LATOUR, Main Street, East Kilbride. Latour, the recently opened bar/brstro/restaurant rn Easr Krlbrrde's Mam Street rs a truly cosmopolrtan undenakrng. Chrnese owner Tommy Pang has developed a fully rnternatronal llavour lor Latour's by ollerrng French brasserre style decor, 3 Turkrsh Chel and Greek cursrne. To complete the astonrshrngly global appeal of the place customers can choose from a wrde range of lrne champagnes, MooseheadCanadranbeer,andtheBelgranrnasterprece Stella Anors. You'll hnd the menu offers Greek fare as well as currres, steaks and a wrde varrety of snacks whrch are served all day durrng openrng hours. There's a lot of space, good servrce and prrces are very reasonable.


CALDWELLS, Farmeloan, Rutherglen. Caldwells rn Farmeloan Rutherglen rs the lrvrng proof that small rs beautrlul. In a very Irmrted area owner Danny Hughes has managed to create a bar that has a lor of character. A rarsed, sectroned oll seated area offers these eatrng a haven from the pleasant general hubbub ol the rest of the bar. A very well appornted bar helps to grve Caldwells a relaxed lrrendly atmosphere. Thrs bar has an excel— lent reputatron for rts cheap and appetrsrng lunches. Customers can choose from a wrde range of pub lare the pres and przzas are partrcularly recommended. As drrnks are also very reasonably prrced rt's easy to under stand why Caldwell's rs developrng a loyal lollowrng.

CARRIAGES, Crown Street, Aberdeen. If you have ever found rt hard to analyse what makes a good bar great you'll find it even harder at Carrrages because a great bar It certainly rs. Perhaps rt rs something to do wrth the subtle lrghtrng, horseshoe shaped bar and sportrng prrnts. Then agarn rt mrght be the enterprrsrng manage— ment, the varlety of clrentele, or the engagrng smrles and helpful attrtude of the bar stall. Carriages doesn't rely on grmmrcks, rust geod food, good drrnks and good management. Thrs rs a deservedly popular bar wrth an excellent small menu and a good range of wrnes, beers and sprrrts. In short, rt rs an rdeal spot to drop rnto for a prck-me—up or a long, relreshrng glass of Stella Anors.