i 0 Report (STV) 6.3(F7pm. As a

prelude to the regional elections of 8 5 May Caroline Dempster investigates

; whether local government still has a role to play. i 0 Kenny (STV) 7.30-8.30pm. Profile

of Kenny Dalgleish featuring comment from his footballing peers and behind the scenes footage of the

5 build-up to a big match at Anfield.


o The MacomberAffalr (Channel 4) 3.25—5.05pm. Hemingway's short story The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber is brought to the screen with some skill in this 1947 tale ofa fraught odyssey through British East Africa. On safari Joan Bennett scarcely conceals her contempt for cowardly husband Robert Preston and begins to flirt openly with manly hunter Gregory Peck . . .

0 field in Trusl(Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Diana Rigg continues her thorough cataloguing ofNational Trust properties with a look at Haddo House. Pitmedden Garden

i and Castles ofMar like Drum.

Crathes and Craigievar.

0 An Early Frost (STV)

10.30—12. 15am. A successful young lawyer and closet gay is diagnosed as having AIDS. The reactions of his immediate family range from heartbreak to revulsion as his mother and grandmother are supportive whilst his father offers only rejection. Elsewhere he faces bigotry, prejudice and open hostility.

Timely, award-winning American TV film featuring a powerhouse cast of Aidan Quinn. Ben Gazarra. Gena Rowlands and Sylvia Sidney. 1985.


o The Campbells (STV) 4.30—5pm. Second part of the Scots-Canadian

3 soap. Dr Campbell faces personal

and professional worries and must countenance the possibility of emigration.

0 Man-Made Famine (Channel 4)

7. 15—8. 15pm. Last year Glenda Jackson went to Ethiopia at Oxfam’s request to campaign for their fact-finding tour. Now she presents

3 this programme on the causes of

famine and what can be done. She says, ‘Pictures of famine in Africa have become familiar to television viewers all around the world. But what television news doesn‘t have the time for is the causes of famine. If you think, as I did. that famine is due mainly to natural causes like

some List22— 15 May



drought you'd be wrong. For twelve months, a team ofjournalists and researchers from New Internationalist magazine has been

' investigatingthe causesofhungerin

Africa. They have discovered some neglected causes causes which . unlike drought. could be tackled right now.‘


o Scapa Flow 1919 (Channel 4) 7—8pm. On 21 June 1919 the High Seas Fleet of the Imperial German Navy sank in Scapa Flow. Orkney as a result ofself-inflicted wounds. All

told 10 battleships. 5 battle cruisers. 5 light cruisers and 32 torpedo boats

were lost.

This well researched documentary covers the historical background to this hollow gesture of a proud nation. Competently told the

programme comes alive through the

testimony ofeye-witness survivors. 0 Missing (STV) 10.20pm—12.35am. Based on a true story this brilliantly

' orchestrated film tells of a true-blue ; middle-aged American father who

visits a volatile Latin American

3 country in search of his missing son. Dismissing the claims of foul play as

the neurotic outpouring ofhis liberal daughter-in-law he slowly faces the horrible truth that his government have engineered a right—wing coup and are probably guilty of his son‘s murder. 1981.


o Scotland's Regions—The Way Ahead

(STV) 8—9pm. 8 May is polling day

for thousands of Scots as they elect 524 councillors for nine regional and islands‘ councils. Tonight's studio-based discussion allows community councillors and community representatives to

cross-examine leaders ofthe political

parties on their plans for the regions. 0 Ladies in Charge (STV) 9—10pm. First of a new series based on the Universal Aunts ‘help‘ agency set up after World War One.


0 European Cup Final (STV) 7.05—9. 10pm.

: o What a Way to Run a Revolution 1 (STV) l()pm—midnight. Musical ; extravaganza first performed

theatrically at London‘s Young Vic

theatre in 1985 and now transmitted j to coincide with the 60th anniversary ofthe General Strike. Writer David

Benedictus has used the Hansard

Parliamentary Reports of 1926 and

1 other contemporary sources to devise a musical about the strike and ' its consequences for the miners.


0 That’s Hollywood (STV)

1040—1 1 . 10pm. Continuation ofthe i over-generous telly celebrations of

1 Gregory Peck‘s 70th birthday with a salute to the man that includes clips

from The Omen. 12 O‘Clock High

. and The Boys from Brazil.

0 How Scotland Voted (STV) 11.1()pm—12.35am. Results and

§ analysis of the regional elections with pundits pronoucing on the public‘s verdict on the current

government‘s record. STV cameras will cover the counts at Meadowbank and the Scottish Exhibition Centre.


g 0 Jazz in the Afternoon (Channel 4)

2.35—4.30pm. Two choice programmes for devotees - Born to

. Swing captures the richness of the

Count Basic Band from the early days of Swing until the 1970s whilst


BBC Scotland makes its big bid for street credibility on 6 May when the first part of the rock music programme FSD is broadcast. Standing for Full Scale Deflection, the title derives from . known for its music content and F80 is an audio term meaning something like 1 an attempt to redress the balance. The

‘off the edge.’ FSD is a series of six half-hour programmes, each of which will feature three live bands, news, interviews and videos. Director Ken


programme does not exist for charitable reasons, it is the Intention to give time to purely Scottish bands who have not yet hit the Big Time, “We

wouldn't have Big Country for example,’ he said. The programme will have no presenters or talking heads but interviews will be conducted by our very own Andrea Miller, David Belcher of the Glasgow Herald and freelance writer Tim Maguire. Those involved behind the scenes of FSD have spent many of the last months searching

: through thousands of demo tapes and

l attending every concert they could

i before picking the 18 bands who will

I perform on the programme. MacGregor

1 says that BBC Scotland has never been

programmes are recorded in front of a

i live audience —tickets are free and can ' be obtained by writing to FSD, BBC Scotland, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. The first programme is on 6 May at 10.55pm on BBC1 and features Hipsway, Fruits of Passion and Kick Beachon.

(Graham Caldwell)

On the Road with Duke Ellington includes performances of Satin Doll, Sophisticated Lady. Take the A-Train and Mood Indigo.

0 Well Being (Channel 4)

1030—1 1 . 15pm. Based on the assumption that our health is a condition of both our physical and mental well-being ie whether we have a job. decent accommodation etc. the programme No Income, High Risk follows a group of Glaswegians through their day.


o Scotsport Cup Final Special (STV) 2.30pm. Coverage of the Hearts v Aberdeen clash.

0 Escape from New York (STV) 10.30pm. Taut 1981 Futuristic adventure from director John Carpenter. Kurt Russell stars.


o The Deep (STV) 7.45pm. Water-logged adaptation of the Peter (Jaws) Benchley bestseller. Compensations exist in the sex appeal of Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bisset in a wet T-shirt (not at the same time). 1977.


0 Cuairt M’un Ghaiahlig (STV) 3.30—3.35pm and 12.35—12.40am. Each day STV presents two five minute sessions designed as a beginner‘s introduction to the Gaelic language.


0 Star Trek if -The Wrath of Khan (STV) 8—10pm. Best of the Trekkie feature films as it stays closest to the flavour of the original TV series.


On Being a Judge Mon 12. R4 11.30am Judge James Pickles gives some insight into the mind ofa serving judge and debates his role with offenders and a criminologist. Controversial Bavarian playwright Franz Xaver Kroetz is the subject of a Piers Plowright documentary Splli Mllli Sun 4. R3. 5.15pm, an illustrated examination of Kroetz’s work. His play Through the Leaves, Fri 9, R3. 9.30pm had its British stage premiere at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh last year, then played at the Edinburgh Festival and the Bush Theatre in London. This BBC Radio Scotland production with Maureen Beattie and Gregor Fisher is directed by Marin Imrie. Brian Matthew presents Round Midnight Thurs 8, R2, 11pm from Stratford upon Avon, where the Royal Shakespeare Company are opening a new theatre and this week also sees the British premiere of Arthur Miller‘s Elegy for a Lady. Tues 6, R3, 9.50pm.

Groundswell Wed 7. R3, 7.45pm investigates how best to deal with nuclear dumping, investigating deeper burying in Sweden, a grimly topical issue at a time of the reported Russian nuclear accident and the Dounreay enquiry.