0 Tolbooth Bar Glasgow Cross. Regular tunes going in one corner. Real fire in the other. Evening.


0 Edinburgh International Folk Festival continues until Sunday 6 April. All events at Festival Club, Teviot Bow House, Bristo Square, Edinburgh, 667 2091. Except where otherwise stated. All Festival events are indicated by

3 ‘Folk Festival'. Tickets available at

Club, also daily memberships which give access to bars, restaurant, etc.

g Tom—3am. From 9am—7pm entrance is § lree.

o The Temple Lectures: Emily Lyle

; ‘The Grieg-Duncan Folk Song

i Tradition': Folk Festival. Library.

.9 12.45—1.45pm. £1 at door. 011 the

greatest song treasure trove ofour


o Patti O'Doors: Folk Festival Wine

If Bar.5.30—7.30pm. £1.50.

Nottingham based with ex-Laggan. Billy Paton and mix ofstyles. Lots of percussion.

0 Duck Baker and Dan Crary: Folk Festival Lecture Theatre. Royal Museum. Chambers Street (Lecture Theatre). 7.30—9.30pm. £3.50 £2.50. Two superb acoustic guitarists from

t the USA. A must for fiatpickers and

fingerpickers. o Drinkers Drouth and Iain Mackintosh

f and Allan Taylor: Folk Festival

Debating Hall. 9.30pm—12.30am. £3/£2.50. Shame! Drinkers Droth

. packing it in at the moment the world

is ready for them; five voices harmonising. lain and Allan are singer-songwriter and guitar stylist a favourite in the clubs.

0 Jim Johnstone and his Band: Folk Festival Bristo Street Student

Centre. l().30pm—l.30am. £25012.


: Glasgow

0 Dick Gaughan Cumbernauld Theatre. 7.30pm. £2. Bar. Unique singer and guitarist. (See panel).

0 Castro Floxo and The Dalrlada Dancers Third Eye Centre.

Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. £2 (£1.50). Two groups ofdancers with

musicians, from two Celtic cultures -

one our own and the other from

Galicia in North West Spain.

O Tolbooth Bar Glasgow Cross. Music on traditional instruments. informal

and getting busy. Evening.


0 Duck Baker and Dan Crary: Folk Festival Debating Hall. 9.30am—1pm. £10 booked in advance. Guitar masterclass.

0 Dance Workshop with members of Castro Floxo and Dalrlada Dancers: Folk Festival Wine Bar. 10—11.30am. Free.

0 The Temple Lectures: Dermot McLaughlin and Maire Ni Chaolmh ‘lrlsh Flddle Styles’: Folk Festival _'


Library. £1 at door. A must for fiddlers.

o The Rookery Bhymsters: Folk Festival Library. 12.30—2pm. £1. Six poets. Edinburgh based who have performed their work at three Edinburgh Festivals and in Europe. 0 Luadh agus Ceilidh with Jessie Cameron and Friends: Folk Festival Debating Hall. 2—3.30pm. £2/£l.50. A waulking with the songs and following ceilidh. Lovingly revived from lnverne '55.

0 Dance Workshop: Jenny Geddes

T Clog: Folk Festival Wine Bar. 2-4pm.

3 Free. Noisy footwear and very

difficult to dance in. o The Furness-Houlder Concert of Piping: Folk Festival Debating Hall.

; 4—5.30pm. £2/£l .50. Brilliant 1 illumination ofcontrasting pipe music. the instruments and the

techniques. Super line-up ofplayers: Neil Martin. Hamish Moore. Fred Morrison and Anthony and Carole Robb.

o Gael Force: Folk Festival Wine Bar. 5.30—7pm. £1.50. Unusual new Scottish line-up including the raucous bombarde from Brittany with the Highland pipes. accordion and stringed instruments.

0 Scottish Meal: Folk Festival Restaurant. 5.30pm onwards. £4. A special meal of traditional {are Tickets from Festival Club box office.

0 Moscow Balalaika Orchestra: Folk Festiiiiiival Usher Hall. 7.30—10pm. £2.50—£6.50 with usual concessions. Being recorded by Radio 3. A gigantic orchestra of folk instruments generally strangers to us

3 and a great range of music

0 Gran, Dolores Kean and John Faulkner, Dermot McLaughlin and Maire Ni Chaoimh: Folk Festival Debating Hall.10.30pm—midnight. £2.50/£2. The traditional musical

concert ofthe festival all top class a performers.




0 Dick Gaughan Black Bull Hotel Folk Club. Milngavie. 7.30pm. Go early and phone 0698 814475 to check ticket availability. See panel. 0 Tonight at Noon Paisley Folk Club. Ardgowan Hotel. Blackhall Street. 8872196. 8pm. £1 .50(£1). Pete and Gavin Livingstone. an eye-opener of an album ofold songs in new clothes;


0 Twilight: Folk Festival Debating Hall. 12.30—2pm. £1.50. German

1 group playing an eccentric.

confident style offolk.

o Lothian’s Morris Men: Folk Festival Wine Bar. 1.30—4pm. Free.

0 Happy Hour with Danny Kyle: Folk Festival Teviot Room. 2.30—5pm. Cheap drink and join in let Danny know if you want to do a turn.

0 Caught on the flop: Folk Festival Wine Bar. 5.30—7pm. £1.50. Four

; man. Merseyside group. Flutes. f concertinas. fiddle. acoustic bass etc. i o The Lunatic Fringe One Man Band

Competition: Folk Festival Park Bar. 5.30—7pm. Free

0 Invitation concert: Folk Festival

: George Square Theatre. 7.30—10pm.

£3.50/£2.50. Jim Couza. hammer dulcimer virtuoso whose skill is only

equalled by his girth. DeafHeights

Cajun Aces. straight ahead swamp

rock. Dolphin Arts Centre Puppets

(see Kids). Foundry Bar Band.

instant ceilidh and Kathryn Tickell.

Northumbrian piper by appointment. Farewell Ceilidh with Bogannach. Debating Hall. 11pm—2am. Free to club members.

The traditional wild ceilidh with , guests getting up to play. organisers

singing. speeches you can't hear and a determination to keep things going all night.

0 Swedish Fiddle Music Glenelg Hotel. Leamington Terrace. 229 6481. Evening. Ditte. Marianne and


: Still recognised and respected less at

homethan abroad, Dick Gaughan’s music is charged with the great song traditions of Scotland and Ireland, and his commitmentto international socialism. The evolution through the Boys oi The Lough and Five Hand Reel to solo performer has at times taken a physical toll. He once had to take a year off and give his voice a complete rest when it faded away through overwork. The last few albums have been somewhat experimental, one incorporating sell-penned songs with albeit slightly dated rock backings and one Jazz/Folk collaboration with an ex-memberofTalisker. Dickspends a lot of time performing at benefits for

various causes, singing songs that are

among the most powerful recently written and mixing in some Burns or ballads. His vocal style is expressive and passionate, counterpointed by

complex, subtle guitar playing which underpins the melodic line. Dick plays

fast and sings slow to set the tension in the unfolding of a ballad narrative. He takes his music regularly from Leith to Eastern Europe and the USA. but you


only have to travel a few miles to hear Scotland’s premier folk singer. Treat yourself and your ears to a trip to Cumbernauld on the 5th or Milngavie on the 6th. (Norman Chalmers)

Martin over for the Festival. MONDAY 7


0 Regular Irish Music Session Stage Door Bar. Gorbais Street, beside Citizens‘ Theatre. 429 0922. Evening. 0 Busketeers Wintersgills, Great Western Road. 332 3532. Evening. 4 piece acoustic/electric. Folk/Swing/Rock ‘n‘ Roll.


5 0 Traditional Dancing 14 Buccleuch

Place. 7.30—9.30pm. With Live

Music. Reels and other dances from

Scotland and England. but excluding

the country dance repertoire. No

experience necessary. and a friendly

welcome guaranteed. For more info.

; phone John Nuttall on 447 41 17 in

the evenings. I

0 Session Fiddlers Arms,

E Grassmarket. 229 2665. Evening. Longest running session in

Edinburgh. Fiddles on the walls.

standing room only.

i O Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Infirmary

Street. 557 2976. Evening.

1 ESDAY a . Glasgow

O Hamish lmlach Navaar Hotel.

Penicuik. (Penicuik 72683). Local Folk Club. 8pm. £1.50. Hamish has

recorded 20 albums over 30 years

, and still gets asked for one song.

3 Edinburgh

0 Barrie Band Bannerman‘s Bar,

Cowgate. 556 3254. Evening.

Indefinite number oftraditional

musicians. Lightly amplified.

0 Jim Knight's Night Royal Oak.

Infirmary Street. Evening. Folk

Songs of Britain.

0 Crown Folk Club 48a The Pleasance.

8.30pm. Instrumental workshops for

folk instruments. All welcome.

; 0 Billy Jones Chez Fred. Spittal

3 Street. Evening.

; mam Glasgow

0 Blues and Country Tolbooth Bar. 3 Glasgow Cross. Evening. Pickers i and swing fiddlers and moothie 1 Edinburgh 3 0 Edinburgh Folk Club Osbourne l Hotel. York Place, 557 5746. 8pm. ‘Come all ye‘.

o Lothian Schools Strathspey and Reel Society Reid Concert Hall, Teviot 3 Row. Bristo Square. 7.30pm. £1 (50p). Songs. clarsach playing and of course. fiddle music. 0 Robin Turner Royal Oak. Infirmary j Street, 557 2976. Evening. Irish 1 singer and string player takes charge. o The Reverend Brothers Shore Bar. 1 Leith. 553 5080. Evening. Irish music from varied-looking bunch.


; Glasgow

! - Honky Tonk Ceilidh Band Star Folk

3 Club. Calton Place. 8pm. £1.

! Bluegrass and American country

! swingtrio.

2 Edinburgh

i 0 Salt ‘n’ Sauce Pirie‘s Hotel. Coates j Gardens. Evening.

i 0 Billy Jones Lord Darnley's. Bread

The list 4 l7 Apri|13