ll .5“) See I’olk. Vita 'l’hurs 3 tk liri 4 Apr. 3'.3~llptti. L35” ( L3). i‘ioeus 'l‘heatre lSeotland is touring produetion oi Sigrid Nielsen‘s play about Vita Saeky‘ille—West (See Touring). 'l‘hurs‘day' 3rd‘s periormaiiee is a eharity periormanee: all proeeeds to go to ‘I‘eeti the World eharity. 0 TRON 38 l’artiie Street. .553 4367 S.

BoXoiiiee 'l’ues Sat. Nooiklilpttt.