PZAZZ, Royal Exchange, Glasgow. Srnce It opened rn 1980 Pzazz has won a reputatron lor berng one of the best venues for a party in the city. ThlS can largely be attrrbuted to the rnsplred gurdance of owner Paul Joseph. Pzazz rs an ideal place to let the good umes roll because managers John Maclean and John Brambles see to II that the organrsauon rs hrghly effrcrent and surlably relaxed, at the same time. The mrrrored decor, and excellent sound and Irghttng systems make Pzazz a hrghly charged yet unpretentious ntght spot. It offers a wrde SBIBCIIOH of drrnks, rncludrng Stella Anors, and rs avarlable for prrvate partres only durrng the week but open to all comers at the weekends.

HICKORY'S. Miller Street, Glasgow. Hrckory's, one

of Glasgow's newest bar/ restaurants is firmly commit—

ted to offerrng old world standards. And It's a formula

whrch rs succeeding. Whrle other restaurants Increasrng~

ly use microwaves to bash out burgers, Hrckory's rnsrst on usrng therr own smokrng oven. Thrs produces burgers where the frllrng rs sealed wrthln the meat Itself, rather than jUSI slapped on top. The result; srgnrfrcantly better flavour. Hrckory's also offer excellent lunchtrme fare wrth a wrde range of wonderful mexpensrve homemade pres. Hrckory's boasts the wrdest selectron of forergn beers rn Glasgow, not least amongst whrch rs Stella Anors. Vrsrt soon and drscover better value, better umes.

PEACHES, Bath Street, Aberdeen. Compact yet surpnsrngly spacious; open and yet surtably romanuc, Peaches rs perhaps that elusrve, perfect night spot. The decor rs a subtle combrnauon of srmple, stylrsh chrome seaung, nch vrvld carpetrng, srrlkrng neon, mrrrors and smoked glass. The overall effect rs effortless, up-tempo elegance. Wrth one of the best lrght shows rn the north and a drsc lockey who rs never shon of good Ideas. Peaches guarantees to provrde a strmulaung nrght out, rn the best possrble company. When you consrder that Peaches offers an Impressrve array of drrnks draught wmes,sprrrts,Whrtbread,Heineken andStellaAnors at very reasonable prrces; you could hardly ask for more.