o The Open List is a tree listings service ior all cultural, educational, political and other events that do not lail into The List's other listings categories. Please send details not later than 10 days belore publication date.


0 Tibetan Meditation— Samye Ozong 1416 Dumbarton Road. G 14. 954 8692. Lama Ganga. a Tibetan Lama will be giving meditation instruction on Friday evening. Sat and Sun. Attendance can be for part or all of the course. payment on a ‘whatever you can afford‘ basis. Contact Samye Dzong for more deails. times etc.


0 Weekend Borders Cycling SPOKES (Lothian Cycling Campaign) are organising day and weekend rides for the summer. The first one in the Borders is from the 2nd to the 5th. covering 40—50 miles a day and staying at youth hostels. For further information ring Harry Henniker on 229 6274.

SATURDAY3 Edinburgh

0 T‘ai Chi Weekend The Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5438. 10am—5pm Sat and Sun. £15 (£10 [31340 ()AP) per day. Jim Griffin will be teaching the Wu Form. Saturday is for beginners and Sunday for those with some experience



0 Basic Massage Class 128 Byres Road. (312. Six evenings. 8—10pm. £24£12. Instruction by Ian Holland,

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vintage and modern appliances and a Pipe Band leaving Waterloo Place at 10am, heading lor Lauriston Place Fire Station via Princes Street and Lothian Road. There will be a commentary on the vehicles at 2pm loliowed at 3pm by a Grand Draw, and at 3.30pm by a demonstration oi the Brigades

readiness to deal with a major

incident. Also present will be Radio

Forth, plus games, stalls, lood and drink, and children will be able to ride

; on Fire Engines.

- Meanwhile at Tollcross Fire Station, ; there is a display oi modern appliances, and also exhibited is a ‘snorkel’ (a hydraulic platform) and a ‘scoosher’. At 1pm the tour Watches will be competing to prove who’s the best at rescuing people and putting out lires in the Inter-Watch Challenge

334 5846 to book.

0 Ongoing introductory Meditation Class Glasgow Buddhist Centre, 329 Sauchiehall Street. G2. 333 0524. . v, H 10.30am. This class runs every ' ' . $292: . .. - TUCSda-V morning and is SPCCifiCal'Y The Fire Brigade will be showing off its aimed at unemployed People abilities in Edinburgh on Saturday 3rd, Edinburgh and aimingto raise moneylorthe

AIDS. , anon Phone Line 558 . Burns Unit at the Royal Hospital lor 0 n am y . 1167-7—10Pm- Every TuesdaY- SM Children at me same "me’ as "an Race, and then demonstrating how to

at its Open Day. WEDNESDAY 7 The day starts oil with a parade ol :ggisomeom W11“ a turntable Glasgow

0 introductory Meditation Course

have influenced the evolution of I Kirkgate Community Centre. Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329

Astrology‘s philosophical base. 7.30pm. Speaker and slides. Sauchiehall Street. G2, 3330524.

Four consecutive evenings at 7.30pm 9

Edinburgh Glasgow THURSDAY 8 0 History oia Glasgow Tenement l 0 Glasgow Vigil Against Trident Glasgow Theosophical Society. 28 Great King ' Buchanan Street Precinct/Argyll

Street. 7.30pm. 75p. A talk by Mary Chalmers organised by the Astrological Association of Scotland.


i Street Corner. 6—7pm.


0 Trident and the Nuclear State- . Public Meeting The Queen‘s Hall, Clerk Street. 7.30pm. Free.

0 Ongoing lntoductory Meditation Class Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. 3330524. 10.30am. Runs every Thursday morning, aimed specifically at

uncmpmyw pCOplc' 2 Organised by SANA and sponsored

G'asgow j by EDC,the speakersare Duncan

b h "A i T i I Campbellofthe New Statesman, and m "'9 . Glasgow Vig 93 "st rdem Russell Fleming ofthe Alternative

Buchanan Street Precinct/Argyll

0 Weekend Retreat on Buddhist Street Comer. 64pm

Meditation The Salisbury Centre. 2

Employment Study Group. 0 Edinburgh CNO Ceilidh Wilkie

Salisbury Road, 667 5438. 4 I House. Cowgate. 8.30pm—12.30am. 10am—5pm Sat and Sun. £12 per day. . £2/£l. With Portobello Ceilidh Band. . £20 for weekend. Mindfulness of Glasgow i breathing insight. meditation 0" o Mayday March and Demo to Glasgow 3 .

kindness and compassmn- Led by Green Meet George Square 12 noon. 9 Edlnbllfgh

the Venerable Ajahn Tiradhammo,

. . Organised by Glasgow District senior monk at Harnham Vihara.

Trades Council. SpeakerJohn Prescott MP. Stalls, Children's

7 o Apartheid and the Bomb Edinburgh CND. 11 St Colme Street. 7.30pm.

12 Corner and Concert at the People‘s 14

Glasgow Palace- i Edinburgh

0 The Philosophy oi Astrology l 0 Nuclear Energy—the pros and the Glasgow Astrology Group. 17 8 i cons Morningside Peace Group, The Queens Crescent.7.30pm. £1. A talk 1 I u g ! Open Door,420Morningside Road. i

by Gerald Cummins on the many different strands of thought which

0 Oxlam's ‘iiungrylor Change’ 10.30am. A talk by Dr John Taylor. Campaign Leith Peace Group. 5 0 Festival Against Fowler 2pm: Rally

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