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0 We are family owned and run and provide exceptionally 0 good food at extremely reasonable prices.

BRING YOUR OWN WINE Lunch: 12noon—2pm Monday—Friday Dinner from 6.30pm Monday—Saturday To book telephone: 041 633 1272

SHANAZ o Tandoori Restaurant 0 Telephone for reservations 031 226 2862 129a Rose Street, Edinburgh

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42 The List 4 17 April

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Adam Zyw sa ples Ed

Late this sunny morning I nursed a glass of beer in the Waterfront‘s glass-fronted back room. This form ofgentle self-indulgence (or insurance) represented the necessary idle preparation and foundation for the feast to follow. An Indian lunch.

For this particular meal I was blessed with the company ofan Aberdonian blackguard whose more mentionable habits qualify him perfectly for accurate views on the many unpalatable aspects of low living. Hi Stuart! Together we were blessed with the brightest and perhaps most cheerful dining room in Edinburgh; a genuine room with a view.

It was a real live elephant (alcoholic trumpet and all). who opened the Raj restaurant, on the dramatic corner of Henderson Street, Sandport Place and The Shore in Leith. An elephant remains there, brazen now and adorning the


This is an interesting building. with a chequered history and it is hoped, a multi-coloured future. An extraordinary timber ceiling, embellished with cornices and corbels, no cornucopiae but much fielded panelling dominates this airy dockland setting, scene no doubt. as with Queen‘s Dock. Glasgow, of many brave lads‘ departures to East India Company Service. So many Indian restaurants are distinguished only by their undistinguished similarity, displaying vestiges ofa mighty culture in the dubious shape ofblown~up postcard shots of the Taj Mahal, batique and unerotic studies ofwell-proportioned dusky ladies all, Isuppose, in their own way

representing monuments to


There is in my mind something awkward, maybe suspicious, about a far Eastern restaurant with a carefully considered menu, as in the Raj, which offers as an adjunct to the delights oqujerat and Uttar Pradesh a section ubiquitously entitled ‘European Dishes‘. In a serious house, this surely is an unnecessary deviance, as Chicken Maryland may be had under a different and more military title on most High Streets in the land.

And the Raj is a serious house. I ate well and was given my food by friendly and observant people. The dishes were freshly and liberally spiced; the ghee quotient was adequate rather than overdone; and

i" -‘“ tI-I.J*{"'b+

inburgh’s Indian Cuisine.


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the chillis or. 1 think. pepperoncinis. were unashamedly whole and delicious. More please! But watch the prices.

I wish Khushi‘s in Broughton Street. was open more often at lunchtime. Indian food. for me at any rate. goes down best in the middle of the day something to do with that orchestra ofspice and the digestive system - and I don‘t believe there‘s a better meal] of its kind than Khushi‘s at its glorious best. REAL Nan bread. not grilled or fried. That and other sizzling wonders from a real and spectacular tandoor. which will be shown to you if you‘re especially nice. It was in Khushi's (and Khushi means happiness) that I was told about ‘the nose‘. ‘The nose‘ is the pointed end of the fresh Nan bread. and the person who eats the nose is blessed with luck, at least for the meal‘s duration.

Moving mildly Westwards. and talking about lunchtime. The Monsoon. in Dalry Road (handily placed for Haymarket Station and a Glasgow escapade) offers a ‘business lunch‘. At £2.50. it represents the finest cheap lunch around. They

don‘t confuse the punter with fruit-juice or vegetating ice-cream either. A top-quality curry. characterised by fresh coriander in particular, with a light and puffy poorec and basmati rice. It's a real i fair deal, with no extras. and nor corners cut. Have a glance at the I weaving on the wall. j” Filling up yet'.’ I am. What. you 1 may ask, what about the wonderful Shamiana. the changed face of . Kalpna. and Glasgow's esteemed Koh-i-Noor and Asha and. . . and. . . enough‘s enough. More detailed coverage of Indian restaurants in Glasgow to follow in a future issue. 0 The Raj Restaurant 89/91:: I Henderson Street. Edinburgh 6. Tel: 1 553 3980. Typical meal (starter, main l dish, veg dish, rice no drink) approx £8.

o Khushi Tandoori Restaurant 32c

Broughton Street, Edinburgh 7. Tel: 556 8092. Typical meal (as above)

' approx £6.

0 The Monsoon Tandoori Restaurant

13 Dalry Road, Edinburgh 1 1. Tel: 346 0204.

o Kalpna (Vegetarian) Restaurant 2/3 St Patrick Square, Edinburgh 8. Tel: 667 9890.

o Shamiana Restaurant 14a Brougham Street. Edinburgh 3. Tel: 229 5578.


Wed 16th to Sat 19th April, 7.30pm Tickets £2 Student/CAP £1.80 Royal Lyceum Theatre Box Office, Grindlay Street