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SATURDAY 5 Edinburgh

0 The Laws oi Maniiestation The Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 6675-138. Sat and Sun I0am-5pm. £25/£17. Dick Coates of the Findhorn Foundation outlines the

ways relationships. materials and

money can be attracted by people

, who obey certain natural.


0 A Time to Meditate 'l’heosophical

Centre. 17 Queen‘s Crescent. 10.30am—-1.30pm. £5. Several

traditional meditation techniques

, explored. with Brian Fleming.

MONDAY 7 Glasgow

0 An introduction to Buddhism Through the Lite oi the Buddha Theosophical

Centre. 17 Queen‘s Crescent.

:7.30pm. £1.50. 0 Astrology and Reincarnation 'I‘heosophical Centre. 17 Queens Crescent. £1.50. A talk by the

internationally famous astrologer Tad Mann.

TUESDAY 8 Glasgow

0 Meditation, Enlightenmentand the Path to Knowledge Theosophical Centre. 17 Queens Crescent. 7.30pm. £1 .50. A talk by Alex Lander.


0 Astrology— Beyond the Sun Signs Theosophical Centre. 17 Queen‘s Crescent. 7.30pm. £1.50. A talk by Anne Whitaker.

O T’ai Chi The Garret. 3‘)b Otago Street. 33-1-1203. 12.30—1.30pm. John Grant.


. 0 Talk/Demonstration oi postural integration The Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5-138. Free.

Demonstration/talk by Jack Painter.

0 A Talk on Astrology Edinburgh Theosophical Society. 28 Great King Street. 7.30pm. 75p. A talk by Tad Mann organised by the Scottish Astrological Association.

36—'_l‘11e1.ist-1-- 17 April




0 Exploring Dance (Intermediate) 1: week course. Hillhead Primary School. Cecil Street. 7—‘).30pm. £24 (for whole course). Taken by .lohn Grant of Natural Dance Workshop. 0 Buddhism and the Western World Theosophical Centre. 17 Queen‘s Crescent. 7.30pm. £1.50. A talk by Dharmavira.

0 Christian Resources and Educational Material Exhibition Anderson Centre. 10— 12 Apr. Videos. books etc. For further info ring 6-17 2‘)86.

FRIDAY 11 Glasgow

0 The Yogic Philosophy oi the Bhagavad Gita 'Ihcosophical Society. 17 Queen‘s Crescent. 7.30pm. £1.50 A talk by Brian Fleming.

SATURDAY 12 Glasgow

0 Three Talks at the Theosophical Centre 17 Queen's Crescent. £1.50 each: Native Celtic Shamanism. Kaledon Naddair. 10.30am—12.30pm. The Way ofthe' Hopi. Alan Senior. 2-3.-15pm. Photography. Astrology and I Ching. DrJ. G. Mitchell. 3.45—5pm.


0 Healthy Living lor the New Age Girl Guide Hall. 33 Melville Street. 2pm. Free. A talk by Joyce D‘Silva.

0 Sacred Dance The Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5-138. Sat l0am—5pm. Sun 10.30am—5pm. £20/£15. With Ingrid Mann ofthe Findhorn Foundation.


0 Shiatzu 'l'heosophical Centre. 17 Queen‘s Crescent. 10.30am—-1.30pm. £7.50. A one day workshop with Pat Gillon.

o A Day with Jack Temple Eastwood House. Eastwood Park. 10am—6pm. £18.50. A One Day teaching seminar on dowsing and the pendulum. To book ring 332 06-1-1.


= Glasgow

: 0 Advanced Massage Class 128 Byres

Road. 33-1 58-16. Five evenings 8—10pm. £22/£1 1. With Ian Holland

exploring Pulsing. Energy

Distribution. Shiatsu. Postural

I Integration and Relaxation.

_-__-QBEN-_I:I.ST_ -_

i E

TUESDAY 15 Glasgow

o Dancerama Hillhead Primary ; School. Cecil Street. 7—‘).30pm. 3 £1.50. Introduction to dance byJohn Grant of Natural Dance Workshop. o Beginners Astrology Class. 7-‘)pm.

10 week course. £25. Ring ‘)-16 5-126

- for further information and booking. A course by Anne Whitaker.

WEDNESDAY 16 Glasgow

oMovementAwareness'I‘hcosophical 1 Centre. 17 Queen's Crescent. 334

4203. 5.30—6.30pm. £10 for six wks.


0 The Soviet Party Congress AL'ILW. 145 West Regent Street. 7.30pm. 30p. A talk by Gordon McLennan. observer at the Soviet Congress.


0 Anti-Apartheid Group Beneiit Disco

Wilkie House. Cowgate. Spin—lam.


SATURDAY 5 Edinburgh

0 Scottish Anti-Vivisection March and Rally Waterloo Place. March starts 3pm. Les Ward of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection. and John F. Robins of the Scottish Anti-V'ivisection Society will address the marchers at the Meadows. From «1.30pm onwards refreshments will be available at Wilkie House. Cowgate. and there will be an ‘alternative‘ disco in the evening. For more details contact Alex 22‘) 1553. For details ofthe bus going frotn Glasgow ring John F. Robins 221 2300.


0 Polaris Watch Meeting Scottish CND. ~120Sauchiehal| Street. 12 noon—4pnr



0 Campaigning for Peace The Star Club. Carlton Chambers. 7.30pm. 30p. A Communist Party meeting with Margaret Morton ofCNI) and Iain Munro.

TUESDAY 8 Glasgow 0 Meeting to arrange setting up oi

Faslane Support Group Scottish (ND.

-120 Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm.



0 Alternative Transport Policies

Andrew Melville House. 65 ()akfield Avenue. 7.30pm. A talk by Don Matthew of the Glasgow Cycling Campaign.

THURSDAY 10 j Glasgow

1 0 From Capitalism to Socialism. . .

How We Live and How We Could Live

McLellan Galleries. Sauchiehall

Street. 8pm. Free. A talk by Janie Percy-Smith. Organised by the Socialist Party ofGreat Britain.


. o Androgyny. Edinburgh Bisexual

. Group 1611art Street (first floor).

7.30pm. 1s androgyny a useful image 3 for bisexual liberation? What are its limits‘.’



0 StarWars Donald Mackenzie.

| Edinburgh CND. 11 St Colrne Street. 7.30pm.

TUESDAY 15 Edinburgh

o The History at Political Thought

Seminar Room. 11 Buccleuch Place. 7pm. Nine weeks. £12a£6. Contact University of Edinburgh Extra-Mural Studies. 11 Buccleuch

; Place. 667 1011. A course by Richard A

Norris. from Socrates and Plato to the New Left and Right. taking in Machiavelli. Marx etc on the way.



3 0 Introduction to Karl Marx Room 4. 10 Buccleuch Place. 7pm. ‘) weeks.

£12/.£16. Universityof Edinburgh

Extra-Mural Studies. 11 Buccleuch

Place. 667 101 1 . Course by Richard

: Gunn. Marx’sthoughtson I alienation.exploitation.social _ change. revolution and the state. a

discussion of his major writings.

QTHURSDAY17 . Glasgow

o Divided Britain—Some Problems and : Initiatives Scottish Academy of ' Music and Drama. 58 Mandela Place

(formerly St George's Place). 10am—3.45pm. £5 £5.50(inc lunch). Workshops include food crops. fuel and energy. community cafes. and

credit unions. Speaker— Ruth Lister

of the Child Poverty Action Group.

1 Edinburgh

0 Guilt. Edinburgh Bisexual Group discussion meeting 16 Hart Street

' (first floor). 7.30pm.



0 Women's Massage and Relaxation Workshop Tollcross Community Centre. 7.30—‘).30pm. Six weeks.

Contact Michele 228 166‘).

j FRIDAY11 . Edinburgh

0 Women's Disco Wilkie House. Cowgate. ‘).30pm—2am. £2.50x'£l at

- door. Sponsored by Womanzone.


J Glasgow

0 Ice and Fire Byres Road Bookshop. 7.30pm. £1.50. Andrea Dworkin reads from her latest novel.

0 Talks and readings appear after | Books on page 3‘).