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The Return of the Living Dead (18) (Dan D’Bannon, 08,1984) Clu Gulager, James Karen, Don Calpa. 91 mins. In the basement of an old Kentucky medical supply centre something stirs. In the graveyard next door there's a whole lot olstirring going on. And it’s all largely the CIA’s lault. Years earlier they had come up with a nifty little gas that brought the dead to lite but gave them a craving tor human flesh, all of

which happened in George Romero's

Night Of The Living Dead to which this little extravaganza is a sequel.

However, the initial disturbance

quelled, the CIA put the zombies ln

' handy metal cannisters some at which


Elegantly mounted with an agreeable lightness oftone A Room With A View is a near-perfect screen version of the Forster novel. Only an over-insistent musical score and intrusive subtitles jar the carefully constructed mood. The acting from such a distinguished cast is as dandy as could be expected with a special mention to Daniel Day-Lewis who proved an intelligent reading ofthe snobbish Cecil. capturing his character in a skilful combination of word. gesture and physcial bearing. Civilised entertainment at its very best. Edinburgh; Dominion. Glasgow: ABC (Sauchiehall Street) 0 Rue Cases Negres (PG) (Euzhan Palcy. France. 1983) Garry (‘adenaL Darling Legitimus. 106 mins. A gentle. well-observed film that tells the story of a black shanty town

' orphan who escapes the poverty and

oppression of his situation through the world of education and the sacrifices of his grandmother. Edinburgh: EU Filmsoc

0 Le Samourai ( 18) (Jean-Pierre Melville. France. 19671Nain

i Delon. Francois Perier. 9() mins.

(Tharacteristically stylish and bleak. this study of the impossibility of communication and friendship remains Melville‘s best film. Memorable. Edinburgh: French Institute

0 Silkwood ( 15) (Mike Nichols. US. 1983) Meryl Streep. Kurt Russell. Cher. 128 mins. The true story of Karen Silkwood, now hailed as the

Jr . end up in a basement in Kentucky. 0t course, belore you can say ‘Baby, I love you, but you gotta let me eat your brains!’ the cannisters are open, the gas is waiting around, and those wacky dead, bless theircotton socks, are lrolicking around to their putrilied little

hearts’ content. . Anyway, you have to go and see it

next weekend, cos like it’s DEAD lunny (Get it?). I had twelve pints before I saw it and it was a real left, and they nuke all the zombies in the end. Oh, sorry I’ve spoiled it loryou now. Still, a zombie surfing movie that would be really trill, wouldn’t it.

(Dee Ranged)

first nuclear martyr. an ordinary woman whose concern over health and safety made her a problem to an industry intent on high productivity and profitability.

Methodical but compulsive viewing with Streep convincingly enacting the life of a working woman with the temerity to stand up and be counted on a vital issue. Edinburgh: EU Filmsoc 0 Stir Crazy ( 15) (Sidney Poitier. US. 198(1) Gene Wilder. Richard Pryor. 111 mins. Broad. unsophisticated slapstick as buddies Wilder and Pryor wind up behind bars. Its entertainment value depends entirely on one‘s appreciation ofthe two principals. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 Straw Dogs ( 18) (Sam Peckinpah. US, 1971) Dustin Hoffman. Susan George. 113 mins. Hoffman is the meek and mild American mathematician who comes to an isolated. apparently sleepy Cornish village with his British wife. Their presence is resented and the worm turns with ferocious effect when their house comes under attack from the locals.

Skilfully orchestrated. relentlessly violent thriller that is an exercise in pure cinematic manipulation. Gripping but fatally contrived. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 Streetwise ( 18) (Martin Bell. US. 1984) 90 mins. Campaigning investigative documentary on the dispossessed street kids of Seattle‘s skid row. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Stripes ( 15) (Ivan Reitman. US,

1981) Bill Murray, Warren Oates. 105 mins. Forgettable. mundane Army comedy. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 Teen Woll (PG) (Rod Daniel, US, 1985) Michael J. Fox. 92 mins. Teen idol Fox inherits the family trait of lycanthropy in this wafer thin juvenile caper that scarer exploits the comic potential of its central notion. Glasgow; Cinema 0 The 12 Tasks olAsterix (U) (France. 1975) 82 mins. More adventures with the diminutive Gallic answer to Popeye. Edinburgh: Filmhouse 0 Under Fire ( 15) ( Roger Spotiswoode. L78. 1983) Nick Nolte. Gene llackman. Joanna (‘assidy 127 mins. Nolte's war photographer joins journalists l lackman and ('assidy in Nicaragua. llis attitude is ‘I don't take sides. I take pictures‘. despite his dismay at the corruption of the American-luicked Somoza regime. but his photos eventually play their part in the Sandinistas' victory. lixcellent war drama refuses to turn into romantic slush or gung—ho heroics. but concentrates instead on the question of personal commitment and the power of images whilst maintaining a vice-like grip at the same time. Highly recommended. Edinburgh: Iii” Filmsoc O Vertigo (PG) (Alfred Ilitchcock. US. 1958) James Stewart. Kim Novak. 126 mins. Agrophobic detective Stewart retires from the force and is engaged privately to follow a woman with whom he falls helplessly in love.

An audacious mystery and a classic study of male perversity. Vertigo

proved an impeccable swansong for the Stewart-Hitchcock team. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 War or the Worlds (PG) (Byron Haskin, US. 1953) Gene Barry. 85 mins. Imaginative screen treatment of HG. Wells nightmare vision of an interplanetary war. An Oscar winner for its special effects. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 White Nights (PG) fir (Taylor Hackford. US. 1985) Mikhail Baryshnikov. Gregory Hines. Helen Mirren. 134 mins. Baryshnikov plays. a Soviet ballet star who has defected to the West. Flying from London to Tokyo his airplane is forced to make an emergency landing at a Russian military air base in Siberia. Recognised by the authorities he is detained in a bid to stage a propaganda coup that would see him i denounce Western decadence and return to his homeland. Hines is an American tap dancer who defected to Russia as a protest against Vietnam. He is asked to act as gentle persuader to his terpsichorean colleague but both men decide to fight the system and devise a daring escape plan.

In the old days of the big screen musical the plotline was almost ' always secondary and often slender;

a mere excuse to highlight the talents ofsome skilled hoofers.

Baryshnikov and Hines are quite simply the best dancers around today . and the patent absurdity ofall these (‘old War cliches is the price you

must pay to see the exhilarating. dynamic duo in full flight. Glasgow; Odeon

“A film of great warmth and wit” Sunday Telegraph

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