WEDNESDAY 7 i Glasgow

i 0 Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo plus 5 Friends Glasgow Society of : Musicians, Berkeley Street. 221

: 6112.8.30pm.


0 Take Three Maxies Bistro. West Nicolson Street. 667 0845. Evening. 0 Charlie McNair's Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. Evening. Elder statesmen of Edinburgh trad scene.

0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening. Dixieland music.

THURSDAY 8 Glasgow

0 Klntone Moir Hall. Mitchell Theatre, Granville Street. 10.30pm. £3 (£1 .50 members). See Mayiest.


0 Brian Keilock Trio Royal British Hotel, Princes Street. Evening. Piano-led group with players occasionally sitting in. Modern.

0 Sue Robertson Maxies Bistro. West Nicolson Street, 6670845. Evening. 0 Spirits oi Rhythm Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening. Edinburgh's main trad jazz venue. Groups every night.

I 0 West End Jazz Band Ailsa Craig

; Hotel. Evening. Mainly mainstream standards.

FRIDAY 9 Glasgow

0 Jazz on Record Glasgow Rhythm Club. Berkeley Street, 7.45 pm. Come and listen. informal talks.

, Edinburgh

' o Gooseberries Henderson’s Wine

bar and Restaurant. Hanover Street. Evening. 0 Melanie D’Reiily and Francis Cowan Carlton Hotel. North Bridge. Guitar- backed lady singer. Mainstream.

SATURDAY 10 Glasgow

0 Bill Fanning Big Band Shadows, Bath Street, 332 0532. Swing music. Lunchtime and all afternoons. 305 and 405 style. 0 Cumbernauld Theatre Lunchtime Jazz in the bar. Tom McGrath and

others. 0 George McCowan Orchestra Daniel Browns. St Vincent Street, 1.30—4.30pm. Jazz from the Big Band era. 0 George Penman Jazzman The Midas. St Vincent Street.

Lunchtime. Traddies. 0 Bobby Wishan Quintet Society of

Musicians. Berkeley Street.

1 Lunchtime. Top Bopper.

0 Jimmy Feighan Guintet with Shelagh

- Buchanan Lorne Hotel. Sauchiehall

Street. Lunchtime.


0 George Roy Jazz Band Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. Lunchtime. Straight trad.

0 Take Three Carlton Hotel, North

12 The List 2 15 May

Bridge. Evening.

0 Tam White and The Dexters Platform One, Rutland Street. Tam with the nine-piece band including

brass section.

0 Alex Shaw Trio Platform One, Rutland Street. Lunchtime. Modern piano-based group.

0 Mike Hart’s Selection Basin Street, Haymarket. Small traditional jazz band.

0 Festival City Jazz Band Old Waverley Hotel, Princes Street. Evenings.



0 Swing '86 Big Band Mayfair Ballroom, Sauchiehall Street. 332 3872. 8.30pm. £2.50. See Mayiest. 0 Black Bull Jazz Club Black Bull Hotel, Milngavie. 8pm. Every two weeks,with guests.

0 Bourbon Jazz Band Beacon Hotel, Park Terrace. Dixieland Band. Lunchtime.

o Ricki Fernandez and Friends The Tron Bar. Tron Theatre, Parnie Street. Lunchtime. Good crowd.

0 T-Zone Nico‘s Sauchiehall Street, 332 5736. Alternate weeks. Lunchtime.


0 Capital Jazz Band Crest Hotel, Queensferry Road. Lunchtime.

0 Texas Funk/Latin/Jazz Club disco bar, above Coasters, West Tollcross. 10pm.

0 Mike Hart’s Syncopaiors Learmonth Hotel, Learmonth Terrace. 1pm. £1. Check 343 2671 for guest details.

0 Tam White and The Dexters Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. Evening. Bluesy


o Basin Street Stompers Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening. Satchmo’s music.

0 Alex Shaw Trio Platform One. Rutland Street. Lunchtime.

0 Delta Devils Maxies Bistro, West Nicolson Street.667 0845. Evening.

MONDAY 12 Glasgow

0 The Cotton Club Jazz Dance Disco Scott Street, 332 0712. 10.30pm—3.30am.

0 Barney Kessei Kelvin Park Lorne Hotel, Sauchiehall Street. 8pm. £5. Also 3pm, workshop, £5. See Mayfest.


0 Swing '86 Malt Shovel, Cockburn Street, 225 6843. Evening. Hot club guitars with clarinet.

0 East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon, Angle Park Terrace. Evening. Straight early tunes and arrangements.

0 Basin Street Stompers Basin Street 5 Bar, HaymarketTerrace. Evening. 0 Delia Devils, Shore Bar, Leith.

5 Evening. Piano boogie, guitar and vocals.

; Glasgow

o Batcheiors oi Jazz Saints and

j Sinners, St Vincent Street. Evening. 5 Trad. Busy.

! 0 Bobby Wishart Group Halt Bar,

l Woodlands Road. Evening. Classy

f sax playing. Blue Note and beyond. i o Shelagh Buchanan Lorne Hotel,

; Sauchiehall Street. Evening. Singer, jam standards with small group.

; o Tam White and the Dexters Moir

Hall, MitchellTheatre. 10.30pm. £3.


«up?! Cheeky chappie John Lydon may be trying to ignore the past these days, but the past iustwon't let him be. Although the tenth anniversary celebrations oi the punk explosion earned nothing but his contempt, he was at the same time

Involved in a courtroom battle to stake

. his claim ior £880,000 worth oi

royalties dating irom his split with the Sex Pistols and their Machiavellian manager Malcolm McLaren. (He

l reportedly ran out oi the courtroom

! clutching the cheque and gloating ‘it’s

1, deiined the Pistois' nihilistic rage,and

{ mine! All minel'). Forthe last iew ? years, the man whose atonal wail

whose early work ior Public Image Limited brought the word avant-garde

I back into the rock vocabulary, has

l spent most oi his time in the States, guzzling beer and taking in the 24-hour

; television, Iobbing the occasional

! gobbet oi spite into the record market. The latest album (entitled Album) sees

. l himiashioningaiorm oi ‘thinking

5 man’s heavy metal' with hit producer j Bill Laswell, legendary Cream and Air

. ForcedrummerGlngerBaker,

Japanese keyboard player Ryuichi Sakamoto, the very best oi heavy rock guitarists (don't just take it irom me— listen to his Zappa and solo work) Steve Vai, and Shankar, the indian electric violinist whose recent credits include albums by Echo and the Bunnymen and Lou Reed. Lydon’s on top again, and it's a change oi tune irom his last British tour, when ideas were at such a rock-bottom low that he recruited a band that were more used to playing Holiday inns and got them to rehash Anarchy In The UK. Now with Album attracting rave reviews (tor a PiL album) we ask, Is he going to be the voice oi the 90s as well?

Edinburgh Playhouse on Sun 11 May, Glasgow on Wed14 May. (Mab)

(£1.50 members). See Mayiest.


0 Swing ’86 Malt Shovel, Cockburn Street, 225 6843. Evening. Hot club sound, but clarinet and sax lead.

0 Melanie O'Reliiy and Francis Cowan Shore Bar, Leith. Evening. Mainstream singer with guitarist.

0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street, Haymarket. Evening. Solid trad band in Edinburgh’s main venue for the early form ofJazz.



0 Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo Pius Friends Glasgow Society of Musicians, Berkeley Street, 221 6112. 8.30pm.


0 Take Three Maxies Bistro, Nicolson Street. Evening. Mixture ofmodern jazz, shifting line up.

0 Charlie Mctiair's Band Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. Evening. Trad/swing band.

0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening. Dixieland.

THURSDAY 15 Edinburgh

0 Sue Robertson Maxies Bistro, West Nicolson Street. Evening. Classic songs with guitarist.

0 Brian Kellock Trio Royal British Hotel, Princes Street. Evening. Young moderns.

O Spirits oi Rhythm Basin Street, HaymarketTerrace. Evening. Straight trad band.

0 West End Jazz Band Ailsa Craig Hotel. Evening.



0 Talk Talk and Keep It Dark Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £5. Ambitious, arty trio, dented the Top 20 a few times with polished, atmospheric pieces. Progressive pop anyone?

0 Screaming Nobodies Hoochie Coochie Club, West Tollcross. 10.30pm. Promising local group who so far haven‘t really been able to get their act together. Encouraged by luminaries like Elvis Costello, Zeke

Manyika and Malcolm Ross. Last single Burger King showed a strange clash of ska and rockabilly.

o Bananarama Outer Limits, West Tollcross. Rescheduled from last week, they‘re doing their spot in the middle of a Shalamar promotion evening. Minus Shalamar, unfortunately.

0 Avalon Jailhouse, Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free. Folk-rock, formerly known as the Medium Wave Band. New LP out.

0 Heart industry Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this lot in the T0p 20 by this time next year. Rabid local following, but