EE 5 2

o The Wanton (BBC2) 2—3.30pm. An admirable afternoon season of vintage French cinema concludes with this melodrama in which the young Simone Signoret plays a demanding wife who exacts lavish recompense for the affection she bestows on a doting husband. 1949. 0 Report (STV) 6.30—7pm. Michael Mulford focuses attention on the job of Secretary of State for Scotland and the present incumbent Malcolm


0 Well Being (Channel 4)

10.30—1 l . 15pm. Love Hurts reports on the threat posed by the new breed ofsexually transmitted diseases like herpes. hepatitis and AIDS. Is ‘safe sex‘ the only course for healthy lovers'.’

;0 Omnibus (BBCI) 11.25pm—12.55am. A reappraisal of

the life of the mercurial T. E. Lawrence. scholar. archaeologist. writer. war hero and 20th century enigma.


0 Witness to Apartheid (Channel 4) 7.30—8.30pm. A film from Emmy award-winning American journalist Sharon Sopher presenting the testimony of those in the firing line of the continuing township violence in South Africa.

' 0 Heimat (BBCZ) 1: the Call of Far

Away Places ( 1919—1928)

0 The Wicked lady (STV) 1().3()pm—12.2()am. Looking like a Christmas tree fairy. Faye Dunaway is in fine fettle as the title character in this ill-advised remake of the British classic in which a bored aristocrat takes to the road as a highwaywoman. 1983.

o Horowitz in Moscow (BBC2) Octogenarian piano virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz returns to his native Russia for the first time in over 60 years and the Beeb provides glimpses of his emotional return and live coverage of his Moscow concert. 0 Heimat (BBC2)

2: The Centre of the World


l I r o Heimat (BBC2)

3: The Best Christmas Ever (1935).

o Panorama (BBC1)9.30—10. 10pm. How Safe is Safe? Fred Emery ; travels to Washington. Hiroshima ! and Sellafield in an investigation of ' British safety standards in the level of radiation from tooth X-rays to nuclear power plants.

32"i‘hc List lSApril— 1 May


O Seacoal (Channel 4) “pm-12.30am. llth Hour film on the lives of the sea coal collectors

working on the beaches of

Lynemouth and how the 1979 curtailment ofthcir rights has affected both individuals and the community. 1985.


o O’Donnell Investigates the Food

Business (BBC2) 7.30—8pm. Michael O‘Donnell examines the big business

ofunhealthy eating and the meagre resources available to combat the £300 million spent annually on misinformation by the British food industry.

0 Heimat (BBC2)

4: The New Road (1938).


o Scotsport (STV) 7.30-10pm. Coverage ofthe England v Scotland match from Wembley.

o Heimat (BBC2)

5: Up and Away and Back (1938-9). 0 OED (BBCI ) 9.3(1—10pm. A Wolfin Dog‘s Clothing investigates canine violence focusing on three cases


involving the vicious mutts.


O The Pied Piper (Channel 4) 5—6.35pm. Based on a Nevil Shute novel this 1942 film finds Monty Woolley as a grouchy Englishman with a ill-disguised dislike ofchildren who is forced to lead a band of the brats through occupied France to safety in Britain. A strong cast includes Roddy McDowall. Anne Baxter and Otto Preminger.

o Heimat (BBC2)

6: The Home Front (1943).

o Heimat (BBC2) 7: The Love ofSoldiers (1944).

f o 0mnibus(BBC1) A look at the

Comic Aid concert from the Shaftesbury Theatre where talents like Billy Connolly. Michael Palin

: and Rowan Atkinson performed

free to help raise money for a famine reliefcamp in Umbata in Sudan.


o Heimat (BBC2) 8: The American (1945-47) 0 California Split (STV) 10.30pm.

; Downbeat 1974 buddy movie

directed by Robert Altman and making good use ofstars Elliot Gould and George Segal.


g o The Campbeils (STV) 4.30—5pm. 3 First ofa new series about a Scottish

family seeking fresh pastures and a

? land ofopportunity in the Canada of the 1830s.

Beginning on Saturday April 19 and unfolding over eleven days, the 1984 West German production, Heimat, can truly be described as epic. Set in the Hunsriick region of Germany, the 16 hour series follows the lives at three



Miracle. Yet, even in its observations

I of day-to-day living, Heimat represents 3 a larger whole, as individuals succumb i to the lure of riches In the new world, or

stoically endure an unhappy lot. A loosely flowing narrative and sense of

families from the end of the First World ; chronology and; credibility to the

Warto the 1980s. The tiny lictionalised village of f Schabbach is something of a ; microcosm of Germany itself, the ebb and flow of history laps around even

2 this bywater, as the various inhabitants

i are drawn into momentous events like the rise of Nazism and the Economic

l l

passage of the years as we learn of the vicissitudes and triumphs that befall a remarkable cast that soon grow from characters to acquaintances.

An award-winning production in black and white and colour, Heimat is thoroughly deserving of your rapt attention. (Allan Hunter).

in Sharky‘s Machine.

0 Heimat (BBC2) 9: Little Hermann (1955—56)


o Heimat (BBC2) 10: The Proud Years (1967-69).


o Heimat(BBC 2)

11: The Feast ofthe Living and the Dead (1982)


' o The Aviator (George Miller. US.

1985) Christopher Reeve. Rosanna Arquette. Tyne Daly (Warner Home Video) Reeve is a 1920s US Air Mail pilot haunted by a tragic accident from years ago. On one flight he is forced to accept a civilian passenger in the shape of Miss Arquette. a rebellious daughter being sent West for her own good. En route but off course their single-engine plane crashes into the mountains. Amidst the broken bones, extreme cold and hungry wolves. affection blossoms.

Reeve doesn't quite have the charisma to make his emotionally withdrawn character interesting but Arquette is spirited in this lightweight outdoors drama with notany crisp photography. Disney would have approved.

0 Dog Day (Yves Boisset. France. 1983) Lee Marvin. Miou Miou.

; David Bennent (Vestron Video) On

the lam from his latest ill-fated heist an ageing gangster takes refuge at a remote country farm overrun with murderous misfits intent on exploiting his presence for their own gain.

Dotty Gallic thriller with little rhyme or reason to its eccentric mayhem.

o the Return of Martin Guerre (Daniel

. Vigne. France. 1982) Gerard

Depardieu, Nathalie Baye (Palace Video). In 16th century France a young couple are married. the husband a weakling who becomes the laughing stock of the village through his inability to consummate the marriage. They persevere. he sires a son and then disappears. Many years later a man returns claiming to be Martin and is warmly embraced by friends and family alike. However. nagging doubts begin to build that he may be an imposter. . .

Intriguing. well-acted period puzzler that is absorbing throughout. 0 Stick (Burt Reynolds. US. 1985) Burt Reynolds, Candice Bergen. George Segal (CIC). Reynolds is an ex-con drifting back to Miami and

hoping to stay out of trouble. When a

close friend is shot down he takes a job as chauffeur to vulgar jet-setter Segal in a bid to extract recompense from those responsible.

Glossy trimmings and some directorial flair cannot disguise the vacuous nature ofthis downbeat. meandering drugland saga. Reynolds contributes a lugubrious performance that finds him in the sensitive tough guy mould displayed