Melvin and Frie ds. Edinburgh Well-known tor his mousse it took out the glue and added wheat germ oil instead‘) Melvin otters precision cutting and a fashionable variety ot possibilities including ‘naturalising‘ a 3-colourtreatment which is ‘woven‘ Sandy‘s Hairstylist "2 llrougliton St. lidinhurgh Mon—lit H..‘~tliiiii—5piii (Wed till lllllpm ). Sat HRH—4. Hair eut £2. long hair eut L251). long hairstyling L55tl. lr'lat top L55tl. Alsoeuts ladieshaii‘(short) Faded euttings li'om Melody Maker and NMIC are sellotaped to the mirror reyealing Sandy as the stylist to roek star l’aul l laig. He is mueh patronised hy the llat top hoys and those yy itli a yery ei‘opped style 7 a ‘numher 2' is understood shorthand lot' the length required i ll tlesei‘lltes the ratio hetyyeen elippei's and eomh yyhieh eaii he adiusted to giye y arious euts trom ‘piiik ' ie hald (ill and a moyyn layyn look ( \o. 4). OWOOU'S BarberShop 12 l)rummond St. lidinhurgh 55h (Flo .‘ylon—lr'ri HRH—5. (\Ved till ). Sat HRH-4. Shampoo ( ‘ut: (ients UN). Weteut £1.‘)ll.\\'ash& Bloyy dry £2.2ll. Hat tops trom £2. \‘y'omen

When Hair Lynks, Glasgow, opened tour years ago it was Scotland‘s tirst Atro/Caribbean salon and it still attracts customers trom as tar as Dundee and Aberdeen. Run by Leo Sho-Filva. a Nigerian who trained at Splinters, London‘s tamous black hairdressers. the salon specialises in plaits and extensions. Artiticial strands are weaved in with your own hair and then burnt at the ends to seal the plait. Clients are welcome to bring their own beads.


into the hair tor an organic £65 (approx).

This ‘snap-wrap‘ or cling tilm technique does not so much make you treezer-ready as give a shimmering ettect achieved with thousands ot natural looking highlights.

trim £1.4tl—L'2. (tit—throat ra/or shayes s'till ayailahle here. See panel


oDas Haar l l hranehes in ( ilasgoyy and Paisley; 4 in lidinhurgh. ()l~ speeial interest are the ehildren‘s salons at 28 \Vest Nile St. ( ilasgoyy 24S 24(i5 and 18S Rtise SI. lidinhurgh.3.1“)1‘32.'l'hesel'eature speeial eutting eliairs shaped lllsL' raeing ears. a seleetion ol toy s and ’Iranleirmer—patterned yyallpaper. Mon—Sat Uam—hpm. ’I’hurs till 7pm. ('ut k hloyy dry: \‘s'omen £tr.‘l5. men £5.95. Speeial otter - perm plus eut tk hloyy dry £8.05. ehildren euts U. l’op yideos in reception area (eoming shortly in lidinhurgh).

oThe Long Hair Clinic Hair Clinic l5rasers. Buehanan St. Glasgow 221 388i). Mon—Sat 9-5 ck .lenners. l’rinees Street 22.5 2442 Kiwi-Sat Wain—5.3(lpm. \Vomen only. l)ry' trim £5.25 Shampoo 5; set lrom £8. \Vrap A: eut trom Llll5ll. l’ree eonsultation. See panel.


oHair Lynks 433 it \V'estern Rd. Glasgow 33‘) 9748. .‘ylon-Sat ‘)-o Ll oil tor students l'lHlls. ( ).-\l’s hall priee. (‘ut 8y: hloyy dry to. l’lainting £8 per hour plus ahout £4 per hag ol artilieial hair itsed (usual total approx. UH. Also perms. straighteners & relaxers. See panel. oUltra Care (in lilderslie St. ( ilasgoyy' 221 H421. lites—Sat‘)ziiii—5.31lpiii. ('ut & hloyy dry: Women £7. Men Lt». ‘l’uesdays student reduetions. oMelvin and Friends lidinhurgh (‘ui ck hloyy dry £1 1 .ts’tl. Relaxation treatment Holt. Braiding heading £22 per hour. [ixtensions also ayailahle. l’riees inerease lrom .-\pril 1. ()ne of teyy plaees in [filinhiirgli to

i also eater tor negro hair. \L-L- p‘mc]

; _


Addresses and telephone nos are not

repeated it' already giy'en in listings ahoy'e. oStGeorge‘s School otHairdressing 73 St George‘s Rd. (ilasgoyy 332 (r541. .‘ylon-l‘ri ‘lfstlgiiii-inii. (‘ut a; How dry £3.75. l ligliliglits ck perms £85”. oRainbow Education 15 Royal lflehange Sq. 22h 3-15 1. Mon—lri Want—5pm. Sat Wain—4pm. (tit & hloyy dt'y' £2 oGraduation Academy 03 t 'nion .s‘i. (ilasgoyy 248 (Who .‘ylon-lhurs 9am-5pm. (‘ut a; hloyy dry £3.5tl. Perms £0.50 oCollege otCommerce .‘ititit‘aitieuml St. (ilasgoyy 552 3‘Mlext41 .‘ylon—l'ri ‘l- l 2noon Ly l~5pm. 'I‘his is the one plaee in Glasgow where you ean haye an absolutely tree eut. perm or tint. l.ast autumn there yy ere small eharges during the sehools‘ ‘l lair .-\id‘ eampaign. yyhieh raised £5.llllll lot litlilopia. Models must lie prepared to stay tor the v. hole season and are expeeted to goon a regular hasis. oTaylorFergusson lilo Bath St. (ilasgoyy . 332 (WW. 'l‘ues a; \Veds 5._‘~tl-‘)pm. ( ‘ut a hloyy dry '22», oCharlie Miller lfdinhurgh. 'l‘ues ix \Ved lrom 5.2iilpiii-Ufwtl lllpm. (‘ut tk hloys‘ dry L2 .v\lso perms. highlights 7 priees yary‘. oPanache ladinhurgh. luesdays ll'tllll 5.3llpm. Book lirst. (tit k hloyy dry £2.5tl. perm Llll, ( ltl’; inerease lrom 25 .‘ylai'eh ). oBrian Drumm 37a t ieoi'ge Si. lidinhurgh 225 27d) Mon nights. Cut and hloyy dry L2 Ring tor appointment. OCIlp Joint 17 (‘omley' Bank Road. lfdinhurgh. 3’32 2" l 5 'l‘uesday lrom 5.3(lpm. l5’r ol'total priee tNormallyCut a; hloyy dry Ltrfll5 ladies. to men l. oHair Factory 25'( ‘righton l’laee. lidinhurgli. Wednesdays l'rom ()ne ol the levy plaees to he lree tor models ( using iunior trainees). hut you need to he adyenturousf ( io along and see them llI'SL. Btltlls. oFtitzHairStudio lidinhiii‘gh.

I 'I'liursday‘s lrom (rpm. U ( ‘ut. l’erm

ortint £5.

OCheynes lidinhurgh. lues liom t'i.3tlpiii. (‘ut tk hloyy tliy L21

l’erm highlights to

oEdinburgh School otHairDressingt Hope Street. l’dinhui gh. 22.5 h V“ 'l'tie-Sat “am—5pm. l'liiirs till \pm (‘tit 8e hloyy dry i_.‘~.5tl. l lighligliis to. Penn Lil—S. Not neeessai y to hot lls tor unelahorate treatment and models eangoalongat any time ladies only.

oTanerifte 3‘s si \ llle'elll sr (ilasgoyy 245M121 \lttll\i1l Ham-midnight.Sun loam 12am .\

hairdressing seiyiee ( lll ty hloyy i {X \Vomen fill. .‘ylen t.r~.25

See Ltlstt \ltttlelllll‘; ltlj;'llls

Rita and Irvine Rusk met at a party in 1970. married and soon set up their lirstsalon in Glasgow. Theygained widerecogition atterthe SuperScois Show1976. Now along withVidai Sassoon and Trevor Sorby. Irvine Husk is counted amongtheworld‘stogi.£1'.zeo hairdressers. Amongsttheir innovations was the ‘butteniy siyie' a revolutionary colouringteciinique Di stencilling brightpatterns onto carelully modelled iiairandaseioi scissors. ‘Blades'.specially designed torcomplex weave cutting. made oi the Swedish colbaltsteel devised forth: US space programme icostijitZU)

l‘iltflttllv iii!" ’) or With very t.(fi":lu*',7 '. Strident (lls‘fit‘ i" i

.ii. A - '~i‘_ 5y

2TH Li‘tfitllF‘H‘. t;‘ ‘1‘" lLLi.l|.|L ale. 1

:Lrtifirizih: A AFRO-EUROPEAN brim:

'lhe List 2! Mai .~' .\pr 45