(‘altun mad, ( 'harge at aruund 2pm. perlurming their usual set ul' heay‘y ruek elassies. Sanity (‘lause at Whillpm -


0 The Cramps the Barrmy lartd Hallrtmm. L5. l)tmrsnpen “fillpm. l he lmal appearanee lit the (ramps m ( ilasguyy . lnr this tmur at least. and the last gig at the ltarrmy lands tor the lurseeahle lature, \‘y’hat yy lll yye dti nuyy'.’

0 March Violets Stt'alltelyde l’niyersity. Students and lriends tinly,

0 Close Lobsters \y'intty \ llT l’aisley. indeed.

0 Zero Zero the l leathery. \‘y'ishayy. .\lt. \\ ell. yes indeed.

o The Blue Monkey Experience \ie.v\ithur liar. Renlield Street. liee. i am alyy ays impressed hy hands \slltt\\'tii'l; really. really hard this is the lust Blue .‘ytttnlxey' gig tuday . starting ahtiut 3 3pm.

0 Blue Monkey Experience la (estiera at ‘lpm. Sueh dedieatiunl

Duntermline 0 Lloyd Langton Group yy'ai-ehuuse. 23

lx'irlxgate. See luesday 1‘. C I Edinburgh

0 Big Country l’lay ltttttse 'l‘heatre. (ireenside l’laee. “Kllpni, S( )l.l) til “i . lSee panel l.

0 The Cramps lampire. \ieulsun Street. lllpm. L5. l-rtim tltesyyatnp direet lll yuur tuyy n. .-\n eyening (it era/mess. syy eat. nit-htilds—hart‘ed ruekahilly and H '.\'. anissahle, t See intery ieyy elseyy here this issue). 0 Small Business .lailhtiuse. (‘altun Rnad. ‘l..‘~llpm. l’ree.


0 Jesse Rae l'he Sugarheat ( ‘luh. Daddy \‘y arhuess. l)titirsupen

lllpm. ( hind tllyl .les'se. still in Seutland. still largely unreeugnised ialthttugh nnee ytiu'ye seen him ynu yyhn't lurget him i and still yy ithnut his .\mei iean hand. Still yy eird alter all these years tut». l)un't miss itl

0 Friends ol Heroes't'tie Ruck (iaiden, l'ree. .'\tusie at “Pm al‘l‘rtix o The Blue Monkey Experience the ('ellar Bar. l’aisley. l’uur gigs in lltleetlttysl

0 Jettt‘aldyy'ell‘slhunge. Rutheiglen.

l l Edinburgh

0 Heart Industryt'l't» he ettltttt'lttetl) l he l’laee. \‘ietnria Street. l’leasant sy nth—hased pup hand. getting plays

tin liieal radii»,

0 Spank the Monkey l’resery‘atiun llall. Vieturia Street. L)pm. tree. 0 RT Band .lailhuuse. (ulttui Ruad. llhhun. l‘ree.

I- | , Edinburgh

0 Fat Sam‘s Band l’resery'atittn Hall. \iet-aria Street.‘}pm. l’ree. 0 Lloyd Langton Group .lailimtise. (altitn Ruad. ‘l__‘\llprn. l’ree. In an attempt tn upgrade the .lailhtiuse hands. here‘s l layy'kyy ind guitarist

l luyy lluy d langttin lrunting a

22 The List 21 Mar 3 Apr


hard-yy'urking hard ruek trio. l.angtnn's prohahly the must ignured guitar hem Hi the age (as yy ell as heayy rnek his eumpusing and playing stretehes tn elassieal and tan pieees) and the gruup's reeurds hay e all dune yy ell in the HM eharts yy 1th hardly any puhlieity. Be warned. the .lailhuuse will he ey en mure dealening and paeked than usual. Glasgow

0 Skanga 'l'he Kelyin ('entre.

. Luminous tDS Stittdttyys. liree.

o Endgames l'he Maylair. .\

yy elenme return to the ( ilasgmy stage hit «me ul'the lungest rutming must likely tn hands in the histury til the eity. With an exeellent alhum yet in he released Ilttsettttld pittst he the year lur Day'y' Rudden and his gang iust like 1W5. WM. 1W}. 1%) ..

0 Touch and Touch with Paradise So Far'l'he Star (‘luh. (‘arltun l’laee.

Areturntothe live circuitlorBig Country (Edinburgh Playhouse, Sunday 23) atterld months huddled around a camptire in the Highlands. . . oh. all right. in the recording studio. Coming to prominence in the so—called “heroic rock‘ boom. theirtirstalbum and its attendantsingles ‘HarvestHome. ‘Fields ol Fire‘ and ‘Chance‘ hadthe world in sawn-olttartan shirts. their loinsachingtorthe call oladventure. Big Country peaked (in Britain at least) justas U2 were rising to stardom. Simple Minds were climbingthe ladder to mega-stardom and people were wonderingjustwhatCeltic spirit itwas that spurred these groups fearlessly on tothe heights.

The Big Country sound was based lirmly onthe twin guitars of Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson, playing carelulIy-written parts Adamson described as being almost orchestral. instead ol the neo-Heavy Metal habit ol monotonous rifts interspersed with aimless doodling runsthat characterises most rock guitar. Slottingtogetherlittle snippets ol melody you tell you must have heard

L15”. .‘yttisie hetyyeen “pm midnight. l’rtigressiy e ruek musie. they say.



0 Breadline llte l’laee. \ lett‘l'ltt Street. Rhythm ‘n' lilues

. Skanga .l.lllliytl1\e. t ittlttlli Rt‘dtl. “fillpm, l ree

(tunineneing their l'irst hig ttiur. e\peet \ at ted musteal ideas hased artiund hlael\ i‘idtlims.


0 RubberYahoo l with \y at’huelxs. \Vest ( ietirge Street lllpm .:.llii. .'\s part tll ( ~lyde .\etitins l aster l gt: Appeal. the hand are tittlllL' .l ehai ity gig tu he attended hy y ariuus eelehrities lrtun Radiit t lydel ntry ishy hringingalttng .uil .istei i gt: it‘ he Llilll‘tlletl tit ( ilLlSL'tt\\ is needy


belore somewhere in sometraditional song. settingtheirampswithjustthe rightamounlotsustain, weaving intricate harmonies and using drone strings to get a sound which was alwaysdescribed asbeing like bagpipeslGod knows why). the AdamsonM/atson attaclzcould beiine stultto listento.

Nevertheless. Big Country were frequently attacked by sections of the presslorbeing closetlolkies and sounding ridiculous. overlooking the ettective synthesis Adamson was making ol the music he had been playingwith The SkidstorSyears-odd and the music that had been in his bones since his File childhood.

The awlul ‘EastolEden', lromtheir second album Steeltown. was the dirge that made me never want to hear Big Country again. Still, here they are, with a new album out in April a record which should be awaited with nervous anticipation. Asottspotlor Dunlermline rockers is an easythingto develop. especially ilthey are guitarists as tricky and resourcelul as Adamson. (Mab)

0 Jeff liarraelxsl nunge. \taryhill.


. Pehed \\ .tl'elttttlse. :1 Rii'lxgate. ( ilasyyegian allrrgirl iangly


mummi- Edinburgh

0 Lip Machine 1 ltaintutaetie. t are Rityil itistiw. l“ \\ est Register Street, lllpm. Ll fill. See panel.

0 Block Brothers l’resery attun l lall. \iettiria Street ‘lpm. l tee liluesrriiele

o Zero—Zero.iaithnuse. t alttin Ruttd. " 1llnm liee.


0 Abel Ganz Shatltiyys. l‘ree. Regular ll\teliel\ tit liim Russell's l\)tt\'l'\ Shuyy tsaid in a yeiy deep. giull yniee 1 xx ill kittiyy these guyswnly tun \yell

0 Liar llte l lalt liar. \Vtittdsttle Ritthl. tree.

0 Styng-Rites ( iia‘sgityy ,-\t‘l ( 'tillege. Dunlermline

o Skanga anti Rip Strip \thl‘elttltl‘ye. .7.“ Kll'lstitlte‘.l pstairsand iltiyynstairs respeeliyely. Rare appearanee lrtim the demented and naughty Rip Strip. yy hit hay e i.tlllt'l;tll\ tli'ttltitetl the ‘l’uel‘it‘ ll'ttlli their name.

FRIDAY 28' Edinburgh

0 Howard Hughes andthe Western Approachestimietiiet‘uueliiet'luh. \Vest lllllL‘lllSS. lll..1ll}‘lti, hilltt muting lwr the .v\sstietales‘ keyhtiaid player. l)esi‘t'ihed l‘y it l‘l‘. til magi/metis emuntry little. l‘ut huy the dehut single \‘y'est ill the l)CLll\. till ;\hstraet. tit lind tiut. thin‘t heliey e eyerythingytiu read.

0 Red Smithereens .l;ltlltittl\e. ( ‘altuii rtiad, ‘tdllpm. tree.

0 Zero—Zero l’tesery atttut l lall.

\ iettu ia Street. ‘lpm. l't‘ee

~LillllllL~ H t\‘. ltllllh



0 Great Shakes l’t'eset‘y atiitn l lall.

\ iett iria Street. ‘lpm. l’ree. lntillensiye tan-rues. laiily enmmeretally«irientated.

oThe WalkandAvaloniailhuuse. ('alttin Ritad. l'he \\ Llll'\. tin at ahtiut .Tpm. tut/e pitteritial. l‘ut hampered hy yneals and rhythm settle liu' the etunpetent \‘y'tirth a try. l'ullvrtielx \y altin (in at ahtiut ‘) illpnz.


0 Swing The Cat llit‘ t Irate-ta. this is the name ill a hand ill rt an lll\ll;llltlll,

0 Bill Fanning’s Big Band stiattum.

.1 ~lpm. l-ree.


0 Hearts and Minds \y atelttttlse. 2f» Klt'hthtlL‘. l’reyiiusly lslllWyll as ('heyyy Raeetmn. yyith l)ayey Sentt still the leadingltght.


0 Small Businessmen.laitliuuse. (altiin Rtiad. ‘lfillpm. l'ree.