.t 2"» . d’ <91" T;§U_jd I an“: “:3‘3. . J ~ ~ ; ~ a a .‘ t I! r. g ‘-'i M a A. .3. a , r“ x t- t z. . :. . L “3:! f“ a. .'.. 3,} ‘1. v- ._‘ ,3. h" u h ,3 . <-.‘é§é:‘y ’3',“ . ' A 7v 2:} 1.5:. r N! Pity, . j... . f 7'. f: g. w Iheatre 2.30pm.£1. SeeTue 20.

performance but likely to be livelier than usual in Mayfest. Included today, The Southside Brass Band, acoustic blues band The Crawford McCullum Trio and harp duo, Sileas, from Edinburgh. Free.


O D Group 4 Dowanhill (‘entre. 7.30pm. See Mon 19.


0 Music Hall Memories The National Book League, 153 Lynedoch Street (off Woodlands Road) 332 0391. 7.30pm. £1.50 (or£4 for 3 events: see also Tue 6 and Wed 14). Jack House talks about his works on Glasgow and his new book, Music Hall Memories (Richard Drew Publishing) the publication of which coincides with his 80th birthday


o Priesthlll Puppet Group Househill Community Centre, 80 Househillwood Road, 881 8083. 7.30pm. 50p (25p). Marionette puppets, Floppy the Clown and pop puppets in performance. The amateur group, based in Glasgow has been established for about six years and tours both Scotland and Europe.

0 The Llle and Times at Wee MacGreegor Geoff Shaw Centre, Kerrylamont Avenue, Toryglen. 7.30pm. £1 (50p). See Mon 12.

o Priesthlll Puppet Group Househill

Community Centre 7.30pm. 50p (2513)


0 Derek Jannan In Perspective Caravaggio (18) (Derek Jarman UK 1986) 93 mins. Glasgow Film Theatre. 6pm & 8.30pm. £2.20

(£1.50). See Film listings and feature.

0 Dance Workshop with D Group 4 Dowanhill Centre. 10am. See Mon 19 May. '

o Workshops in Music and Dance Penilee Community Centre. Free. See Mon 19 May.

0 Gerry Turvey Mime Workshop The Garret, Mask and Puppet Centre 39b Otago Street, 339 6185. Tue 20 and Wed 21 May. Two-day workshop 11am—1pm and 2-4pm for both days. 12 places only book in advance. Gerry Turvey (in performance at above venue Tue 20 and Wed 21 May, 7.30pm) is the only feminist mime artiste in the north of England. She has come up from Leeds for this festival and will be giving a two-day workshop on some mime skills.


0 Some Way To Go Tormusk Tenants‘ Hall 7.30pm. See Tue 6. Also workshop on Wed 21 at 2pm.

0 Walkin’ Alter Midnight Jarvey’s Bar and Lounge 8pm. A tribute to Patsy Cline from her songs, performed by Madelaine Taylor.

0 Wee MacGreegor Geoff Shaw Centre 7.30pm. See Mon 12.

0 Gold In The Streets John Mains Centre 7.30pm. See Mon 19.


0 Gold in the Streets Mitchell Theatre

552 5961 (Ticket Centre) Wed 21 and

Thurs 22 May 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1 .50). Charabanc Theatre Company from Belfast. (See panel and Community).

0 Prince Peter’s Sticky Adventure Mitchell Theatre 11am. £1.

0 The Circus Comes to Town Mitchell


7;? ( ‘9} "_'¢ 1 ’,n T .58 . , _ .r‘( a a.. w J. r it; .14 —" ' _ _r“:€§gn\e\3‘_ - ' "a, 4‘ I" Pederde

One oi the most unexpected best-sellers at late has been “The Patter' by Michael Munro. A dictionary and guide to the language oi Glasgow, it has been a runaway success and is now the inspiration behind a Maytest show. ‘llameldaeme’ or “The Patter’ sets out to retlect the lives and loves ot the people ol Glasgow, and director Hamish Wilson Is at pains to point out that it is not designed to poke tun at the Glaswegian tongue, but attempts to

show the vlvacity, scope and beauty of the language although Wilson says it is

‘not a turgid or a lunereal piece.’

The cast at six: Tony Roper, Mary nggans, Wilma Duncan, James MacPherson, Jenniier Black and Robert Trotter will present an ‘anthology’ oi pieces by people like Liz Lochhead and Leonard Duinn as well as American writer, Lawrence Ferlinghetti whose work, although set in San Francisco, translates wonderlully into Glaswegian. With the recent discussion prompted by Billy Kay’s ‘The Mother Tongue' series as demonstrated on the letters page oi the Glasgow Herald, the show looks set to be both timely and popular. ’I hope they’ll leave having had a laugh,’ says Wilson, “but having had otherthlngs too. Maybe not moved literally to tears, butcerlalnly having had a tingle in the spine.’

0 Third Eye Centre: Fri 16 and Sat 17 May, 10.15-11.30am and Sun 18 May 8—9.15pm. Tickets £3 (£2.50). (Graham Caldwell)

0 Robert Burns Citizens‘ Theatre 7.30pm. £3 (£1). Concs free at door. See Fri 2.

O Tartulle King‘s Theatre 7.30pm. £4.50, £3.50, £2.50 (concs half price). See Mon 19.

O Erchle Kelvingrove Park Bandstand 8pm. See Mon 19.

0 Emma, Emma Red and Black Glasgow Arts Centre 7.30pm. £2, £1. See Mon 19.

0 Hollywood Daze Garret Mask and Puppet Centre, 7.30pm. £2.50 (£2) See Tue 20.

0 Some Way To Go Drama Centre 552 5827/4. Wed 21 and Thurs 22 May 7.30pm. The Redheads in a black comedy by Peter Mullan about Michael Quinn and his experiences in contemporary working-class Glasgow. (A comedy workshop will be given by Peter Mullan on 23 May from 2-4pm).


0 Arnold Brown and Oscar McLennan Tron Theatre Bar. 8pm. £2.50, £1.50. (Bar closes 7.30pm). One-night only appearance from the successful comedy duo.

0 Late Fest Moir Hall. 10.30pm—lam. £3 (£2.50). The Millies, Arnold Brown, Charabanc and the infamous Jessie Rae.

O Whistleblnkles Peoples Palace, Glasgow Green. 7.30pm. £3. See


b . ‘K .. a: ', 4‘ - “a

“Mi”. tu‘I-z‘; '-. . r - ‘1‘.’~‘. . v . . ‘3 ’1 «gig. :I .. \1 g. ., _ 'v- ‘I " n


‘. . . it’s enormousfun . . .’ Glasgow Herald

LYCEUM STUDIO THEATRE, EDINBURGH Mon 28th April Sat 3rd May, ’86. 8pm.

Tickets from ROYAL LYCEUM BOX OFFICE Tel: 031 229 9697 MITCHELL THEATRE, GLASGOW ‘MAYFEST’ Wed 7th Sat 10th May, ’86. 7.30pm. Tickets from TICKET CENTRE, CANDLERIGGS Tel: 041 552 5961 041 227 5015/5038 (c.c.) KING’S THEATRE and MITCHELL THEATRE TRON THEATRE, GLASGOW Tue 27th Thurs 29th May, ’86. 8pm. Tickets from TICKETRON Tel: 041 552 4267/8


0 D Group 4 Dowanhill Centre 7.30pm. See Mon 19.


o Pollok Community Circus Dennistoun, Slatefield Street. 6pm. Free. See Fri 9.

o The Lile and Times at Wee MacGreegor Drumchapel Community Centre. 2pm. £1 (50p). See Mon 12.


0 Derek Jannan in Perspective Caravagglo(18) (Derek Jarman UK 1986) 93 mins. Glasgow Film , Theatre. 6pm & 8.30pm. £2.20 (£1.50). See Film listings and


0 Dance Workshop with D Group 4 Dowanhill Centre. 10am. See Mon 19 May.

0 Workshops in Music and Dance Penilee Community Centre. Free. See Mon 19 May. ; 0 Drama Workshop Tormusk ! Tenants’ Hall, Scarrel Drive, Castlemilk (Rick Davidson 634 2408). 2pm. Free. See Wed 7.


o Wee MacGreegor Drumchapel Community Centre 2pm. See Mon 12.

0 Nothing Without Work? Assemble Govan Cross at 8pm. A history of

Theatre Company

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