0 Festival City Jazz Band ( )ltl Wayerley l lotel. Princes Street. iiyenings.

0 Lazy H White Syyan. Morrison Street. Nam 12 midnight. USU. i)isco(‘luh. .la// Blues Soul l-unk RetB.

UNDAY 30 Glasgow

0 Frank Pantrini Farewell Concert Black Bttll i lotel .la// ( ‘luh. Milngayie. (WM Mil“? \‘pm. 'l'icls‘cts at door. Harris is taking his sa/ oilto Spain to giye it a suntan. \o douht he \y ill soon hay e a session started in a acctimmodating har. 'I‘onight Hank and his lriends haye a hall.

0 Bourbon Jazz Band Beacon l liitcl. Park Terrace. Dixieland Band. lunchtime.

o Ricki Fernandez and Friends 1 he 'l‘ron Bar. 'l'ron 'i'heatrc. l’irnie Street. ltlllc‘lltiltlc‘. ( itlittl L‘l'ityktl.

0 T-Zone \ico‘s Sauchiehall Street. 3.“: 5730. Alternate ys CL'l\\. lunchtime. \iodern. younger music in trendyish \y inei'y.


0 CapitalJazzBandt‘r-esi ilotel. ()ueenslerry Road. lunchtime.

0 Texas l’illlllx latin ,ia// ( ‘luh disco ltttl'. Ltl‘thL‘ Coasters. \Vcsl ltillcl‘oss. lllpm.

0 Mike Hart's Svncopators l.c.'1l'lttonth llotel. learmonth 'l errace. lunchtime.

0 Contos l’lattorm ( )ne. Rutland Street. :35 343.1. latin law with yihes. congas and percussion.

0 Tam White and The Dexters l’reseryalion l lall. Victoria Street. Sittihlh. liyening. Bluesy

Soul Jan.

0 Basin Street Stompers Basin Street. llaymarket 'l'errace. ly emng. Satchrno‘s music.

0 Alex Shaw Trio l’latlorm ()ne. Rutland Street. lunchtime. Modern


0 Embers West l laymarket Bar. llaymarket. liyening.

. Delta DEVilS Nltlxics Bistro. \Vesl Nieolson Street. (of HMS. liyening. (iuitar—hased hlues and American Swing.

Glasgow 0 The Cotton Club Jazz Dance Disco Scott Street. 332MB)

llifxllpm 3.3(lam. 0 Ian McHattie Trio lorne l lotel. Sauchiehall Street. (iuitar stylist in major new regular ia// yenue.


0 Swing '85 Malt Shoyel. (‘ockhurn Street. 225 ($43. liyening. l)iango meetonodman.

0 East CoastJazz Band Blue lagoon. Angle Park 'lerr‘ace. iiyening.

Straight early tunes and arrangements.

o Basin Street Stompers Basin Street Bar. ilaymarkct 'l'errace. liyening. Playing like they sound.

0 Delta Devils. Shore Bar. leith. Iiyening. (iuitar-hased Blues and American Swing.


0 Batchelors of Jazz Saints and




‘IlArt Blakey is boring then I‘m white'. . . Miles Davis. summing up one otthe giants otmodernjazz, whose Jazz Messengers. a rolling college of music, has groomed a dazzling wealth oltalent over30 years. Co-tounder Horace Silver, Wynton and Branlord Marsalis, Keith Jarrett, Wayne Shorter etc . . . Blakey stays young intheir company and in his mid—sixties sets an exhausting pace on and off stage.

One otthe pioneers otmodern drumming. he roseto prominence in the wondertul Bop Orchestra otBilly Eckstine in the late 403 playing with

Sinners. St Vincent Street. liycning. \Vell lxnoyyn players

0 Bobby Wishart Group l lalt Bar. \Vttotllttlltls Road. l'\'elllllg. ( ilitssy sax playing. Blue Note and hcyond. o Shelagh Buchanan lorneilotel. Sauchiehall Street. liy'ening. Singer. ia// standards with small group.


0 Swing ’85 \lalt Shoycl. (ockhurn Street. 335 (3843. lyening. l lot cluh sound. hut clarinet and sax lead.

0 Melanie D‘Reilly and Francis Cowan Shore Bar. leith. liyening Mainstream singer \y'ithgtntarist.

0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street. llaymarket. liyening. Solid trad hand in l‘idinhurgh‘s main yenue tor the early lorm ot'.ia//.


0 Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo Plus Friends ( ilasgoyy Society oi \ltlslcialts. Berkeley Street. :31

(Tl ll. \Ifiilpm.


i 0 Liz McEwan/Jim Henryl)ragonara

Edinburgh on the 28 March.


i 3

Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie. Dexter Gordon etal andlromthere to small groups where drums escape lrom a time-keeping role and tind an equal voice inthe exchanges. Atthe Camden Arts Fest recently. The Messengers were inthe lorelrontasusual. incorporating jazz dancers intwo concerts. giving Masterclasses and lorming atemporarily enlarged Messengers with some of London‘s young Lions, including the tlavour ol the month, sharp 21 year-old tenor playerCourtney Pine. The Message is

ilotel. Bellot‘d Road. lfyening. (iood songs and \ oice. Mainstream andsoul ia//.

0 Take Three slams Bistro. \lctilstttt Street. lyening.

0 Charlie McNair's Band l’t‘cset’yation llall. Victoria Street. 32!» Salt». liyening.

0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street. llaymarket 'l errace. l’ycning. Dixieland. THURSDAY :3 ' . Edinburgh

0 Sue Robertson Maxics Bistro. \Vest \icolson Street. lyening. (_ 'lassic songs accompanied hy l)ayy on guitar.

0 Brian Kellock Trio Royal British Hotel. Princes Street. lfyening. Brian leads trom the lccyhoard. l’ost titties sound.

0 Spirits of Rhythm Basin Street. llaymarket 'l'errace. liyenmg. Straight trad hand.

0 West End Jazz Band .'\ils;t ( ‘raig llotel. l-iyening. Mainly mainstream standards. ('Iassic line up oi clarinet. trutnpet and tromhone l‘ronting piano. hass. drums and hanjo.

i0 Jazz Night lilm Bar. lilm Rim.


0 Bow Gamelan Ensemble St Mary‘s Cathedral. l’almerston l’lace. 7.3llpm. £2. students £1 . unyy aged tree. 'l'hree-piece experimental music art theatre group. tlsing scrap metal. hloyy torches and all manner ol l'ound ohiects to explosiye. outlandish el't'ect. ( )n no account to he missed.

C KiCk Reaction l lttticltlc (.(itlL'liiL' (‘ltllt \Vc‘st l'ollcross. lll.3l)pltt. l'ilrst oltlle l’recious stal‘lc to get (ill the starting hlocks and release a (good) single. Destined. 1 should think. tor pop stardom olsome kind. i’oppy. lunky soul and worth a Visit.

0 G0 Ferrit l’reseryation i lall. Victoria Street ‘lpm. l7ree.

0 Watch Willi Mother .lttilltoltsc.

(‘alton Road. ‘lfillptn. l'rec.


0 The Cramps 'l‘he Barroyyland Ballroom. £5. Doorsopen ifwllpm. 'l‘he ( 'ramps are the ultimate American (‘ult hand. therelore. little that they do now can still he surprising. lull marks tor their hysterical appearance on l'hc 'i uhe (one otthe leyy times lately yyhenl hayen‘t turned the 'l'\' onto 'lhe l’lintstoneson BB(' 1 instead). Although i alyyays thought '1 he (‘ramps were more a hlack leather

than a gold lame hand. the acres oi

yyohhling lilcsll. l'orced meeting and minimalist playing yyill prohahly he worth seeing [or yt iursell'. (See Feature).

0 The Primevals. Tarzanz Milkmen and The Deal Heights Cajun Aces ( ilasgoyy (iollege oti echnoh igy . Students and lriends only. (ilasgoys 'i ech's end ol term hash yyith yyould—he (‘rampsters 'l'he l’rimeyals and the alyyays excellent Deal l leights supplying music to \yhirl ahout to. Don‘t drink [rm

much. . .

0 FM 'l'he Venue. Rock music as you might haye guessed at the l lard Rock (ale. Don‘t lorget . . . this is lilt‘s’hl

0 Rootsie Tootsie Shadows. l’ree. Rootsie 'lootsie (great name i are an Rik B hand lrom lidinhurgh.

o The Blue Monkey Experience .iohns‘tone Youth lihrary. 'i'he t'irst in a series ot unlikely gigs l’rom Blue Monkey.

0 Into a Circle Strut/. [ix—Southern Death ('ult and Dame Society. last gig in Strut/ hel‘ore the cluh moy es to Rmrltopsoll 'l'hursdays.

0 Avalon Assemhly Rooms. (ieorge Street. Folk—rock lrom the group that yy ere tormerly knoyy n as the Medium \Vayc Band. launching their tlc‘l‘tlt ll’ Rttc‘lsy Roads. Ililtc‘ next Run Rig'.’

0 Bluelinger l’resery ation Hall, Victoria Street. ‘lpltt. tree.

0 Charge and Sanity Clause Jailltotise.

The List 21 Mar— 3 Aprzt