Coltrane , Smith, Helen Lederer and Band.

0 Tommy Tedesco Glasgow Guitarfest, Kelvin Park Lorne Hotel. 334 4891. 8pm. £5. One of the top players in the world.

s Accompanied by a local trio.


: 0 Opening Event The Dowanhill Centre, Four Acres Charitable

Trust, 93 Hyndland Street 339 9407

, To be announced.

0 Derek Jannan In Perspective

5 Caravaggio (18) (Derek Jarman UK

1986) 93 mins. Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, 332 6535. 8pm. £2.20(£1.50). Special preview followed by director Derek Jarman

talking about his newly released and much publicised film, winner of the

i 1986 Silver Bear at the Berlin Film

i Festival. See Feature and Film




? o Folies, Mes Amours Mitchell

Theatre. 8pm. £4.50 (£1.50). See Mon 5. Robert Burns Citizens’ Theatre.

3 7.30pm.£3(£1). Concs free at door. See Fri 2.

O Plai King‘s Theatre, 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). Tue 6—Sat 10 May

' 7.30pm.£4.50,£3.50,£2.50(concs ' half price). TAG Theatre Company

bring Pam Gem’s highly acclaimed

: play about the legendary French 3 singer and her world to Glasgow.

0 Thomas Muir: Part One Tron Theatre. 7pm. £4 (£3). See Sat 3 and Part Two.

0 Terrestrial Extras Tron Theatre, 552 4267/8. Tue 6—Sun 18 May 11pm. £4 (£3). Return to the Tron of Um and

§ Eek (alias Marcella Evaristi and

= Elaine Collins), two creatures from outer space, who visit Washington , USA, as ‘ordinary’ males. A

comedy, by Marcella Evaristi, that

was a great success at last year’s

. Edinburgh Festival.

E o A Day Down a Goldmine Glasgow Arts Centre, 221 4526. Tue 6-Fri 9

May8pm.£1.50,£l (UB405 free).

George Wylie’s Fringe First Award

winning hunt for nuggets of truth in the company of his scul?tures (see panel). 0 Hansel and Gretel Garret Mask and Puppet Centre. 7pm. £1.80 (£1 .20). See Fri 2. O Nosteratu Drama Centre. 8pm. See . Mon 5. o The Rocky Horror Show Pavilion Theatre. 7.45pm. £3.75, £3.50, ? £2.75. See Mon 5.


0 Late Fest Moir Hall.

10.30pm—1am. £3 (£1.50). Lo Teatre de la Carriera, Liz Lochhead, Miles and Arthur of Merry Mac Fun Co, Siroccan Jazz.


o The Glasgow llovel National Book League, l5a Lynedoch Street (off Woodlands Road), 332 0391. 7.30pm. £1.50 (or £4 for 3 events: see

20 The List 2- 15 May

Rab Handleigh, Elaine C.


E Commercial Road, Gorbals. Tue 6. ; Wed 7, Thurs 8 May, 2—4pm and 7-9pm. Free. Drama workshops run

teenagers these sessions are totally open to any age. It doesn‘t matter


0 Derek Jannan in Perspective


= Community Central Halls, Maryhill

' 9111)4—6pm (probably, check with

: venue).Also Wed 7 & Thurs 8 May.

. Free. Steps Out, the educational arm 1 workshops for men and women

' (from approx age 12 upwards no ' limit) in contemporary dance. No

‘I told Terry Wogan not to drop my specs because that bleeding cow

3 pensioner, known locally as the Bard oi * ; words.

1, 68 year-olds read poetry on a lloodlit cabaret stage wearing a gold lame

i with Eric Lindsay, author of Brond l l l l

'" i Fifi. " If. 5 7.1-» (can: I 3.! f‘ . s- .‘

x f. ~ '_ pa. “e 3.153} . . a ~ 4 VS“; ;;.‘;??3;#sx”'-h ‘. :‘l m 3 f; a" f“ 'i '53:: ' - "_”,l‘_':"'. ‘L' ti. " f. ' this"; Y’fi?‘¢.-:;:i;r. .zxsig.'i7‘-:‘75:79.3:13¢».159'fiu-Sw5133:: ~ ~ «w 3| wed 14 and Tues 20 May), movement will be taught and then

inooporated into dance sequences to

be combined into a performance to

be given on Fri 9 & Sat 10 at Maryhill

Community Central Halls.

0 Dance Classes and Workshops

Dowanhill Centre, 93 Hyndland

Street, 339 9407. 6—10 May daily

class 10 am. Rehearsal leading to

performance Sat 10 May. 8pm at

; above venue. Small entrance fee.

Must attend all week. £10. Ring 357

1450. Rotating Dancers (Scotland) '

are a company of two former '

members of Scottish Ballet and

1 Dance Umbrella. They are very

active in Community Arts projects and offer here contemporary dance

classes open to anyone (any level)

: interested in building up to a show

which they will put on at the end of the week. The rock band ‘Rattling

Cage” will be providing the music.

0 Open Door Drama Workshops Adelphi Education Centre, 12 Commercial Road, Gorbals. Tues 6 - Thurs 8 May, 2—4pm, 7—9pm. In another venue, Sat 17 & Sun 18 May, 10—12 noon & 2—4pm. Free. The Scottish Youth Theatre are offering open workshops to anyone. however inexperienced. Wear loose clothes that you can move about in, and soft—soled shoes.


0 A Slight Hitch Drumchapel Community Centre 7.30pm. Trestle Theatre Company whose highly successful productions make use of masks, in a comedy about ‘nuptial bliss,” O Porridge TV Househill Community experience necessary. Some Centre 7.30pm. A comedy casting a


Douglas Gifford chairs a discussion on the theme of the Glasgow Novel

and Moira Burgess .


0 Open Door Drama Workshops Adelphi Education Centre, 12

by the Scottish Youth Theatre. Although they usually work with

how little experience you have - but wear loose clothes which allow lots of movement and soft-soled shoes.

The Angelic Conversation (PG) (Derek Jarrnan UK 1985) Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, 332 6535. £2.20 (£1.50). See Film listings.

0 Dance Workshops with Steps Out Ruchhill Community Centre, 67 Bilsland Drive (Eddie Aitken, 946 8161) 4—6pm. And Maryhill

Road, Maryhill (Derek Iggo 332

of Scottish Ballet will be giving open

Maggie won’t give me another pair’. The East End’s most notorious

Stepney, is not a lady to mince her

Gladys McGee is well aware that iew

trouser suit. ‘l’m one oi those old ladies who do strange things on the spur oi the moment,‘ she warned me, as we sat down to a strong cup oi tea in her council ilat oti Brick Lane. Although Gladys has always lived in the East End, ltwas not until she became a widow 13 years ago, that she began writing poetry about her lite, past and present. She joined a local 3 w community workshop, the Basement ' " ”' " Writers, quite undeterred by the tact perform! 38 3 0081- Buyinc he? 90” that she was nearly halt a century older outfit tor £1 in Watney Street market than everyone else there, : was the turning point. Gone are the In her writings she vents her anger at dais When women were Chained '0 all the things which have let her matching accessories, and Gladys down - rotten potatoes, uncomlortable takes an aflafcmc denim in her . shoes, tuny TV sets. However, her SHOCKIOD Pink, 9'88" 8M1 mantle ; most biting attacks are aimed at lazy SOCKS. 5 g bureaucrats, lat MPs who preach about ' Gladys M0688 - Writer's WorkSlIOD ; t tight belts, and ‘the big bad wait, 12 May 7-30Pm~CaSt1€milk j l Social Security Community Centre; 13 May 7.30pm, ; l Much oi the appeal oi herwrltlng lies Camus Place Prolcct: 14 May East

l in its delivery, ior Gladys is as much a End Writers' Group.

jaundiced eye over television generally, by Half a Cast Company. 0 Some Way To Go Barlanark Community Centre 7.30pm. Red Heads Theatre Co. in a black comedy by Peter Mullan about Michael Quinn. a young working-class contemporary.

j Workshop on Wed 7 at 2pm.


o Writer’s Cramp MitchellTheatre,

552 5961 (Ticket Centre) Wed 7—Sat : 10May7.30pm.£3.50(£1.50).

Norderline Theatre Company in the play that set John Byrne on the road to fame: his comedy about the painter-poet Francis Seneca McDade’s troublesome career.

0 Robert Burns citizens‘ theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£1). Cones free at door. See Fri 2.

0 Plat King‘s Theatre. 7.30pm. £4.50, £3.50, £2.50 (cones half price). See Tue 6.

0 Thomas Muir: Part One Tron Theatre. 7pm. £4 (£3). See Sat 3 and

Part Two. , O Terrestrial Extras Tron Theatre 11pm. £4 (£3). See Tue 6. 0 Naked Radio Tron Theatre. 1pm. Free. See panel.

0 The ZOO Story Dowanhill Centre,

339 9407. Wed 7—Fri 9 May 8pm. £2 (£1). Big Dog Theatre Company in Edward Albee‘s play.

0 A Day Down a Goldmine Glasgow Arts Centre 8pm. £1.50. £1 (UB40 free). See Tue 6.

O Hansel and Gretel Garret Mask and Puppet Centre. 7pm. £1.80 (£1 .20). See Fri 2.

o Nosferatu Drama Centre. 8pm. See Mon 5.

O The Rocky Horror Show Pavilion

; Theatre, 7.45pm. See Mon 5.


0 Late Fest Moir Hall.

10.30pm—1am. £3 (£1.50). Vicious

Boys and Blues ‘n' Trouble.

i o Ossian, with Jim Reid Winter Gardens, People‘s palace, Glasgow

Green. 7.30pm. £3. presented by the

j Glasgow Tryst. Sponsored by TennantCaledonian Breweries.Top , 9 Scots/Celtic Folk band and Dundee g singer/guitarist and concertina i player.


0 Roman Rudnytsky (USA) Henry Wood Hall, Claremont Street, 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1.50). As the name might suggest. this American pianist is originally from Ukrania. In a special Mayfest recital his programme includes

: Beethoven‘s E flat Sonata Op 31. No

3, Schumann‘s Arabesque Op 18 and Prokofiev‘s Sonata No 7 in B flat Op



0 Phase Two Scottish Ballet Centre. 261 West Princes Street. 331 393 l. Wed 7. 'l'hurs 8 and Sat l0 7.30pm. £3.50 ( £1.50). Scottish Ballet‘s new Studio Theatre is used here for its

first performance - the new