0 Wanted for Mission funds:

used postage stamps (with

Z margin), cigarette coupons.

? trading stamps. Co-op

3 stamps, tea stamps.

: lemonade bottles, gifts for

bingo prizes. Mr William Cameron, 68 Chancellor Street, 334 0414. Holy Mass

offered for all benefactors.


, 0 French Tuition by native speaker. H and O grades and conversation 942 4285. O Violin ‘cello and piano ' tuition, all grades to LRAM j standard. Theory/chamber , music coaching 954 9817. 0 Computer and Maths

tuition, all levels and all ages

i (no computer needed). - Reasonable rates, 0 or H g grades, 334 8065.


i O Painted Etiects on walls,

ceilings, floors.

9 Marbleising. woodgraining. murals etc. 204 1582.


0 Garden Design Tel Claire 556 9891.

o llelpie Carriers Worried about Auntie Edna’s portrait or Father-in-Law‘s delicate sculpture? Look no further. Phone Hamish on 667 3299.

Glasgow, 332 3016.

0 Meet People through Singles Magazine. Order from newsagents, or send £1 to 23 Abingdon Road, London W8 6AH.

Dutill Express repairs and alterations; made- to-measure and STAGEGEAR. 52 St Enoch Square, Glasgow. 221 8878.


: o Datellnk Scotland‘s

I Computer Dating system.

3 In 1986 discover Datelink. ; Free brochure from 4 Royal '_ Terrace, Glasgow 332 3016.



0 Old Clothes bric-a-brac for Bits and Pieces, Sue Rhyder Shop, 26 Barony Street, Edinburgh.

0 Community Circus requires

donations of musical

. instruments and other

equipment. Can collect.

. Ring 229 3287.


2 o Painter a Decorator Free estimates. Tel346 1083.

i. o The Astrology Centre 12

f Chapel Street, Edinburgh. Consultations. Tuition, Books, Gifts, Computer Calculation, Service and Advice. For details contact 031 667 0164.

0 Cakes Home baked for all occasions. Tel Sue Finlay, 667 7384.

do‘T'he‘ List 18 April -'1 May

FEEL GREAT— world‘s leading natural herbal nutritional programme for safe weight loss (30 day money back guarantee) Tel 031 667 7441

O Albion improvements for your home and garden. Woodwork, landscaping etc. Jess Christian 062 081 622.

0 Carte Blanche Couture Original Designs for Cocktail and Evening Wear. Julie Shedden 447 1066, Fiona Graham 229 5917.

O ZYW Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ‘The world’s most celebrated Olive Oil' The Observer. £5 per bottle. £2.75 per 1/2 bottle. 225 1915 or 225 3213.


0 Acting Coach can accept pupils for audition preparation etc, singly or in groups. ()31 225 1987.

0 Italian Lessons Contact Elena 447 2333 (evenings). o Violin Tuition Contact Jan Karel, 6 Sciennes Gardens, Edinburgh, 668 3501.

0 English Literature H Grade and A Level. Tel 226 5228 after 6pm.

0 German Tuition by experienced teacher £5 per hour. Tel Gerry 336 7643.

0 Clarinet tuition Giles Hamilton, 165 Rose Street, EH2 4LS. 225 5481.

0 Pore-work Percussion workshops for children, 7—14 years. Edinburgh Area. Details: 031 553 6539.


o Dateline Works! Many thousands oi happy couples nationwide are prool oi our success. Free details; Dateline Computer Dating, Dept. (351), 25 Abingdon Road, London we EAR. 01 938 1011.


0 PIAF is coming to Smtland. Information: 041 429 2877/031 226 2427.


0 Volunteers wanted for Gorgie/Dalry gardening project. Contact Community Workshop, 204 Dairy Road, Edinburgh. Tel 346 0772.

o Volunteers needed by Friends of the Earth, 53 George IV Bridge. Te1225 6906.

Tl Cate/Gallery to rent in NCWT

Town area for £75 per week including fixtures and fittings. Suitable at the moment for the sale of

coffees, teas and salads.

Te1031 556 8329.

More Vounteers Wanted by Association tor Nonsmokers‘ Rights. Bing or write: 82 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh, 225 8795.

A: Accommodation to let; Courses; For Sale; Holidays & Travel; Property for Sale: Situations Vacant; Vans & Cars.

25p per word. bold 30p.

8: Accommodation Wanted; Announcements; Jobs Wanted; Lonely Hearts; Meetings; Tuition; Volunteer Work.

20 per word, bold 25p.

Box Numbers: £3.50.

Semi-Display 1cm/col: £4.00 4cm/col: £14.00 6cm/coi: £20.00 8cm/col: £25.00

Series discount 10"?


Lineage/Semi-Display: 12 noon Friday preceding publication date. No copy taken by phone.


Only written cancellations

accepted by 12 noon Friday preceding publication date.




All advertisements must be pre-paid by PO/Cheque and advertisers must supply their name and address (not for publication). THE LIST ' reserves the right to refuse. amend, withdraw or otherwise deal with all advertisements submitted to us at our absolute discretion and without explanation. All advertisements must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice and not contravene any regulations or provision ofthe Law for the time being. All Lonely Hearts advertisements should be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope. Telephone numbers are not accepted in this column and Box Numbers must not be used for sending original documents, goods or payments ofany kind, nor for the distribution of circulars. No liability is accepted for the forwarding of replies.


Rates include VAT.


Please print your ad below in BLOCK CAPITALS with one word in each box. Telephone numbers count as a single word. UNDERLINE any words you want in BOLD. Send with Postal Order or Cheque (payable to THE LIST LTD) please write your name and address on the back Classified Ad Dept. , THE LIST LTD, 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH1 lTE. 031 558 1192.


o Datellnlr Scotland‘s

P computer dating system, , Apply in confidence. Free

brochure. 48 Great King Street, Edinburgh 557 2586 and 4 Royal Terrace ,

DISSATISFIED? HELP ME— I need men/women, full/part time HELP YOURSELF— outstanding business opportunity in health and nutritional field HELP OTHERS to lose weight and feel great Tel ()31 667 7441





For office use only:

All advertisements must be pre-paid Classified deadline lor Issue 15 is Friday 25 April, 1986

_, l