The Scottish Labour History Society

celebrates its tirst quarter century with

an all day conierence on 22 March. Speakers include Norman Buchan MP on the trade union movement and Helen Liddle, the Labour Party‘s Scottish Secretary. on women and politics. 1961—86. There will also be workshops on education, the local community and working with the audio-visual media.

Funded mainly by subscriptions and donations from trade unions, the

Society is independent trom the Labour

Party and attracts members of all political persuasions. One at its main

functions is to ensure that all records oi

the Labour movement are caretully

preserved and accessible to the public.

Articles in the annual Scottish Labour

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0 Solidarity With The Victimised Miners l’artiek Burgh lltlll. 1.3iipm. Miek Me( iahe} . .limmy Milne. (ieorge Bolton and Women‘s Support (iroups. ()rgunisetl h} the (ilasgtm Communist Party.

MONDAY 24 i Edinburgh

38 The List 21 Mar— 3 Apr



til \\trl il.\ in it \_= [I HistoryJournal are onthemes as diverse as Chartism in Aberdeen. the battlelorGlasgow Green and Lithuanian and Polish lmmigrantsin the Lanarkshire Coaltield. Next Octoberin Edinburgh‘s City Chambers. 3 panel otveterans will give oral

evidence on the Scottish contribution to

the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War. The Society is currently involved in a series of programmes on Scottish Labour Leaders such as Hardie, MacDonald and Maxton torChannel 4. ‘They‘ll be warts and all no hagiographies. though.‘ promises DrTreble. Treasurer oi the Society and a history lecturer at Strathclyde University, ‘we hope to attractavery wide audience.‘

0 PrayerVigil ( )lll\ltlL‘ l 'S ('i insul. .1 Regent 'l‘erraee, 11am 2pm. \igil witheztntllesorganised liV Setittish (‘hristians itir \iearagua to erimmenimtirate the sixth

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SATURDAY 29 Glasgow 0 END Easter Leatletting Volunteers

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0 Uniting Against Racism .ltU'tldlllilll ('tillege. 3 day annual L'UlllCl'L'llL'L‘ oi the national Anti—Rueist Mrwemetil in litlueutitin. (‘tintuet llilhllll l)in (VIL‘C-(‘litiir ( ilitsgtiw Nx‘lel'. l. 0““ 23m (tla_\‘)(»1*llitl5‘) texei.


0 Scottish Prisons: Lift the Lid! i’niwiie Meeting. \lel ellun ( inllei res. Stitieliiehull Street. TPIII.\et\ lrtini l'ltllll Rneisiii? l ight linperialisnil. Scottish t etineil inr (‘lVll l.ll‘t‘i'IiL'\. t‘\-pt'1\tt:teT\.

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0 Lothian Animal Rights Discussion Meeting ( ~tirnersmnel .tie. untler \t .ltll‘tli.\. l,ttllil;ili Rthitl. l tiple\ lttl tll\L'll\\lt‘ll inelutle the .\ .\lil ‘l.i‘» ing \Vithtiuii’ rtielt} ' e;iiiip.ti_:'ii. Ltlltl the Set illl\ll .\iilt \i. l\t pit ill \lnreh llltl R.ill\ on .\piii ltil more tletailxeontaet \le\ Neil «in. Box I. 43 ( lintllenialxei Raul lll

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THURSDAY 27 Edinburgh

«9 Fayre Day tor Youth— Lothian Youth lntomiation Day the Misxing link. «ill l’iearth l’l.iee. I: noun tipin. ()i‘g;iiii\etl lit the lethinn Youth llllt‘l IIlLlllt‘Il ( iroup. the theme is

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l he I ‘i l( 'v are appealing to youths \khtilmxe shown talent enterprise v. hile uneinpli wed to entire ltirunrtl ;iiitltli\pl.i\ theirsltillxat the e\ettt, ’ltiitietitir‘ti-th.


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i Ask m brochure I ADAMS PINE BEDS

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E someone

in join



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