Clockwise (PG) (Christopher Morahan. UK. 1985) John Cleese. Penelope Wilton, Alison Steadman. 87 mins. Back in the good old days, there usedto be things called 8 movies and if they were still around. Clockwise would surely be one. There appears to be a worrying trend in British cinema at the momentformaking films around absurdlyflimsyplots—the appalling CarTroubleforinstance—and Clockwise is ofthis ilk. The screenplay is byplaywright Michael Frayn, and it shows. The story of a pathologically punctual headmasterbeing late fora headmasters‘ conference. Clockwise is basicallyatheatrefarcetaken outdoors

and filmed. Thisis not to saythat itis bad. there are some genuinely funny moments. like the gathering of schoolmasters andthere isa wonderfully typical performance from Cleese. Truthtotell, this isthefilm's saving grace andwithouthim there would be little to chuckle about, as he is given precious little help from the supporting cast. The main complaint is that it is not realy the stuff feature films are made of and leaves one curiously unsatisfied like having a tonic without the gin. Lightweight and amusing it may be, but the future of British cinema itisn‘t. (Graham Caldwell)

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0 Cocoon l l’( i l l Run 1 iimard. t ‘s. W55) Dim .\meehe. ,laels ( iillnrd, l la nuns. Slight hut engaging geriatrie seienee—tietinn latttasx. Veteran .~\meehe gr\ es a elrarming perlru‘manee that has ltrriught him an ()sear nitmmatian as Best Suppitrting .\etar. Stiatheh de: Kelhurne o Commandoi isiistarkl .l ester. [8. his; ) .\rneld \hxs ar.’ene~:get Rae Dan n ( 'hitfig, W mms \\ hen his helm ed dartghter .i'e‘llll\ is kidnapped as a hlaelsmatl gamhit tr» win his ermperatirtn man assassinatrun attempt. retired eitlrtnel Sehxsar/eneggei springs haek intit aetiitn. In a matter wt iiittlls he must liteate and i‘eseue the girl. heat the had guss and settle an itld seine. l lardl_\ eniuigh huther It) \sitrk up a s\\ eat realle

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0 Death in a French Garden ( 1s) l\irthel Des‘ille. l'iranee. HHS) \liehel i’teettil. \te‘ttie ( iareia. (hristitpher Nialaxms. llll mins, x\

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Smart. st_\ lish thriller redrilent Ui lhe Draiightsinans ( ‘itntraet hut an aura Hi elinieal ealeulatiun detraets lriim its full impaet. (ilasgim'; ( if’l‘ 0 Dinerl15)lliarr_\ l.e\'insnn.l'5. l‘lrs'lt Stew e ( iuttenherg. \‘liekey Riturlxe. ls'ex'in Baenn. llllmins. Haltimitre. 1‘5". .-\ gritupitl teenagers spend the last days til their adnleseenee in and aritund a i()CLti

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played and tinged with a nitte Hi regret fur lost innueenee. (rammed with the sort tit snappy dialitgue the Amerieans du \U \sell. this is quite inewapahlvenittsahle stult. (ilasgim ; (ii-VI~ o Educating Ritai 15) l t .e\\'is ( iilhert. L'K.1983)Miehael('aine..lulie \Valters. Miehael \Villiams. llll mins. .\ Pygmalinn fur the ltirs‘tls as ehirpy \Vitrkittg-elass hairdresser Rita undertakes an ( )pen l'nisersits enurse and emerges an uneertain independent \Htman and rests rlier iil her dissitltlte [tritiessitlfi

\Vills' Russell‘s pitpular West [and hit is emnpetenth transferred tit film and althitugh \Valters pL‘I'St‘lliilk‘illitillHi Rita hitrdersitn the irritating. (aine gives a eitnsummate display Hi sereen aeting. (ilasgrm; ( ii’l' o The Emerald Forest ( 15 l (.lulm Himrman. ['S. 1985) l’imers liititthe. Charley Bititrman 113 ruins. the sun ml an ;\meriean engineer \wrking in the .'\lllit/Ull iungle is kidnapped h_\' lndians. While his lather searehes lnr him. he is hrnught up h_\ the trihe as nne rtl theirimn. Bimrman‘s latest film

eoneerns itself \t ith the gulf hetueen 'natural‘ and ‘ei\1lised' man. \sith uur .s_\ mpathies direeted ttm ards the former . \\ hile remaining a lairls gripping aetiitn mm ie illlU the hargam. mueh in the manner Hi his eat her Netti «mm e. l dmlturgh‘. lilmhituse

o Eraserhead l is) r l )a\ lkii melt. t's'. l‘Vtt) .luhn \anee. Wilmins. l he selfiV strange l lenrt \\ hit in es \\ ith his strange girlfriend and e\ en stranger h;ih_\. rims mtu meredihls strange prnl‘lems \\ ith pus I'he hare!) »lit aetiitn takes place in a distur hing drtmestie landseapesirmeuhere hetneen nightmares and realit_\ . and leatures a great haireuf hattling against slime strimaeh—eluirning elleets. \ttu ma_\ ne\ er eat iells-hahies again. i‘dmhurgh; i’ilmhituse

0 Finye t i’( i l t Situlew mane ( ‘isse. Mali. l‘lfil) l-Uussesni Sissrtlw. lll5 mms. ;\ disseetrnn «it the eultural eitttliiets at \sitiis litdas m \Vest .\lriea \\ hieh tr tetisesrttt student reutlt. piihtieal repressittn. and the mid \t;i_\s til \ illage life. In shim some til the adverse elleets \Vesternisatiitn ean hring, ( )ne Hi the lets Alriean


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Turtle DiarylPG)(John lrvin. UK. 1985) Glenda Jackson. Ben Kingsley. 97 mins.

Turtle Diary the film. does make a fine job of telling a fable which is significantin itself. The two lonely people, William G. and Neaera H. have to escapefromtheirown single dwellings(hardly homes) to takethe sea-turtlesfromtheirequivalent “little bed-sitter of ocean‘ in London Zoo and travel down to the sea. The freedom the rescuersthemselves achievethrough this act is partly sexual liberation. but more importantly a liberation of the spirit. Life in London is almost

unchanged. but somehow more fulfilling.

There are fine performances from all, especially Glenda Jackson as Neaera. Ben Kingsley as William and Eleanor Bron as the tragi-comic Miss Neap. sharing William‘s building of bedsits, familiarly squalid with communal kitchen and bathroom

Strangely enough, this iilm. which unavoidably loses so much of the book. is still thought-provoking and full of charm and humour— like the turtle rescue itself. a low-key success. (Stephanie Billen).

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