Whilst the Government is smarting under the embarrassing defeat over the Sunday trading legislation in the Commons on Monday. despite the coercion of a 3-line whip. ironically the issue has never had to be debated with regard to Scotland where Sunday trading is legal and prolific, despite Scotland being apparently

more austerely religious. Or to put it another way ‘. . .this House declines to give a Second Reading to a Bill which provides for England privileges which the Scots have enjoyed since time immemorial and which the English do not deserve' -

Nicholas Fairbairn‘s (MP for Perthshire) drny proposed

i amendment to the Shops Bill (it

j wasn‘t debated).

In fact. unrestricted trading in

Scotland slipped through the legal net not because of fierce opposition. but because it was considered inconceivable at the time that anyone should wish to trade there on a Sunday. As a result. Scotland was exempted from the limitations and whilst passions ran high enough to defy the Government on one of its key proposals in the debate at

Westminster. north of the border. Sunday trading flourishes.

On a Sunday 0Post a parcel OHave a telemessage delivered.

0Go to a hairdressers or barbers

(unless disabled. resident in a hotel

where there is a salon or unless it is a Jewish establishment which closes on a Saturday) - by law hairdressers and barbers cannot trade on a

.Sunday. OBuy alcohol as off-sales. except from a hotel or bar and then only during licencing hours (and pay a very inflated price for the privilege.)

OGet married (at anytime. anyplace or anywhere) ifyou can find someone (minister or registrar) willing to marry you.

OBuy a pet (Candleriggs Market. Albion Street. Glasgow)

OCash a cheque (Trustee Savings

Bank. Cameron Toll Centre.

; Edinburgh 666 2200 - the first bank

in Britain to offer 7-day banking.)

j OAlmost buy a house (Leed Permanent Building Society, Cameron Toll Centre. Edinburgh 666 2626 noon-4pm was similarly the first building society in the country to offer a 7-day service). A mortgage

38 The List lSApril 1 May



can be discussed and agreed and a property viewed. but valuers and solicitors will not work on a Sunday. OCollect or dispatch a Red Star

package from Glasgow (Central Station 041-226 3341 . but not from Edinburgh. OHave your eyes tested - Dollond and Aitchison. Cameron Toll Centre. Edinburgh 664 2545 1 1am-5pm.


o Cul de Sac 44 Ashton Lane 334 4749. Much more than a creperie. Does Sunday brunches between noon and 3pm. A full English breakfast is £3 and continental £1 .65. A plentiful supply of Sunday papers is on hand and it is licensed until 4pm. oPelican Blondes Sauchiehall Street. Noon—2.30pm. This extremely pleasant new brasserie is open for continental breakfast from 8am every day. No set menu. but traditional coffee and croissants. From 12.30-3pm Brunch (£2.95) - fruit juice. eggs & bacon etc followed by sweet crepes with syrup.

oTom Sawyers Woodlands Road. Tom‘s Diner does probably the biggest breakfast in Glasgow for £3.75. This gets you orange juice. cereal. toast. croissants and tea. plus bacon. eggs. mushrooms etc. Continental breakfast £1 .95. All the Sunday papers plus a licence. The usual a la carte menu is available

0 Bonhams Wine Bar Byres Road. Continental breakfast £1. Sunday papers. Licenced until 2.30pm. it is open all day for coffee etc and occasionally has some live music.

MARKET RESEARCH It’s the big one - the biggest outdoor market in Europe, that is. The lngliston Sunday Market is as much a spectator event as anything else, selling everything from specialist loo paper to the speediest potato chipper and presided over by King Kong. Anyone can peddle their wares for about £12 by joining the ‘casual’s queue’ by 10am. Next to Edinburgh Airport (catch the airport bus!) it’s open 10am-4pm. The Barras are the traditional way 01 spending a Glaswegian Sunday. Nine

different markets, 1000 stalls and over

g 100 shops in the Gallowgate area,

1 selling everything you could possibly

I think of and a lot else besides. Fancy a

stall? Then talk to one at the market


. .lJ.


0 North British Hotel Princes Street. 556 2414. Stately hotel next to Waverley Station serves breakfast to non-residents. 7.30—10am - useful when you have just come off the sleeper. but you pay for the comfort: full breakfast £5.25. continental £3.85.

0 Marty’s Cafe Restaurant 29 West Maitland Street. 225 3199. 9.30am—9pm. Breakfast special £1.95. No papers. but there is a newsagent opposite.

0 Tapas 10 Victoria Street. 225 1721. 11am—6pm. Breakfast special £2. including generous supplies of toast. Sunday papers.

0 Pancake Place 126 High Street. 225 1972. 10am—6pm and 35 Shandwick Place. 228 6322. 11am—5pm. Brunch £2.

0 Stockbridge Steakhouse 42 St Stephen Street. 2265877. From 11am. Full breakfast menu including porridge with cream (60p). kippers and poached egg (£2.40). Buck‘s Fizz (£1 ). Stockbridge Special (£4) and. ifyou‘re feeling really strong. champagne breakfast (£5). All the Sunday papers.

0 Bannerman's Bar 2 12 (,‘owgate. 556 3254. 11am—2pm. Time to eat a full cooked breakfast (£2.50) and read the Sunday papers before the bar opens at 12.30pm.

oBreakiast Club Cafe Royal Bistro. West Register Street. 557 4792. Noon—4pm. From 27 Apr. the

supervisors who will fit you in somewhere for between 27-18.

' Buskers are welcome and they don't have to pay. Open Sat/Sun 9.303m-5pm; a creche is provided

10am-4pm. 60p per child/per hour. Positioned only a chukkie’s throw

. away, the Briggait is for you it you want to go upmarket. It cost over £2 m to transform Glasgow’s 0|d Fishmarket into the last word in arty-larty consumerism, complete with exotic glass ashtrays and designer knitwear.

With cales, bars, stalls and a theatre -

i all under one root. Glasgow’s very own

I Covent Garden also welcomes buskers.

l The Briggait, 72 Clyde Street 11am-5pm Sun, 8.30am-6pm Mon-Sat. Closed Tues.

g Joe’s Garage, situated next to Glasgow University Union at the junction with

tasty range of Sunday Brunches. Decorated in Garage/American style,

(if 34%" ~.:$.g‘fl~‘sp»33< 1.2.7.» gel-mfg; ‘c.- J e‘s Garage, 52 Bank Street, 339 5047. As well as being a popular diner,

Gibson Street also provides a wide and

Joe’s has the widest range ol Sunday food we know of. Regular English Breaktast- which they describe as ‘the works' is only £2.65. They also do more unusual things such as Eggs Benedict (£2.45) and Maple Pancakes (£1 .20). While perusing a range of Sunday papers one can also have a fresh kipper l at £1.75 as well as croissants and jam (75p), all washed down with coffee,


j truitjuice or a pot of tea. Opening hours are noontill 2.30pm. 3

i popular E1(‘ambalache nightclub Will be presenting the Breakfast Club =

in the satne venue. for lazy Sunday afternoons. 'I‘he £2 entrance fee will include a continental breakfast. live jazz (‘the only food that makes people eat‘) and other acts. plus the Sunday papers.


0 La Bonne Auberge 7 Park Terrace. 332 9438. Open between 12.30—4pm for bar snacks and a la carte as well as brunch. Full Scottish breakfast £3.95. continental £2.65 including freshly squeezed orange juice.


O Raj 91 Henderson Street. 553 3980. Noon—2.30pm. A la carte. A new Indian restaurant in Leith - also

European menu.

oThe ClaretJug beneath Howard Hotel. 34 Great King Street. Noon-1 1pm. Low-level bar serving high quality barlunch

o Gilded Balloon 209 (‘owgate.

225 5650. ()pposite and alternative to Bannerman's Bar. brunch (£2.75) is available noon-2.30pm. continental breakfast £1 .75. Sunday papers. Lunch from 2.30pm and the restaurant is open all day until midnight.

o Cale Noir Brasserie Waverley market. 556 1374. Salad bar noon—midnight. Two hot dishes at lunchtime (£2.50) and selection of salads. Sunday papers.


O Hunger Busters Morrison Street. 225 1052. ()rders delivered free of

charge from 5.30—11.30pm on Sun evenings. Pizzas (average £2.90).

Chinese (average £4). plus Italian and Indian menu.

0 Shamlana l4 Brougham Street. 229

5578. 6—1 1pm Indian.

1 o Tex Mex Restaurant 38 Hanover

Street. 225 1726. Until 10.30pm.

. Mexican. plus hamburgers and steaks 7 0 Le Sept 7 Old Fishmarket Close 225

5428. From 2 May the bistro

. (upstairs) will be open noon—3pm. i 6—1 1pm. Good cheap crepes.

O Lancers 5 Hamilton Place.

I Noon—2.30pm.5.30—l1.30pm.