annoyingly derivative of Simple Minds.

0 Camera Shy Mandela Centre, Potter Row. 8pm. Free. Students and guests.

0 Teenage Dog Orgy, An Cat Dubh, Little Big Dig Moray House Union, Holyrood Road. Students and guests.


0 Rue and Cry and State at Play Glasgow University QMU. Glasgow’s favourite singer and piano players might just bring the house down in the same way they did when they last played the OM . . . State of Play are the Eurythmics’ backing band rumour has it that Lennox and Stewart will be there . . . Gary Glitter at Glasgow University GUU. Call it art . . .call itstyle . . .call it tinfoil, it’s the look and feel you only get from Seventies glam hams.

0 Tour De Force Shadows. Rock Music. Free.

0 Bing Hltler The Tron. Bing and Dean (Craig Ferguson and Peter Capaldi respectively) Hitler take over the Tron Bar for the evening. Don’t missit . . .


0 Swing ’86 Warehouse. Kirkgate. In their 14-piece big band guise, an ecelctic jaa combo getting great revrews.

SATURDAY 3 Edinburgh

0 Charge and Makossa Jailhouse, Calton Road. Free. Charge doing their sessions of heavy rock classics, starting at around 2pm, and Makossa, a real crowd-pleaser of a reggae group who do an excellent Hey Joe, at around 9.30pm.

0 Sean and Paddy Clowns, High Street. 9pm. Free. 50s and 605 rock ’n’ roll.

0 Rootsle Tootsie Band Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.


0 Latin Ouarter Glasgow University QMU. Pop polemic from one of the more unusual acts to chart lately . . . and about time too. . .

o Cactus World News Strathclyde University. The hype, the heartache

I and the heavy rock. Cactus World, 5 as I’m sure you all know well by now,

are Irish, reminiscent of U2, The Waterboys and are loved by many. But not me . . .

O JAB The Halt Bar, Woodlands Road. Free.

0 Swing the Cat The Tron Bar. 11pm.

Dunlermline 0 Man at the Window Warehouse,

Kirkgate. Reigae. Edinburgh

C tile and Cry Hoochie Coochie Club, West Tollcross. 10.30pm. Promising popsters from Glasgow. 0 Billy Jones Duke of Wellington, Duke Street, Leith. 8.30pm. Free. Pop/Folk.

0 Small Businessmen Jailhouse, Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free.

Glasgow 0 Jack Jones The Theatre Royal.

l MOR music and high ticket prices.


0 Blues 'n’ Trouble Mucky Duck. ] Edinburgh’s finest blues-rock band giving it a big push at the moment.

MONDAY 5 i Edinburgh , 0 After Eight Mince Jailhouse, Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free. Enjoyable and proficient jazz-funk group, they : usually help the evening go with a F swing. 0 Matrix Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.


. O The Glitter Band Warehouse, Kirkgate. Yes, that’s right, THE Glitter Band. Minus Gary, of


. Edinburgh

0 Simply Red Coasters, West

j Tollcross. 9pm. See panel.

0 Watch With Mother Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Matrix Jailhouse, Calton Road.

9.30pm. Free.

' Glasgow

0 Molotov Cocktalls Panama J ax.

WEDNESDAY 7 Edinburgh

0 Blues ’n’ Trouble King Biscuits,

Absolute Beginners special. 0 The Blazlng Apostles (To be

confirmed). Jailhouse, Calton Road.

9.30pm. Free. Acceptable

Clash-influenced band from

Kirkcaldy, last single It’s So Easy was pretty good. Worth a try, at least.

j Dunlermline 0 Pop Wallpaper Warehouse,

Kirkgate. Promoting their single

. Strawberry Letter 23/Nothing Can . Call Me Back, release ofwhich has . been slightly held up. Skirting

unfamiliar pop territory, you could well find you like it.

THURSDAY 8 Edinburgh

0 Run Big Coasters, West Tollcross.

9pm. £4. Note change ofvenue from The Empire, all tickets still valid.

The celebrated Gaelic rock band,

' whose concerts can be some of the

i wildest celebrations seen outside of a football park.

O Lowllle Jailhouse, Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free. Is it my imagination, or is the standard of Jailhouse acts beginning to rise? I gave this lot’s first album a slagging a few months back, but if by now they’ve managed to whip a bit of themselves into what was a fairly characterless set of

shooting up the spine. It Will Come was one of the sweetest-tasting slabs of vinyl last year. See them.

0 Billy Jones Central Bar, Leith Walk. 8.30pm. Folk/Pop.

; Madisons, Greenside Place. 10pm £2.I 0 Billy Jones The Canny Man’s, ' . Morningside Road. Free. Pop-folk. ' o The Perlstalsls Brothers Boston

Bean Co, St James Centre. 9pm.

Free. Acoustic skiffle-era duo,

recently featured on The Tube’s

0 Still Thinking Preservation Hall, songs, they should be able to put across a sinister power.

0 Blues Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. If memory serves, balding scalps, beards and interminable guitar solos.

0 Billy Jones Lord Darnley, West Port. 9.30pm. Pop/Folk.


0 The Woodentops Rooftops. One of the most wonderful bands to emerge from the indie underground for ages. 0 Research Midas.

0 Billy McKenzie and Paul Nalg Cardinal Folly. A ‘Sugarbeat Presents’ production, which means almost anything could happen . . . still, faded popstars, especially of the calibre of McKenzie are always worth seeing. Buy a ticket early.


O The Crows Warehouse, Kirkgate. The next Psychedelic Furs? Well, destined to sweep America anyway. One distinguished single with a big epic sound already behind them and, apparently, a film soundtrack ahead.

FRIDAY 9 Edinburgh

0 Bio Playhouse, Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £7.50, £6.50. Diminutive Ronnie Dio, once singer of Black Sabbath, and his band. Inverted crosses, skulls and snakes; you know the bit.

0 The Woodentops Hoochie Coochie Club, West Tollcross. I‘m really looking forward to this one. Young, energetic with a capital A (work that one out), acoustic guitarsjoyfully thrashed, a unique musical hybrid and, most ofall, an electric buzz Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Blitz Brothers Jailhouse, Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free.


0 La Paz Shadows.

SATURDAY 10 Edinburgh

0 Blood Uncles Jailhouse, Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free. Their debut 12in is out now and got a Single of the Week in Sounds and a good write-up here. Be prepared for savage snarling, gut-churning guitar, a hint of menace and possibly a good future ahead.

0 Neighbours Like Us and Crushed Ice Mandela Centre, Potter Row. 8pm. Free. Students and guests.

0 AM Band Lord Darnley, West Port. 3pm. 60$ R&B. country, rock, covers and originals. Jam atmosphere. At the moment a couple ofTam White’s Dexters and the Lyceum band playing with them. 0 Sean and Paddy Clowns, High Street. 9pm. Free. 505 and 60s rock ’n’ roll.

0 Fly Boyz Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.


0 Run Big Glasgow University QMU. The unrecognised kings of SCOTROCK, Run Rig are a hoot and a half, combining authentic folk


o towel)“

Tickets available from SHOWTICKE Agents throughout Scotland Other Record Shop. DUNDEE & GLASGOW; Virgin. DUNDEE 8-

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0' Z ‘5 Z Z Si ‘5



§ :6 0 E i ;

os- ‘l‘lli‘. RUM).



lNXS. the popular Allssie rock band. will be playing the lidinburgh Playhouse. (ireenside l’lacc. lb May 7.71th11. This is your chance to be there l‘Rlilil The first two correct entries receiyed will win double tickets. The next two will rccciye albums. Return form below. with answers. to: The List (INXS), 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE.

l.Which Antipodean crooner fronted the Birthday Party and is now backed by The Bad Seeds'.’

2. Which Aussie rock combo had a No 1 single with 'l)own l'nder"?

3. Which musical instrument is Rolf Harris commonly associated with'.’ (Spelt correctly please).

Name Address

1 2 a 3 . i


The List 2— 15 May 13