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, GLASGOW Actlvmes & Fun OOOLPHIN ARTS CENTRE 7 James Street, Bridgeton 554 7449. . Community Arts Centre. open to all (with priority to the Bridgeton area) offering a wide range ofclasses for children and adults. The Centre‘s Youth Theatre production of The Life and Times of Wee MacGreegor is being performed during Mayfest. See Maytest. 12 May. 0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street 221 4526. Enquiries Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm. Opening times Mon-Fri 9am-10.30pm, Sat 9am-2pm. Sun 5 1-5pm. Resourceful and active arts 5 centre offering classes. projects. exhibitions and performances. Membership £3 children. Family membership £6 (£3 where parents unemployed). Drama Tuesdays 4-6pm Anderston Children’s Theatre After school workshops for primary school aged children. Newcomers welcome. Fridays 7.30-9.30pm Youth Theatre Open to anyone up to 16 years. Drama group working towards performances (most recently The Incredible Vanishing at the Centre). 0 GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane, 5 Hillhead 339 4298 Calley Kids Club 2-4.30pm 50p. All children welcome (3-14 years). Games. cartoons. raffles, prizes and adventure serial. ‘0 HAGG'S CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive, Pollokshields 427 2725 Saturday activities 2.15pm Free activities for children . usually based on old-fashioned pastimes which are lots of fun. No booking. 3 Sweet Making Sat 3 May (4-7 years) ; Victorian Entertainments Sat 10 May " (7-9 years) Charades and quizzes. 0 iNSECT ZOO Dolphin Arts Centre. 7 James Street 554 8486 Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (times are flexible) Telephone first. Contact Gordon Irvine. Inspect an insect - lots of hairy and interesting examples.


The Natural World oi Haggs Until 22 June. The 16thC castle was built on ‘haggs‘, ie marshes. Here examples are shown of the natural wildlife that inhabit or used to inhabit the area including deer, heron. fox and otters (now almost extinct in Britain) on loan from the Natural History Dept. CetJdeinsrove-

Mary Queen of Scots Mary‘s dramatic and tragic life is made accessible through lots of activities for children including dressing up and playing musical instruments.

LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road, Milngavie 956 2351.

Exhibition of Children’s Art Until 3 May. Last chance to see the results of the hard work which the children (aged 7- 14 years) put into their Saturday morning art classes at the gallery.

0 HUNTERIAN MUSEUM University of Glasgow. Hillhead Street. MrWood’s Fossils Until 1()June. See Maviest. Kids Exhibitions.



The Glasgow Arts Centre Chamber Orchestra (9-15 years) Sat 10 May 1pm. Free. Baroque music from Germany and Italy by the talented youngsters from the Children‘s Music Project at the Arts Centre.

For KIDS events and activities in Mayfest, See Mayiest.

available on request.

0 THle SATURDAY CLUB Thins Bookshop, 53-59 South Bridge, 556 6743. Sats 10-11.30am. Free to children of all ages. Puzzles, quizzes, competitions, games and stories.


OThe Thirteenth Member Mollie Hunter (Canongate £1.80) (age 11+) A strong and exciting narrative in which two children become reluctantly involved in the dark and forbidding world of witchcraft and

, treason. 16thC Edinburgh becomes

ominously evocative.

o The Boy irom Sula Lavinia Derwent (Canongate £1.80) (age 8+) A gentle well-told tale about a boy from the island of Sula made

; engaging by its characterisations of i the locals, from the eccentric and

loveable Duke to young Alastair’s imaginary but wise and far-sighted friend, Avizandum.

o The Sassenaeh Helen B McKenzie (Canongate £1.80) (age 10+) A whisky-running racket in the

; Scottish highlands provides the dangerous framework within which

i the villagers scheme and plot to

, outwit the authorities. For Elspeth,

§ disparagineg nicknamed ‘The

~ Sassenach’, it becomes her chance to

; the countryside in Fife. the story of


OCANONGATE TOLBOOTH MUSEUM 163 Canongate. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Closed Sun. Free.


Activities & Fun

OCOMPETITION: The Art at the Architect City Art Centre . 2 Market Street 225 2424 ext 6650 Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Closed Sun. Free. Young visitors to the Art of the Architect exhibition have a chance to make designs on a house of their own. The competition. for children up to 16 years. is to draw or paint a home they would like themselves. Prizes are in 5 age groups. plus a prize for the most original entry. Closing date 24 May. Further details from venue. O GATEWAY EXCHANGE 2 Abbeymount 661 0982. Every Saturday afternoon (2-4pm) free activities for children of all ages. Activities vary each week. from feeding the ducks followed by painting, to puppet-making. printing, clay modelling and outings. 0 NATIONAL GALLERY The Mound 556 8921 Living oil the Land Until end June. Downstairs. For older children. A selection of the gallery’s paintings grouped into sections (eg ‘Tatties and Kail‘) to illustrate country life in 19thC Scotland. A wide range of artists and styles includes James Howe’s Skirling Fair pictures (the artist's home village) with the locals feasting amongst stallions and sheep! Free activity packs and guides

; before July to see this selection of

j delightful toys from the Museum of Childhood before the new museum opens in its re-furbished premises in

% 1v Bridge 225 5584 ; Today's Family Until 3 May. Mon-Fri ; 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-1pm. An

I looks at the image of the family, plus the winning paintings from a

prove her worth. 0 Robbie Emil Pacholek (Canongate £1.60) (age 8+) Set in the 19505in

Robbie and his grandfather verges on the sentimental without ever write convincing.

Art, Laughter and the Bright Eyes of Children Until end April. Last chance

the High Street on 22 July 1986. eCENTRAL PUBLIC LIBRARY George

exhibition prepared by the Scottish Council for Single Parents which

children‘s competition on the theme

of ‘My Family’. 0 CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street, 225 2424 ext 6650 Mon-Sat 10am-5pm Closed Sun.

Cadbury’s National Exhibition of Children's Art 1985/6 Until 16 May. ‘Children are natural image makers’ according to the judges of this exhibition which aims to encourage their creative talents and allows entries on any subject in various media. The range and talent ofthe work exhibition is truly remarkable. Don’t miss it.


OFILMHOUSE 88 Lothian Road 228 2688. Junior matinees. Under 15 years 80p. adults £1 .

The Slipper and the Rose Sat 3 May 2pm. Bryan Forbes (U) UK 1976128 mins. Cinderella the musical! A strong cast - Gemma Craven, Michael Hordern, Edith Evans, Margaret Lockwood and Richard Chamberlain - but essentially uninspired.

From 10 May all tickets will be bookable in advance for a trial period and all tickets will be £1 .

The Care Bears Movie Sat 10 May 2pm. Arna Selznick. (U) USA 1985 75 mins. With the voices of Mickey Rooney, Harry Dean Stanton. Hugely popular. but over-sweet adventure for bears.

O REGAL North Bridge Street, Bathgate 0506 630 869. Sat matinees 2pm. 30p child and adult. Selected programmes from the Children‘s

Film Foundation. includes a feature, ;

cartoons and a serial.


0 BRUNTON THEATRE Ladywell Way, Musselburgh. Box office 665 3711 ext 229.

Poles Apart- A Magnetic Adventure ior Children Wed 7—Fri 9 May. 10am and 1.30pm. £1. The Molecule Theatre of Science for Children. founded

1967, aims to close the gap between

art and science in an accessible and lighthearted way through theatre. In this production. by Clive King, directed by Josephine Wilson. two children find the mysterious Lode Stone and how it is surprising loaded with unexpected magnetic powers. It leads them on to many

; exciting adventures.

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