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The Steven Spielberg presentation Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear. directed by Barry Livinson. is described by its makers as ‘an attectionate speculation about what might have happened had the sleuth and his partnermetduring theircollege years.‘ Astheteenage detective Edinburgh-born Nicholas Rowlollows in distinguished lootstepsthatlead trom Basil Rathbone to PeterCushing via Stewart Granger. Roger Moore and even Peter Cook. He secured the coveted role after eight auditions and two screen tests. ‘I neverasked why they chose me but I read an interview with Barry in which he said. “Nick seems to have the type of qualities that became Holmes. He looked right".‘

Rowe's only previous tilm experience had been a minor part in Another Country. The timetable of Young Sherlock allowed him little opportunity to worry aboutthe responsibility ota leading role. ‘I knewthat I had the part two weeks before shooting began. Then. I read three books including ‘My Lite and Crimes' which is written as it by Holmes. Alan Cox who plays Watson has an amazing collection otvideos so we watched The Private Lite of Sherlock Homes and Murder by Decree. lwas tamiliartoo with the Basil Bathbone tilms. My main concern really wasto be consistentwiththe Holmes legend andthe tactthathe is just a schoolboy in the film. You have to give intimationsotcharacteristicsthat will be consistent with the Holmes of lateron.‘

Barry Levinson‘s previous films as a director are The Natural and Diner in which he proved a sympathetic and adept handlerolyoung performers. Rowe certainly appreciated his experienced hand. “Barry is not the mostexpressive otdirectors butlknew he was very versatile and that no news

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0 Fire Festivalt l\l t .‘stitsuo \Imauimaehi..lapan. WM) Kittya Mann. Ryota \akamoto. 115 mins. \ ltlilll‘el .aels ill a eoastal toyytt l'eels so strong .1 relationship yy itlt the gotls


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o Ghostbusters l l’( t l t lyan Reitman. 1'8. l‘lsll Bill Murray . Sigourney

\\ eayei. I )an Ayltroytl. lll5 mins.

Zfi'l'he List 21 Mar— 3 Apr

was good news. On the day to day tilming you just tryto torgetthe pressures butldid worry aboutwhether I could appear natural and relaxed on screen and it did occur to me that the lead actor in Back to the Future had been replaced by Michael Fox. The dodgiesttbingtorme wasthetight scene. Although we were using aluminium swords onetalse move could have been very dangerous. That scene took 1% weeks and we did have good stunt arranger. | practised tencing torthatand l leamtthe violinparrot tashion which provided distractionstor me.‘

As well as the main cast, the brains behind Young Sherlock are tar from being well stricken in years. ScriptwriterChris Columbus has also written Gremlins and Goonies, is currently penningthethird Indiana Jones adventure and is only 27. ‘Chris is like a kid.‘ Rowe says attectionately. ‘He was with Spielberg in Japan and they spentages in Kiddylandshoptull of modern toys. He‘s very hyper, quite

'l'hree yy‘aels'y unemployed parapsyeholtigists pursue a little priyate enterprise as exterrninators in a spook—intestetl Big Apple.

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0 La Guerre est Finie ( l’( i) (Alain Resnais. l‘litllL‘C-SW'L‘tlL‘ll. l‘ltih) ers .‘ylontantl. ( ieneyieye Bujoltl. lngrul 'lhulin. llll mins. 'l‘he superh Montantl plays a weary. ageingr militant trayelling l'rom Spain to Paris at the time ot the ( ‘iyil War in this eomplex antl poyyerl'ul tlrama, (ilaseoyy; l’reneh (‘ine-( ‘luh

0 Hamsin t l5 ) l l)aniel \Vaehsman. lsrael. l‘lh‘ll Seltlomo ’l'arshish. 88 mins. A Jewish tarmer in ( ialilee otters to huy' out an A rah t'amily' yyhose hunt is about to he expropriatetl hy the Israeli goyernment. hut tensions hetyyeett the two sides in the Ioeal eommunity' mean that this act ol‘gootlyyill eomes to nothing. A rare hirtl this. a liheral tilm trom lsrael yyhieh has some sympathy tor the Arab eause in its tlepietion ot tlestruetiye intoleranee. (ilasgoyy;(}l7l

small. very clean—cut like Michael Fox and has a wondertul imagination. The script was changed once or twice and became less and less outrageous. Steven said that it he‘d directed it himselt it would have been different; more gimmicky, more American and concentrating less on the school image. But, he didn'twantto direct it and it‘s very much Barry‘stilm.‘

Rowe is under contract to repeat his role should a sequel be required. In the meantime he's set to begin University in the Autumn although he will remain availabletortempting tilm otters. Playing the lead in a Spielberg film at the age ot19 should ensure that his acting aspirations will not diminish overyears of academia. he even has the satistaction ot a blessing trom Conan Doyle. ‘Atter the premiere his nephew BrigadierJohn Doyle came up to me and was very positive about the film saying that he could almost hear his uncle‘s laughter in the cinema. I was verytouched bythat. (Allan Hunter)

O The Hllll lHl ( Sitlney lumet. l 'l\'. l‘loS) Sean ( ‘onnery . .\lllL‘tl l yneh. lan Bannen. 123 mins. l ~tiller the boiling' sun ot Nor tlt Alriea prisoners at a military eamp rehel ;l‘.l.’tlll\l the harsh tliseipline imposetl lty a sathstte sergeant.

()yerheatetl melotlrania that proyitles an ideal opportunity lot some poyyet'lttl aetine lroni .t east ot British stalyy‘arts. lan l lL'lltll \ is partiettlarly elleetiy e antl ( 't tttttet‘y impresses yet again. lttlinhureh; l-itlinltureh l‘ilm ( itllltl o The Killing Fields ( 13 l t Rolatttl .lolle. l'ls'. 1984) Sam \Vaterson. l)r Ham}; 5. Ngor, 1-42 mins. lrue—lile tlrama ol the deep trientlship hetyy'een journalist Sitlney Seltanhere and his guitle—interpreter l)ith l’ran and its entluranee lteyontl the horrors ot war in ('omlxulia. A tleseryetl ( )sear—yyinner tor ( 'hris .‘yleneesphotographyantl an auspieious leature tlehut lrom the Widely"L‘Xpertelteetl.litllee. Strathelytle; l laltlane l’ilm Soeiety o LastTango in Paris l ls) ( Bernartlo Bet'tttltleei. l-‘ranee—ltaly. l‘lfill Marlon Brantlo. .‘ylaria Selmeitler. 13H ntins. A young l’arisienne meets

purely se\'ual relationship.

(We til the l'sL'_\ liltttsttl listlet‘atle. Bertolueei‘s poyy'erlttl drama is a meditation on the e\pression antl eommunieation ot personal itlentity through intense sesualeontaet. Brantlo exeels. (ilasuoyy ; ( irosyenor 0 Lord olthe Flies l 15 l t l’eter Brook. l'ls. No2 l .lames Attlu'ey . l luglt l’tlyyartls. “1 mins. Alter a plane erash a party ot l5nelish sehoolhoys are lelt to their oyy n tley iees on a tlesert islantl antl lintl their itleas altout eiy ilisation shattered in the ltasie lieht tor sury iyal. Atletttiate rentlermeot (ioltline‘sallegorieal noy el. though a little more teehnieal resouree rttieltt ltay'e ltelpetl. (ilasgoyy . ( ill 0 Metropolis t l’( i l t l’rit/ lane atlaptetl lty (iioreio .‘ylorotler. (ierntany l '8. WM l‘lh‘lHilhlttV l5rolieh. Brigitte l lelm. ‘li mins. A t‘e—etlitetl antl lllllL'tl y eision ol l‘rit/ lane's early luturistiepolitteal paiahle yy ith a tteyy eleetro—muleh sountltraelx liy' ( itoreio \lorotler.

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0 My Beautiful Laundrettet 15) (Stephen ltears. l'ls'. lllHS) ( iortlon \‘y'arneeke. l)aniel l)ay>l,eyyis. ll" mins. ( 'onspirtntz to turn a runtloyy n hustness into the tit/iest launllrette lll toys n young Asian ( lmar antl his \y'hitesehoollrientl-loyer.lohrmy eneountei all the pressuresol l'hateher‘s Britain yy here the only

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()ne ot the most original antl pt‘tty'tteltlly L' lll'llhlt lllllts til TL'L'e'lll monthsyyitheritieal ltouttuets meritetl hy all my olyetl hut espeeially lty yy riter l lttltll Kttr‘eislti yy'hi ise riehly' texturetl seript stimulates the mind and engages the senses. (ilasgoys 1 ( irosy'enor o The Neverending Story t t 't l\\ ollean}; l’etersen. \‘y' ( iermany. WM) \oah l latltayyay. l’atrieia llay'es. Barrett ( )liyer. ll: mins. len year—oltl Bastian. an inyeterate tlay‘tlreamerantl ltooltyyorm. uneoyers a speeial yolume that alloyys him to eseape lront all his prol‘lettts in a lliuht ol lantasy.

l loyyey'et'. in l’antasia he is the only one yy ho ean say e the kinetlom lrom heme syyalloyyetl hy the Nothing.

Interestingspeeial elleetsantl eharaeters pltts a lautlaltle message that reatlinu is uootl are the main attrihutesot thistlistointetl ehiltlren‘satlyenture. l‘tlml‘ureh: ()tleon oANightAt The Opera t t'ttsam \Voorl. l '8. Nb) l'he Mars Brothers. Margaret l)umont. “2 mins. ( iroueho as ( Ms B. l)rittyyootl aims to launeh the lormitlahle Mrs (‘lay‘pool as a patron of ( irantl ()pera. Suhlime anarehie eometly‘ l'eaturine some ol the .‘ylarss~ most inspiretl eloyyninu. (ilasgoyy; (irosyenor