o This section aims to provide a review at every iilm to be seen in central Scotland over the next tortnight. For programme times see Individual

cinema listings.

U - Universal, suitable tor all ages. PG - Parental Guidance suggested as

some scenes may be unsuitable tor younger children.

15 - No-one under the age or 15


18 - lib-one under the age at 18

admitted. it - New Release. 0 Absolute Beginners ( 15) (Julien Temple. UK. 1986) Eddie : O’Connell. Patsy Kensit. 108 mins. 1 Exuberantly kaleidoscopic musical about the long hot London summer of 1958. Edinburgh: Odeon. Glasgow: ()deon. Strathclyde: ABC Kilmarnock o The Angelic Conversation (PG) (DerekJarman. UK 1985) Paul Reynolds. Phillip Williamson and the voice ofJudi Dench. 81 mins.


arman turns his painterly

sensibilities to a meditation on

j desire. matching a reading of 14 Shakesperean sonnets with a succession ofgrainy. generally homoerotic images of ‘people I like in places and spaces that I like‘.

0 Back to the Future (PG) (Robert Zemeckis. US. 1985) Michael J. Fox. Crispin Glover. Lea Thompson. 116 mins. Expertly cast. wittin scripted time-travelling Oedipal fantasy adventure. A worthy crowd pleaser. Glasgow: Rio. Strathclyde: Kelburne. Rialto. 0 Blood Wedding (U) (Carlos Saura. Spain. 1981) Antonio Gades. 72 mins. In a Madrid dance studio rehearsals take place for flamenco staging of Lorca‘s drama. Confined to a stark studio and without any reliance on props. the mesmerising physical presence of dancer Antonio Gades and his expressively choreographed company make this compellingly and unexpectedly absorbing. Glasgow: GFT

o The Body Snatcher (PG) (Robert Wise. US. 1945) Boris Karloff. Bela

Lugosi. 77 mins. Edinburgh in 1831

is the setting for this loose but

: atmospheric version of the Burke

and Hare story with Karloff as the

, grave robber supplying specimens to


a desperate physician. Edinburgh : EU Filmsoc

36’The List 2— 15 May


O The Border ( 18) (Tony Richardson, US. 1981) Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel. Valerie Perrine. 108 mins.

Dour, decent drama distinguished

only by the star power of the ever watchable Nicholson. Edinburgh: EU Filmsoc

o Brewster's Millions (U) (Thornton Freeland, UK 1935) Jack Buchanan, Lili Damita. 84 mins. Reputedly lively version of the oft-filmed farce about a playboy who stands to inherit a fortune but only if he can successfully dispose of£1 million within two months. Edinburgh : Filmhouse

O The Bridge (Bernhard Wicki, W Germany. 1959) Folker Bohnet. Fritz Wepper, Michael Hinz. 100 mins. In the dying moments of the Second World War a group of adolescents. mere schoolboys, are drafted into the German army as a last resort to counter the Allied advance. Their task is to defend a

fun remains very much his own. Caravaggio is the product of a rich painterly sensibility, constructing an ecstatic Chiaroscuro landscape and meditating upon the transient beauties of form and movement that often go unnoticed. and as such it is an important effort in the British Cinema‘s struggle to haul itselfout of the slough of its own realism. A work ofcareful. but not embalming. refinement. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

o The Care Bears Movie (U) (Arna Selznick, US, 1985) Voices of Mickey Rooney, Harry Dean Stanton. 76 mins. A full-length adventure of the cuddly bears from this land of care-a-Iot whose aim is to foster friendship throughout the world. A worthy task handled with glutinous aplomb.Edinburgh: Filmhouse

0 Le Cercle Rouge (15) (Jean-Pierre Melville. France. 1970) Alain Delon. Bourvil. Yves Montand. 150 mins. A well-known villain wants to get rid of his partner and sets a

E complicated plot in motion to do so. A splendid cast contribute some fine underplaying in Melville‘s precise

and controlled study of his favourite

bridge over the Rhine and the futility Edinburgh; ABC. Glasgow; ABC

ofthe action is unrelentingly depicted in this moving anti-war film. Glasgow: German Cine-Club o Brier Encounter (U) (David Lean. UK. 1945) Celia Johnson. Trevor Howard. 86 mins. A bored housewife drifts into an affair with a local doctor. who eventually gets a job abroad. thus sundering the relationship. One of the cinema‘s great love stories. it works so affectingly because of the mass of domestic detail and the background

ofshabby train stations. Even today.

it seems so right. The performances couldn‘t be bettered. Edinburgh; EU Filmsoc

0 Cal (15) (Pat O'Connor, UK, 1984)

Helen Mirren. John Lynch. 102 mins. Impossible love in sectarian Ireland with an award-winning performance by Mirren. Strathclyde: Haldane Film Society

0 Car Trouble (18) (David Green. UK. 1985) Ian Charleson. Julie Walters. 93 mins. Lamentable

British farce of the woes that beset a

bickering suburbanite couple when

hubby trades in the old Citroen for an E-type Jaguar. Steer clear of this unworthy vehicle for two stars who are far from their best. Glasgow; ABC (Clarkston Road). Strathclyde; Odeon Hamilton

0 Caravaggio (18) e(Derek Jarman, UK, 1986) Nigel Terry, Sean Bean. 93 mins.

With a little more money than he usually has to play with, Derek

J arman has not succumbed to turning out another middlebrow biopic. but made a film which, in its visual artistry and impish sense of


1 i

milieu. Edinburgh: French Institute

(NB Unfortunately no subtitles).

o Clockwise (PG) (Christopher Morahan. UK. 1985) John Cleese. Alison Steadman. 97 mins. A pathologically‘punctual headmaster is chronically late for an important conference. Basically a one-joke farce this is an enervated vehicle for Cleese’s incisive comic timing the film's raison d’étre and saving grace.

Sauchiehall Street. Cinema. Strathclyde;Kelburnc.Ria1to

0 Le Corbeau (PG) (Henri Georges Clouzot. France. 1943) Pierre Fresnay. Pierre Larquey. Micheline Francey. 93 mins. A series of poison pen letters disrupt the rustic calm of a small French village. Suspenseful account ofa true story later Americanized by Otto Preminger. Glasgow: French Cine-Club

0 The Cotton Club ( 15) (Francis Coppola. US, 1984) Richard Gere. Gregory Hines. Bob Hoskins. 128 mins. Movie stars. molls and murderers interact in this expensive and loving recreation of the famous prohibition watering hole. Gere is lifeless but Hines shines. Glasgow: GET

0 Crimes 01 Passion ( 18) (Ken Russell, US. 1984) Kathleen Turner. Anthony Perkins. John Laughlin. 107 mins. Ken Russell‘s debunking of the American way of sex is an uproariously black satire where moonlighting meets dildo-packing clergyman meets ordinary guy who sometimes pretends to be a Human Penis. A strident and courageous piece of film-making in that it casts men as the oppressors, this will arouse fierce opinions in anyone strong enough to take it. Turner and Hopkins excel. Edinburgh; Odeon 0 Cruel Garden (PG) (Lindsay Kemp, UK, 1982) Christopher Bruce. 75 mins. A BBC production ofa piece by the Ballet Rambert, inspired by the works of Lorca and fusing his life with his fictions in a remarkable spectacle powered by some virtuoso

choreography. Glasgow: OFF

0 A Day Out (Stephen Frears. UK 1972) Anthony Andrews. Brian Glover. 50 mins. Lyrical BBC play, from an Alan Bennett script about the idyllic summer Sunday excursion of a Halifax cycling club in Edwardian England. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

o Defence ot the Realm (PG) (David Drury. UK. 1985) Gabriel Byrne. Denholm Elliott. 96 mins. A Fleet Street hack stumbles onto a far-reaching conspiracy of murder and deceit that stretches to the heart ofthe Government. Incisive politcal thn'ller that both stimulates and entertains. Glasgow; Salon

0 Detective (15) (Jean-Luc Godard. France, 1985) Nathalie Baye, Johnny Hallyday. Jean-Pierre Leaud. 98 mins. See Panel. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Glasgow: GET

0 The Devil is a Woman (PG) (Josef von Sternberg. US. 1935) Marlene Dietrich, Cesar Romero, Lionel Atwill. 82 mins. In 18905 Seville a fascination with the beautiful and alluring Concha Perez is the downfall ofmany a good man. Sumptuous. hypnotic directorial tour de force. Edinburgh: Filmhouse 0 Easy Rider (18) (Dennis Hopper. US. 1969) Dennis Hopper. Peter Fonda. Jack Nicholson. 94 mins. Artless. archetypal ‘road movie‘ in which two dope-loving bikers travel the highways and by-ways of America. Dated. low-budget feature with Nicholson memorable as a booze—drenched, straitlaced lawyer who is persuaded to join up for the trip. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 Echo Parit (15) (Robert Dornhelm. Austria. 1985) Susan Dey. Tom Hulce. Michael Bowen. 90mins. Dey is a waitress who is really an actress. Bowen is a body-builder convinced he’s the next Schwarzenegger and Hulce is a closet composer who moonlights as a pizza delivery man. Such is the blend of fantasy and reality in the lives of three showbiz hopefuls in a rundown Los Angeles suburb.

Pleasant. low-key study of modest charm and gentle wit. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Ghostbusters (PG) (Ivan Reitman. US, 1984) Bill Murray. Sigourney Weaver. Rick Moranis. 105 mins. Wildly overrated comedy; sparsely humorous. repetitive and top heavy with special effects. Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road.

0 The Girl in the Picture (15) (Cary Parker, UK, 1985) John Gordon-Sinclair, Irina Brook, Rikki Fulton. 91 mins. See panel. Edinburgh: Odeon. Glasgow: Odeon

O Goin’ South (15) (Jack Nicholson, US. 1978) Jack Nicholson, Mary Steenburgen. 108 mins. Nicholson studied the work of Frank Capra and Preston Sturges before embarking on this wild comic western about an outlaw saved from the lynch mob by a timely marriage to spinster Steenburgen. A jolly jape performed with lip-smacking relish by the star. Edinburgh: EU Filmsoc.

o The Gospel According to St Matthew (U) (Pier Paolo Pasolini,