Puppet Centre 7pm.£1.80 (£1.20).

5 See Fri 2.

7 0 Nosferatu Drama Centre 11pm. See Mon 5. O Billle's Blues Drama Centre. 552

- 5827/4. Fri 8 and Sat 9 May 11pm. Rees Gallacher and Iain Alexander tell the life of Billie Holliday through the songs she sang.

o The Rocky Horror Show Pavilion Theatre 7.45pm. £3.75. £3.50. £2.75. See Mon 5.

O The Unicycle Queen‘s Park Baptist Church, 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). Fri 9 and Sat 10 May 8pm. £1 .50 (£1). Alternative view ofthe ‘mystery cycle‘ plays.

0 You Gotta Be Kidding Glasgow University Modern Languages Theatre 7.30pm. See Thurs 8.


.The Little Mahagonny Tron Theatre Bar. Late night. (Also Sat 24). Brecht and Weill‘s mini-version for cabaret oftheir full length opera Mahagmmy performed by Scottish Opera Chorus.

oLate Fest Moir Hall. 10.30pm-lam. £3 (£1 .50). Bing Hitler. Magic Bob

I and Denise Black and The Kray

: Sisters.

0 Saltire Society Happening Mitchell Library. 3pm. £4. See Talks/Poetry Fri 9 May.

0 Dick Gaughan McLellan Galleries, Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1.50) Scotland's most powerful and moving interpreter of life. history and politics into song.

0 Capercalllie with Guests Peoples Palace. Glasgow Green. 7.30pm. £3. Young band from the Oban area, very accomplished and with a superb singer in Karen Mathieson.

0 Dan Ar Bras Babbity Bowster. Lunchtime. From Brittany, Allan Stivell‘s guitarist. Brittan lunch included. £5.50.


o Theatrum Humanicae Scottish Ballet Centre. 261 West Princes Street. 331 2931. Fri 97.30pm. Sat 10 2.30pm. £3.50(£1.50). Triple bill of dance theatre from the new and exciting Scottish Dance Theatre group.

0 Transitions Glasgow Arts Centre. Fri 9—Sun l 1. Dance weekend (including performances).


0 Love, Poetry And Song Mitchell Library. Kent Road, 221 7030. Saltire Society Happening. Fri 9, Fri 23 and Sat 24. 3pm. £4. Edith MacArthur and John Shedden will be reading from Scottish ballads and love poems. Music by Patricia

MacMahom (soprano) and Lindsay

, Sinclair (harpsichord and piano).


o Pollok Community Circus Garthamlock Community Centre.

22 The List 2 15 May

. Ida- ,‘ :4. l- .(“~'c,l , ' '2 . .. 3.. Cay?!" r‘.‘ _._‘ ‘1‘”??? I t. . .. a:

o Hansel and Gretel Garret Mask and l Redcastle Squar€~ 774 0681 o 7-30Pm-

; .g in" .,

50p and 25p. Lots ofclown skills. including tumbling. acrobatics. juggling. unicycling and stiltwalking. Audience be prepared to be involved!


0 Dance Weekend (workshops and performance), with Transitions

Glasgow Arts Centre, 12 Washington Street. 221 4526. A weekend ofdance with workshops every day and a performance every night at 8pm. Workshops: Fri 9 May 5.30pm & 10May 2—5pm. Sun 11. Ham—12.30pm. Fri 9 May, Lecture

and Demonstration. Sat 10, Junction .

19 8pm (Glasgow Arts Centre class group), Sun 11 8pm, Transitions in performance. £5 for weekend or separate tickets for some events.


O A Slight Hitch Carlibar Community Centre 7.30pm. See Tue 6.

0 Some Way To Go Drumchapel Unemployed Workers Centre 7.30pm. See Tue 6. Also workshop on Mon 12 at 2pm.

0 Pollok Community Circus Garthamlock Community Centre 7.30pm. 50p (25p). Clowning, acrobatics, stiltwalking. unicycling - you name it, they do it. Produced by Tina Calder and Robin Thomson, formerly of Spangle Children‘s Circus.


o Writer's Cramp Mitchell Theatre 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1.50). See Wed 7. 0 Robert Burns Citizens’ Theatre 7.30pm. £3 (£1) Concs free at door. See Fri 2


I -'- ‘w .. 5" J.‘ «:1. “4:3; r. .v r. j x {51‘ f .1 r, ,3 ' ' '5'.“ "-"”'i‘.':" 3." ‘1’.“fo ' ‘v i -Y, VI (Vt) ' ‘- . H' .- " :21.» ._l e in ' r. . \ «a W- [v . (1" g , 3 :n s '. _

7.1-” g f ,., -; t -

N.\.s}_-‘ _‘. I

0 Black Flowers Third Eye Centre 7.30pm. £3 (£2). See Thurs 8. o The Brown Paper Bag Brothers Third Eye Centre 10.15pm. £3 (£2) See Fri 9, also 2.30pm £2 (£1). Special family version.

0 Plaf King‘s Theatre 7.30pm. £4.50,

v £3.50, £2.50 (cones half price). See

Tue 6. 0 Thomas Muir: Part Two George

Sqare. Approx 12.30pm. Free. See

Thurs 8 and Part One.

0 Terrestrial Extras Tron Theatre

11pm. £4 (£3). See Tue 6.

o McGrotty and Ludmllla Tron

Theatre, 552 4267/8. Sat 10, Sun 11, Sat17,Sun18May2pm.£4(£3).

Return of the Tron‘s successful

production of Alasdair Gray’s comic political pantomime about an _ uncharismatic Scot, McGrotty, in ; Whitehall and the havoc he wreaks

when he gets hold of the most secret

document in the world.

0 Street Entertainment George Square 12—4pm. Free.

; o Hansel and Gretel Garret Mask and Puppet Centre 7pm. £1.80(£1.20).

See Fri 2. O Nosferatu Drama Centre 8pm. See


O Blllle’s Blues Drama Centre 11pm.

See Fri 9.

o The Rocky Horror Show Pavilion Theatre 7.30pm and 10pm. £3.75, £3.50, £2.75. See Mon 5.

O The Unicycle Queen‘s Park Baptist Church 8pm. £1.50 (£1). See Fri 9.


0 Swing the Cat Tron Theatre Bar. Late night. See Sat 3. 0 Late Fest Moir Hall. 9.30pm—midnight. £3 (£1.50). Denise Black and The Kray Sisters. plus War Cabinet.


Remember when BBC comedy used to introduce itseltas “Not the . . . ’? Well, without being at all Auntie-ish, Rose English is a bit like that.

She introduces laughs from the minute her six foot body assaults the stage, so quintessentially not the English rose. Yet her name is her own, and she sticks by it, puzzled by critics who call her ‘horse-like‘.

She has taken other roles however. The former Leeds Poly arts student has donned a tut and bower boots, turning herself into a surprising balletic tour-de-iorce. Or she has covered her equine features with masks in order to make herself attractive to the opposite empty corner of the stage. English’s love-life literally goes through a new stage on every performance of her tour.

Off stage she is giggly and enigmatic. on it, she is Mona Lisa on speed - hilarious, but disquieting. ‘l’m not interested in giving people a fright, but lam interested in engaging with them

as an audience,“ she says. You, the

audience, mayor may not become part

of the act. There again ‘you’ have

5 already been designated comedy. The shows title is ‘Thee, Thy, Thou and

5 Thine,’ a series of almost synonyms, ; ‘familair,yetunfamiliar'.

Afeminist, Rose is Iikelyto pose

; some mocking questions on what is

woman. She will also address a

collective ‘you‘ of men and women. An 3 admirer of Tommy Cooper, Rose is

E reluctant to be labelled as just

? eccentric. ‘I‘m very unpolarised—l like

the traditional and the avant garde.’ Her new show is, forthe first time, a two-hander, co-starring Richard

, Wilding, a stooge with a difference.

The absurd comedienne is planning ‘a good night out' for Glaswegians. ‘l'm not didactic, but not pandering either.’ She is a dark horse,out of mind, perhaps, but by design. Third Eye Centre. (Stephanie Billen).


0 Glasgow Orchestral Society Henry Wood Hall Claremont Street. Tickets at door. 7.30pm. £2. On the Fringe of Mayfest this local amateur orchestra perform the St Anne Prelude and Fugue by Bach in its marvellous arrangement by Schoenberg. Orpheus by Liszt.

i Wagner‘s luscious Siegfried Idyll and

the Lyric Symphony by Zemlinsky. DANCE

0 Phase Two Scottish Ballet Centre. 7.30pm. £3.50(£1.50). See Wed 7. o Theatrum Humanicae Scottish Ballet Centre. 2.30pm. £3.50 (£1.50). See Fri 9.


0 Doug CockerThird Eye Centre, 350 Sauchiehall Street, 332 7521. 3pm. Free. Doug Cocker will be talking about his work exhibited in the Third Eye Gallery 1,2 and Foyer (Sat 3-Sat 31 May). See also Exhibition.


0 Clown Around With Andy! Queen‘s Park Baptist Church, 180 Queen’s Drive (50 yards off Pollokshaws Road). 11am. 50p. Bringa hat and be a clown! Try your skill on stilts, juggling, mime, make-up and this is your chance to try out a unicycle! All ages.


O Street Entertainment George Square. Noon-4pm. See Sat 3.

0 Derek Jannan in Perspective Sebastiane (Derek Jarman UK 1975) and Jubilee (18) (Derek Jarman UK 1977) Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, 332 6535. 2pm. £1.80 (£1). See Feature and Film listing.

0 Busklng . . . The Briggait Centre. See Sat 3 May. Today, Billy’s Blues,

; Rees Gallaher‘s Billy Holliday

' interpretation.

0 Craft MarketThe Dowanhill Centre, Four Acres Charitable Trust, 93 Hyndland Street. 2pm. Stalls. Tel 339 9407


o Cruel Wedding (UK 1982 75 mins) and

0 Blood Wedding (Spain 1981 72 mins) (Saura) Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, 332 6535. 7.30pm. £2.20 (£1 .50) (+ 20p because BBC film). The GET is showing a double bill related to the Lorca events. Cruel Garden , conceived by Lindsay Kemp and inspired by Lorca‘s life and work is choreographed by Christopher Bruce (who also stars) and is

impressively danced by the Ballet

Rambert. Made by BBC.8100d Wedding, which was Lorca’s first major play, is a ruthless piece about infidelity.

0 Busklng . . . The Briggait Centre (see Sun 4 May). Today Sirens Female, a cappella band.


0 Dance Workshop Glasgow Arts Centre. 2—5pm. £5 for weekend. See Fri 9 May.