| l

f Sat 24.4.30and 8pm.£3 (£1). Cones

i play by Joe Corrie which aims to

shake the haggis and heather off

3 Burns‘ independent spirit. Directed by David Hayman (see Feature).

, o Hansel and Gretel Garret Mask and g Puppet Centre, 339 6185. Fri 2-Sat

' 10 May 7pm. Mon 5 May. 10.30am and 2pm. £1 .80. Child £1.20.

Handiworks Puppet Company in a

'_ Centre). Fri 2 and Sat 3 May 7.30pm. ' £1.75 (£1.25). Mime show.

1 Woza Albert Glasgow University.

Modern Languages Theatre, 334

f 6831.7.30pm.£2(£1).New production of an energetic, physical

' play about life in South Africa, seen

- at the Edinburgh Festival a few years i ago.


O Bing HitlerTron Theatre. Bar. Late 7 night (also Tue 20). Veteran ofthe

Tron‘s infamous Gong Nights. Hitler makes a comeback with more of his

3 Company in a new production of a

0 The Mayiest Diary lists both otlicial and Fringe events together by day. They are turtherdivided into 5 categories. NB art and exhibitions 1 running as part of the Maytest can be i lound in their usual place in the i Glasgow art listings.


0 Robert Burns Citizens‘ Theatre, 429 0022/8177. Fri 2—Fri 23 May 7.30pm.

free at door. Scottish Theatre

version for children of the famous fairy tale.

0 The Twins and l Queen‘s Park Baptist Church. 552 5961 (Ticket

comedy. 0 Maytest PartyThird Eye Centre.

' 10.30pm—1 .30am. £1. Fun and frolics . with music from the Styng Rites.


0 Five Jeely Pieces Marybill Arts a Centre. 11 Malloch Street. 945 3W5 i (NB different tel. number to

programme). Fri 2. Thurs 8 and Fri

. lb. 8pm. £1 (50p). Fidget. a new ; contemporary dance group who

appeared at last year's lidinburgli

Festival Fringe. present five pieces. using music from Mozart to Sting

(three pieces choreographed by members of Scottish Ballet ). See Workshops.


0 Robert Burns Citizens‘ Theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£1). Concs free at door. See Fri 2.

o The Lite and Adventures at Thomas Mulr: Part One Tron Theatre. 552 4267/8. Sat 3—Sun 18 May 7pm. £4 (£3). Part One of Peter Amott‘s double drama about the life of Thomas Muir, one of Scotland’s unsung heroes. whose radical views proved too much for the contemporary eighteenth-century authorities. The two, mutually

é different-angled views of his

= 0 Street Entertainment George Square. 12—4pm. Free.

i o Hansel and Gretel Garret Mask and i Puppet Centre. 7pm. £1 .80(£1.20).

See Fri2.

; o Woza Albert Glasgow University

' Although there have been some cruel

independent parts. present

colourful. energetic life and travels round the world. (Part Two covers events on a grand scale in a pageant shown around the East End of Glasgow. (8—18 May).

O The Twins and l Queen's Park £1.75 (£1.25). Mime.

Modern Languages Theatre. 7.30pm. See Fri 2.


0 Swing the Cat Tron Theatre Bar. Late night. SwingJazz Trio. (Also Sat 10. 17 and 24).

o Mayday Dance and Cabaret Banqueting hall. (‘ity Chambers. 7.3(lfor Spm—midnight. £5.

0 Irish, Scottish and Morris Dancing Blackfriars Street. outside Babbity Bowsters. 2—5pm.

o Saltire Society Happening Mitchell Library. Also Sat 10. 3pm. £4. Winifred Freeman (harp) and Lucy Cowan (fiddle). Programme of

.r .‘tjik' §;!i§_.

~>57s’c-_‘~3“..{.\\v£.”-s. - if: A: 2." fir- ; ., V I?“ 1' - . . ' ~

5531-1." «Atfsrllfib w ‘* M A i ‘1'". ' - ‘5 "" .

c .‘.“u‘ ‘H 33"» . Ht“. . t _ «I . u“ ‘5 1. r {i . 1..” 2.2“: 1' . ,1-

4.3% 3’:ny F"? L g.

c0 M M U N acoustic guitar, will perform some songs from his varied repertoire in o Gorbals Maytest Launch support. Cumberland Arcade 2N" 0 Two and Two Matte Sax Babbity 4 Bowster. Blackfriars Street. 552 5055. 3pm. £3. Saxophone quartet TH fingering Bach and Gershwin.

0 Thomas Muir: Part One Tron Theatre. 7pm. £4 (£3). See Sat 3, and Part Two.

0 An Evening at Comedy King’s Theatre. 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). 7.30pm. £4 (£1.50). Robbie Coltraine is the special guest of Red Wedge on their Comedy Tour as he was when they played Edinburgh in

; March. A touch of putting the record Baptist Church. See Fri 2. 7.30pm.

straight, this is Red Wedge‘s first visit to Glasgow. The Comedy Tour is at its best when sending up Labour Party institutions and beliefs— ‘Kinnock, Kinnock' ‘Who‘s there?‘ ‘Derek‘ ‘Derek who?‘ ‘Derek Hatton' ‘Piss off’.


0 An Evening of Comedy King‘s Theatre. 7.30pm. Red Wedge. See


traditional and light classical Scottish '

and French music.

0 The Wellpark Suite The Briggait Centre, Clyde Street. 8pm. £3.50. A commissioned composition by Billy Jackson of Ossian. loosely progammed on the Lager brewing

process and using an extended group

of musicians. The music is based on traditional themes and incorporates electric instruments and rock elements with the harp, bagpipes and strings. Rod Paterson. on


things said in the past about BBC Scotland’s comedy output a lot at critical tongues were stopped wagging with the inception ot Naked Radio. A huge hit both on the airwaves and at the Edinburgh Festival, Naked Radio has a reputation tor being wickedly lunny and sometimes controversial. Undeniany the strongest satirical team ever assembled in Scotland, Naked Radio

can make Spitting image look tlaccld

and their victims in the past have

included Mr Happy and the Scottish

iootball team. As part of Maytest they are recording a special show at the Tron at lunchtime on Wed 7 May. Never content with a static performance, Naked Radio works as a show ratherthan a bland recording,

3 \' " V. .i QATT {V a c

and the atmosphere at the Tron is always good, with the audience loving the mistakes as much as the jokes. The cast have warned that they will have Maytest in mind during the recording so look out tor some punctured, artistic egos. May also sees a new move tor Naked Radio when they become Naked Video for a networked television series on BBC2 beginning on May12. It they prove as popular nationally as they have been in Scotland, Britain may soon have a worthy successor to Not the Nine D’Clock News.

0 Tron: Wed 7 May, 1pm (audience must be seated by 12.50pm). Tickets tree trom Tron. Recording broadcast on Sun 11 May, Radio Scotland 12.30pm. (Graham Caldwell)

l swinging with Glen Miller and l ragging Scott Joplin. ,


0 Two and Two Make Sax Babbity Bowster. 16—18 Blackfriars Street, 552 5055. 3pm. £3. A young saxophone quartet playing the music i ofGershwin. Glenn Miller. Scott Joplin. Bach et al.


0 Poetry Readings: Mariscat Press Third Eye Centre. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. 2.30pm. £2. Poets Robbie Kydd, Brian McCabe, Carl MacDougall and Edwin Morgan, all published by Mariscat Press. read selections from their most recent work.


0 Children's Concert People‘s Palace. Winter Gardens. 2.15pm. Free. Not

so much a concert; rather the Black

Box Puppet Theatre present their Circus with clowns and ringmaster (rod and Marionette puppets). Fun famin show Runs 1 hour approx.


0 May Day Procession. 12.30pm. Assemble George Square

0 May Day Rally and Concert. Marquee on Glasgow Green. 2.30pm

0 Busking . . . The Briggait Centre, 72 Clyde Street, 552 3970. 12.30-4pm, including The Vagabonds, Fidget Dance Theatre, Five Jeely Pieces. Busking in the more organised meaning of the word . . . informal performances throughout the afternoon. Free.


o Folles, Mes Amours Mitchell Theatre. 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). Mon 5 and Tue 6 May 8pm. £4.50 (£1.50). Lo Teatro de la Carriera from France in a colourful recreation ofthe French music-hall traditions. In French (see panel).

0 Robert Burns Citizens‘ Theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£1). Concs free at door. See Fri 2.

I Hansel and Gretel Garret Mask and Puppet Centre 10.30am, 2pm and 7pm. £1.80(£1.20). See Fri 2.

0 Nosferatu Drama Centre, 552 5827/4. Mon 5—Sat 10 May 8pm. A new stage version by Jon Pope of the _ classic horror story, inspired by the 1922 German film.

0 The Rocky Horror Show Pavilion Theatre. 7.45pm. All seats £2 today. The stage version of the sweetly transvestite cult movie.


0 Late Fest Moir Hall. 10.30pm—1am. £3 (£1.50) (Late Fest, 5—23 May. Mon—Fri 10.30pm—1am;

Sat9.30pm—midnight). Robbie

The List 2— 15 May 19