“‘ "1‘" \

probably the most exciting night oi the

week when punk meets present and a healthy atmosphere oi diversity reigns. Those who thrive on the excess oi Tuesday tend to approach the other iour nights (closed Mon s. Wed) with resignation ratherthan anticipation as the music and loses are repetitively predictable. Thursdays are ialriy quiet but still retain undertones ol the now delunct leather night, whereas Fridays and Saturdays are stillineg busy. Sundays, with the 70p drink promotion are still well attended. A Mecca ior Glasgow's loilowers oi Tinseltown.

. , . 5 .3 "5 l- ' I y r . 1"" .31; if?!“ v ‘7." t§‘:-2"’;"-V’9~ :x A EDINBU RGH " ‘5.“ 5 a? i o Cinderellas Rockerielias 99 St ' Stephen Street.556(l266. Anew 2" . memhcrship scheme is starting ' «a. shortly in which £2 annual a ~ . ' memhership giyes guaranteed entry ._ ‘téffl to the cluh hefore 1 lpm. 211’; ol'fthe restaurant. a reduction of £1 on the Bennets Glasgow 1 Those ol an over-sensitive constitution 'Wmii' C'ilriillu‘ 11‘s “ml SPs‘s‘iu' Despite having remained virtually would best avoid Tuesdays when "‘“M‘UV “134"” unchanged for a number of years now. iii-NR6 music is largely lorgotten, and Rim" hulls 9'10 319nm!) Nth Bennets retains its monopoly as the dress code strictly alternative. month are shortly to start ‘- these will Glasgow’s only exclusively gay disco. Although the cheapest (50p), thls is b“ "‘°"‘°‘" or. on 2.1une. Jazz. and the entry

price will include free har and huffet. 0 Fire island 127 Princes Street. leading city gay disco. playing lli-NRU. non-chart music. iiyery

night except 'l‘uesday.

ll)..‘si)pm--2am. l’ri and Sat 3am. Sun

2.30am. £1 .4iL-£3.


o Cat's Pyjamasotmtltime

L’mporium. 6 Ahheymount . 661

1662. lupin—3am. £2 hefore

midnight. £3 after. Disco. Soul. Jan.

0 Cinderellas Rockerlelias 99 St

Stephen Street. Disco includes party

spot. in which the [)1 includes half an hourofgames giyeaways. l)pm-~3am.

£3. 0 Club Kennedy White Swan. 261i

Morrison Street. 228 194*). Run hy the same poeple as [{l Camhalache. hut different concept here. Aim to play music from 7tls to punk.

especially good dance music.

0 Goombay Beat Barhados Suite. Coasters Complex. 3 \\'est'1'ollcross. 228 3252. lll.3llpm—--lam. £1.51).

0 Hoochie Coochie Club Bermuda 'l'riangle. Coasters Complex. 3 West 'l'ollcross. ll).3()pm~-~lam. £1.5()~--£3 depending on hand. Becoming a hit

Cactus Club, Edinburgh

The Cactus Club is slick, loud and

T trendy, but sparse, making the dance iioorrathersell-conscious, il

sometimes partly obscured by special

effects dry ice. They play jazz, but also modern music— being too speciiic apparently doesn't work in Edinburgh. In this venue it has quite a dillerent atmosphere lrom the old days at the Lyceum and maybe it will revive again when it moves venue (to be announced) irom 6 April.

passe. hut image changes according to who’s playing. Sec Rock listing.

0 Madisons (ireenside Place. 557 2692. Disco (chart). ‘)pm—3am. £1 .5() hefore 1 lpm. £3 after. Different nights may soon start to he themed in terms of music played.

0 Outer Limits Coasters. 3 West 'l'ollcross. Just re—opened. Disco (chart). £2. Outer Limits during the week will occasionally have live hands. Coming up are: Redskins Mon 21 Apr. Simply Red Tue 6 May. iiipsway Mon 1‘) May.

0 Top 0‘ the Walk St .lames Centre. 5572631. Bar lounge and disco. (her 25s singles cluh. Spm— 1 am. £1 memhers. £2 non-memhers.

0 Zenatec 56 l-‘ountainlu‘idge. 22‘) S522. lllpm—3am Disco (chart) £2. E ' 1 HUM- . Cat‘s Dy amas (itmtllimc litnporium. 6 Ahheymount. lllpm—-3am. £2 hefore midnight. £3 after.

0 Cinderellas Rockertellas 99 St Stephen Street. Disco. 9pm—3am £3.51). Also see Fridays.

0 Goombay Beat the Barhados Suite. 3 West 'l‘ollcross. 11l.3()pm--lam. £2.51). Reggae disco.

0 Hoochie Coochie Club Bermuda Triangle. 1(i.3()pm-~1am. £1 .5()—£3 depending on hand.

0 The Lazy H White Swan. 261)

Morrison Street. ‘).3(ipm—2am. Jazz. . Soul R&B. Rockahilly. Blues. 3 £1.51).

0 Madisons ( ireenside l’lace. Disco

; (chart). ()pm-3am. £1 .5() hefore

11pm. £3 after.

0 Outer Limits Coasters. 3 west

'l'ollcross. Disco (chart). £3. 0 Top 0’ the Walk St .lames Centre.

Over 25s singles cluh. Spm— 1 am. £1

metnhers. £2 non-memhers. Disco. 0 Zenatec 56 Fountainhridge. Disco

' (chart). 1(lpm—3am. £3.


0 Cactus Club Kayios. Victoria

j Street. This nightcluh will he moving from Kayios (yenue to he decided).

( 0 Cat’s Pyjamastioodtime Emporium. 6 Ahheymount.

- 1(ipm—3am Disco. Free.

o Cinderellas Rockerielias 99 St

Stephen Street. The Club 181).

11pm—2am. By invitation or £2 on door.

0 Kavios Victoria Street. llipm—3am. A new Over 25s disco will he opening

at Kayios (replacing Cactus) from

Sun 6 Apr. Music will he chart. entry free.

0 Outer Limits Coasters. 3 West 'l'ollcross. Disco (chart). £2.

0 Texas Bermuda Triangle. Coasters Complex. 3 West Tollcross. 1().3l)pm—3am. £2.

0 Zenatec 56 Fountainhridge. lllpm—3am. Disco (chart).


o Cinderellas Rockerlellas 99 St Stephen Street. 7pm—11).3()pm. Club 14-18 (years). Unlicensed. Memhers £1.guests £1.51).

0 Tuesdays Bermuda Triangle. Coasters Complex. 3 West Tollcross. The iii-energy Cluh. Gays and non-gays. £2. Caharet acts


o Cinderellas Rockeriellas 99 St Stephen Street. 9pm—2am. Half price night (this includes bar and restaurant). Spm—Zam. £1.50.

o Cinderellas Bockerieilas 99 St Stephens Street. Over 25s. £1 before 11pm. £2 after. ‘Douhle your money vouchers‘. Buy £5 worth ol's'ouchers hefore 10.30pm and you can spend twice this amount in the restaurant and bar. Music 7()s. current chart, some rock ‘n‘ roll a good night for the punters.

O The Edge White Swan. 261) Morrison Street. New. 1(ipm—3am. Mixed music. £1 50-8.

0 El Cambalache Cafe Royal Bistro, 17 West Register Street. 1(ipm—3am. £1.51). Same club. now in its new venue ahove Cafe Royal. See panel. 0 Madisons Greenside Place. 9pm—3am. Various special offers on Thursdays. Happy Hour. cheaper entry fee etc. Disco (chart).

St. s.5<°‘ NU loseow 631% G 161332 0

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