0 The Tube ((‘hannel “5.3” 7pm. The hundredth edition includes live music from Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Water Boys. the premiere ofthe new ( ieorgc .\lichacl video and exclusive film of Kate Bush at IiMl‘s Abbey Road studios. o Ebony ( BBC 3) 7.3(l~t\‘pm. Tonight's programme includes an interview with Jermaine Jackson touting his new album. promising revelations about the Jacksons' Victory tour and telling us what it’s really like to be Michael’s big brother.


0 Robin of Sherwood (S’I‘V) 5.30—6.3(lpm. Robin ofl.oxley tnay be dead. but Robin of I Iuntington (‘astlc is very much alive. and more thancapable ofpicking up the mantle of a departed folk hero. The first of a new series starring .lason Connery. strapping offspring of Diane (‘ilcnto and a certain Scottish gentleman.

O Held in Trust ((‘hannel 4) 8.304)an Diana Rigg presents the first ofeight programmes investigating the work of the National Trust in Scotland.


.739 "'

Nicest but dullest


0 Gregory Peck—A Portrait in Films (BBC 1 ) Someone once remarked that Gregory Peck was the nicest man you'd ever encounter in Hollywood. but also the dullest. Orson Welles felt that Peck’s qualities ofa solid citizen with unquestionable integrity made him a lousy actor but an ideal Presidential candidate. Peck notched up his 7()th birthday yesterday and the BB(‘ celebrate the fact by screening a

34'l‘helis14 l7.-\pril


motley selection of his films and this

(‘hristopher I’rayling profile. Reflecting on a somewhat dour screen image. Peck sagely remarks. ‘I always felt every time someone sent me a comedy script that (‘ary (irant had seen it first and turned it down.'

0 Chanel and HerWorld (channel 4) 5—11. 15pm. A biographical portrait of (iabricllc ‘(’oco‘ (ltanel. innovative costume designer. perfume originator and indomitable woman of the world. who once declared. ‘I’ashion has two purposes: comfort and love . . . (‘omfort has forms. Love has colours.’

0 Double Image ( BB(‘2) Set in tutu. this latest Screen 'I’wo Presentation tellsof Steve Daley. a (‘IA agent. who receives a call from a K( iB major explaining that he wants to defect. Daley is understandably sceptical until the Major reveals that he had been Lee I Iarvey ( )swald's case officer in Russia prior to the Kennedy assassination . . . Directed by Mick Jackson. responsible for Thi't’dl/S. and starring Tommy Lee Jones. this looks a distinctly promising bet.

0 The South Bank Show ( Sly) lll.31L-l 1.30pm. Broadway director IIal Prince gives the third SBS lecture expressing his concern over the future survival of the musical theatre.


0 Horizon ( BBCZ) 8. ltl—Upm. I’our years ago a middle-aged drug addict awoke in a (‘alifornia gaol and found himself the victim ofa freak medical condition. whereby he was unable to talk or move. A form ofsynthetic heroin had attacked the brain cells. Working desperately to effect a cure. doctors tested a drug called I.~Dopa. and may have achieved a breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. "l’he (‘ase of the I’rozen Addict’ tells the ‘marvcllous medical detective story’. 0 Three Up Two Down ( BB(‘ 1) SRO—9pm. Return ofthe phenomenally popular sit-corn about incompatible in-laws forced to co-habit.

o The Hit(S'l‘\')9.3tl—t1.20pm. Unusually swift television premiere for this accomplished 198-1 shaggy-dog thriller. starring John Hurt. 'l‘im Roth and ‘I‘erence Stamp.


0 Marco Polo ((‘hannel 4) 6—7pm. Yet another ‘spectacular multinational drama series” that threatens to engulf us over the next eight weeks. as teenager Marco Polo begins his epic Asian explorations. A stellar line-up includes Anne

l Bancroft. David Warner. Denholm

Chanel and HerPearls

Iilliott. the ubiquitousJohn (iielgud and Burt Lancaster as Pope (lregorius X.

o Whistle Test Extra ( BB(‘ 2) (v—7pttt. Rare interview with Bryan I-‘erry.

0 Miami Vice ( BB(‘ l).\Ianofthe moment. Phil Collins. makes his television acting debut as a slick con-man in the return of the trend-setting cop show.

0 Rollovertsl'y') lll.3(l~ll.4(lant. A petrochemical heiress and a banking trouble-shooter join forces to solve her husband's murder and uncover murky dealings in the world of hiin finance. Brilliant paranoia thriller. desperately underrated on its release in 198]. .lane I’onda and Kris Kristofferson co-star.


o Motherand Son ((‘hannel 4) ()—().3IIPITI. I’irst ofan Australian sit-com. Recently divorced 35 year-old Arthur has come home to mother. but will he regret the resumption of his entanglement in her apron strings'.’

0 China: 0n the Capitalist Road? ((‘hanncl 4) 8.3(l—9pm. Neville Maxwell examines the consumer boom and increasingly Westernised lifestyle that characterises the ('hina ofDeng Xiaoping. He argues that the new affluence is being acquired at the expense oflong-term development.


0 Go Forlt! ( BBt‘ l)I).J. Robbie Vincent hosts a new health magazine. Volunteer families are given a health rating. Blot ofthe Week highlights a health hazard. and My Way features a celebrity‘s programme for fitness and

l well-being.


0 Jazz in the Afternoon ((‘hannel 4)

2 35 4.30pm. A trio olSiincs films are combined in this package. The Bobby I lackett Sextet perform Deed IDoand Struttin‘. The Duke Iillington ()rchestra perform 'I‘hings Ailt'lt \Vltat 'l‘hey I 'sctl It) Be and VIP Boogie. Whilst the ION) production .lttz: ‘l‘ltr' Intimate Art includes reflections and music front l.ouis .-\rmstrong. Dizzie (iillespic. Dave Brubeck and (‘harles l .loyd.

o This is Spinal Tap ((‘hanncl 4) ll.15~ 12.5(lam. Inspired spool-of the rock documentary as an ageing British band embark on a disastrous American tour to promote their Smell l/tt' (ilm't' albunt. 1984.

SATURDAY 12 , '.

oThe Thing (Sty) lu..‘sopm. tits: retnake of the Slls chiller in which a remote Arctic outpost is terroised by an alien organisation. ()uite grisly and not for the weak stomached among us. Kttrt Russell stars and John (‘arpenter is the director.


o Spittinglmagetst'y') to ttlfltlpm. More malicious fun as the rich and powerful are mercilessly lampooncd.


o The Boys from 66 (Sty) 10.30pm. Documentary on the famed Iingland World ('up squad. yet another chance to relive fortner glories.


o Midweek Sports Special (S‘t‘y') 10.30pm. I’ootball action froin the Leagues and Iiuropean ties as well as

boxinghighlights. l