0 Old Tyme Music Hall - Eighty Glorious Years! King‘s Theatre. Leven Street. 229 1201. £2.50 (£1.50) includes a glass ofwine. Clive Dunn tops the bill in an evening ofold fashioned Edwardian and Victorian songs and sketches. melodrama and music. Prizes will be awarded for the best period costume. .

0 Copper Woman Salisbury Centre. CANCELLED.

o The Bouncing Czecks Assembly Rooms, George Street. 8pm. £2.50 (£1.50). Opportunity for a sneak preview of the Czecks' new show which promises to wow them at this

; year’s Edinburgh Festival as their

previous shows have done in the past.

0 Festival of Talent Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 7pm. A showcase of local talent promoted by Edinburgh Federation ofCommunity Centres from Disco Dancing to Drama. from Rock to Jazz. and Exhibitions.


0 Once Workshop for Women 60 The Pleasance. Information: Patsy 556

3341. Michele 228 1669. 4.15—5.45.

Free Lynne Denton of Axis Dance company takes the class. A Women Live event.

0 Spring Ross Open Air Theatre. Princes Street Gardens. 225 2424 ext

1 6623. 3pm. Free. Lothian Youth

Dance Company. Also at Portobello

. Town Hall. see Fri 30 May.

' wonos

2 0 Women Live 60. The Pleasance. _ 2pm. Free. An afternoon with Jessie

Kesson, presented by Women Live.


o Women-Live worksnops and Women’s Party 60 the Pleasance.

Information: 554 9986. 556 3341. 228

1669. Free. Allwomen welcome.

'- Creche.

Artl(1.30am—5.30pm. Michele Gunn.

i 'Faces of Women‘ making masks. faces. images. No previous training " or skill necessary. Bring a mirror. or

any images ofwomen you like

loathe/identifywith’wonderabout. Wear old clothes or an overall.

Materials provided.

1 Imagining 10.30am—12.30pm.

Dreaming and fantasy. see under

Friday. f Massage 12.30—1.3()pm.

Introductory. See under Saturday. Clowning and Juggling l—me. An introductory workshop.

Assertiveness 2—4pm. With Laila

Kjellstrom. An introduction to assertiveness training using tapes and slides. It won‘t teach you to win arguments but it does help you to communicate more effectively and feel better about yourself.

Dance 4.15—5.45pm. All abilities. A chance to try out a number of dance steps with an experienced tutor. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Women's Party 8—1 1pm. 1n the


" .. 3 '. ’- 4..>>‘." I Pleasance Bar. Music from Sheila Cameron and others.


0 We Are Frank Chickens Assembly Rooms. George Street. Mon 26—Tue 27. 8pm. £2.50(£1.50). Unorthodox humour. where West meets East. in a cabaret act that packed them in at last year‘s Edinburgh Festival.


o Meadows Festival The Meadows. 10am onwards. Free! The Festival opens today and runs till 1 June with stalls. events. open air theatre.


o Meadows Festival. Lots of fun for the family stalls. fancy dress. puppets. theatre. Full details from Crosswinds Community Centre. Tollcross 2290321.

0 Corstorphine Youth Drama Group Craigmount High School Theatre. Craigs Road. Free.


0 Emma, Emma- Bed and Black Assembly Rooms, George Street. Tue 27—Fri 30. 8pm. Sat 31. 9pm. £'. (£1). A new play by George Gunn about the American revolutionary.

Emma Goldman, presented by United Artists (Scotland) who had great success with The Boxer Benny Lynch.

0 We Are Frank Chickens Assembly Rooms. 8pm. £2.50 (£1 .50). See Mon 26.


0 Catalyst Assembly Rooms. George Street. 225 2424 ext 6623 for information and booking. 8pm. £2 (£1 ). Highlights from the company's Mandela Theatre show. See panel. See also Fri 30 May.


0 Scottish Writing Today Conference Room. Central Library. George IV Bridge. Noon—1pm. Free. Bernard MacLaverty. Belfast-born author of Cal and Lamb. reads from his work and smokes his pipe. One of the events coinciding with the exhibition Scottish Writing Today. organised by the National Book League at the Central Library. There will be a

. further five free lunchtime sessions with recently published writers. going on into June.


3 0 Emma, Emma- Red and Black


Swing ’86 pictured above are helping to *

revive old Tea Dance habits and memories with tea dances in Portobello Town Hall on Sat 17 May, Thomas Morton Hall, Leith Hails on Sat 24 May and the Assembly Rooms on Wed 28 May. Boy Arthur recalls the

atmosphere: ‘I began going to Tea

Dances in the Bournemouth Pavillion Ballrooms in my mid-teens in the early 1930’s.

All one had to do was buy a one and six penny ticket in the foyer box office, go to the Ballroom, sit at a table, hand yourticket to a waitress and be served with a pot of tea, bread and butter, jam and a cake. For two hours from four to six a resident dance band played quick steps, slow toxtrots, tangos, waltzes (slow and old iashioned) and

sometimes even a rumba. The tea and the band were not important but the opportunity to meet girls and dance with them was.

It was exciting to spot an attractive girl at a table twenty yards away but agonisingly dllficult to overcome nascent shyness, walk to hertable and ask if she ‘would care to dance'.

By taking dancing lessons I gained confidence, soon found I could even dance and talk at the same time and sometimes in the summer if I was particularly lucky i would be dancing with the same girl later in the evening to a ditterent band underthe stars on the pier. . .

Spring Fling Tea Dances are priced at 50p - now what was that about


'-'.'.:‘.. I? “C ' ;~ Assembly Rooms. George Street. £2 (£1). See Tue 27.

0 Edinburgh Playwrights' Workshop Assembly Rooms. George Street. 7.30pm. 50p (free for unwaged). Readings and discussion of new writing.


0 Tea Dance with Swing '86 Assemblv ' Rooms. George Street. 3pm. 50p ' admission includes refreshments.

Slip into a penguin suit or a dress and spend a civilised afternoon.


o School's Art Exhibition Crosswinds Community Centre. 'I‘ollcross until 6 June 10am-5pm. Free. Part ofthe Meadow‘s Festival - childrens work from primary and secondary schools on the south side of Edinburgh.


0 Scottish Writing Today Conference Room. Central Library. George [V Bridge. Noon—1pm. Free. Writers from Graffiti magazine. Colin Kerr. Maureen Sangster. D.M.K. and Kenny Storrie will read a small selection of poems and short stories in a manner congenial to digestive systems.

0 Words and Music Assembly Rooms. George Street. 8pm. £2 (£1). Scottish luminaries Norman MacCaig. Douglas Dunn and Aly Bain provide music and poetry.


0 Catalyst Assembly Rooms. George Street, 225 2424 ext 6623 for info and booking. 8pm. £2(£1). Highlights from the company's Mandela Theatre Show. See panel in Dance listings. See The 27 and Fri 30 May for the Chromozone show.


0 Emma, Emma - Bed and Black Assembly Rooms. George Street. 8pm. £2 (£1). See'l‘uc 27.

0 Edinburgh Playwrights’ Workshop Assembly Rooms. George Street. 7.30pm. 50p (free for unwaged). Readings and discussions of new writing. '


o Lowlife and guests Assembly Rooms. George Street. £2(£1). Former members of the Cocteau Twins and Dead Neighbours. Disappointing album. but if tliey‘ve managed to whip a bit of themselves into what was a fairly characterless set ofsongs they should put across a sinister power


0 Meadows Festival The Meadows. See Mon 26.

0 Scottish Writing Today Conference Room. Central Library. George [V Bridge. Noon—1pm. Free. .-\llan Massie. notable man of letters and author of Death ofMt'n and One Night in Winter discusses his work.

The List 16:39 ‘t’i‘a- 15