. Grand Union Orchestra princes Street. 225 6843. Evening. Hot club band in Edinburgh‘s main venue for quartet with Tony Gorman on sax Street Gardens. 3pm. See Spring guitars with clarinet. the early form ofJazz. and another quartet led by . Fling. 0 East CoastJazz Band Blue Lagoon. sa'xophonistStuart Forbes. Bar till , Angle Park Terrace. Evening. w midnight. Tickets in advance phone 0 George Boy Jazz Band Preservation Straight curly tunes and Glasgow Platform (Glasgow). 334 8142 Hal" V'Ctona Street LunCht'mc° arrangements. between 10am and 6pm or call at 37 Straigh‘ "ad' 0 Basin Street Stampers Basin Street ° .safldy Tay'ol/Alpt" M00"! Du° ""3 Otago Street. . take "wee Carlton Hotel North Bar. Haymarket Terrace. Evening. mend? Glasgow ‘5‘3900' 0f _ Bridge Evening ' 0 Delta Devils. Shore Bar. Leith. Xfi'cédga' Baku“) Sires“ 221 Edinburgh ' Evening. Piano boogie. guitar and 1" " pm' 0 Sue Robertson Maxies Bistro. , - ram White and The Dexters vocals. Edinburgh West Nicolson Street. Evening. i Platform One Rutland Street. Tam . , Classic son S with guitarist I . . 1 ’. . . 0 Tea Dance with Swing 86 Assembly g . ~ ' . . i With the “Fm-piece band lncmdmg Rooms. George Street. 3pm. See . Brian “Hock Ina RO-Vai Brit'sh brass SCCtlon- spring Fling. Hotel, Princes Street. Evening. ; 0 Alex Shaw Trio Platform One, Glasgow 0 Take Three Maxies Bistro. Nicolson Bl _ S i Rutland Street. Lunchtime. Modern 0 Batchelors of Jazz Saints and Street. Evening. Mixture ofmodern ihpmarket Terr "E"? [.rcft‘ E piano-based group. Sinners. St Vincent Street. Evening. jazz. shifting line up. St‘rzi ht trad b! ‘21“- ‘emnb- 1 , Trad. Busy. 0 Charlie McNair’s Band Preservation . Wei: End Jaggahd A] i C . 0 Mike Hart 3 Selection Basin Street. . Bobby Wishan Group “an Ban Ha“. Victoria Street 226 3816. Hmc' Evening 1 sa .ratg I Hayymarket. Small traditional Jazz ; woodlands Road. Evening Classy Evening. Trad/swing band. . g. , band- i sax playing. Blue Note and beyond. . Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin 0 Festival City Jazz Band Old ' Shelagh Bthanan [40”]? “0301- Street. Haymarket Terrace. i . Waverley Hotel. princes Street. Sauchiehall Street. Evening. Singer. Evening. Dixickmd. : Evenings_ J2171 standards vvith smallgroup. E - Edinbur h u THURSDAY 29 l SUNDAY 25 t . g t Glas ow - 0 Swing '86 Malt Shovel. ('ockburn g G'as ow Street. 225 6843. Evening. Hot club 0 Platform Jazz Club Sloans‘ Argyle . ; 9 sound. but clarinet and sax lead. Arcade. 8pm. £1 .50 (£1 ). The first of Edinburgh 0 Rico's Tobago Street. Greenock. ghMeI‘agle OIRF'L'V Sammy's cowa" ,m'dliy ‘E‘FWS‘ITQM "Ff Plaifom has 0 INXS and The Flaming Mussolinis 8pm. £1. Jazz night at the up-markct or} dr‘ ‘th \ Lmné“ mm)“ m “3g‘)“_JdZL Ihc Chm Playhouse Theatre. Greenside disco. Tonight the Alex Dalglcish Mainstream singer with guitarist. “'1” m” “’CCkl." and '5 099” ‘0 illl- mace, 7.30pm £5. 80$-SMC mck‘ Big Band. 0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street. With TCdUCllOnS for Platform whatever you can make ofthat. from . Black Bu” Jazz Club Black Bu” iiaymarket. Evening. Solid trad ' members. Tonight T-Zone. a absolutely the biggest band in

Australia. Appeared in the Australian Live Aid segment and performed in front ofChas ‘n‘ Di last year. Big and grand. Singer appears to be Nick Cave on a Jim Morrison trip.

0 Baymonde and The Shamen Hoochie Coochie Club. West Tollcross. 10.30pm. Highly—touted Mancunian band. managed to grab two music paper covers before even releasing a record. From what i‘ve

Hotel. Miingavie. 8pm. Every two

weeks,with guests. RADIO CLYDE FREE FESTIVAL

o Bourbon Jazz Band Beacon Hotel. Park Terrace. Dixieland Band. Lunchtime.

o Bicki Fernandez and Friends The Tron Bar. Tron Theatre. Parnie Street. Lunchtime. Good crowd.

0 T-Zone Nico‘s Sauchiehall Street. 3325736. Alternate weeks.

E Lunchtime. heard so far the Smiths comparisons b h are spot-on and. predictably. j in “TO Morrisey loves them. No reason not

? 0 Al Casey, George Penman’s Jazzmen Learmonth Hotel. Learmonth Terrace. lpm. £1. Fats Waller‘s guitarist through the Thirties on an Edinburgh return visit. George Penman holdingthe fort for the 7 _

Syncopators who are playing 2 _. _ _

; overseas. { . i . , ; oTam White and The Dexters ' ,_ 1 \ up \ Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. j ~ * r ' L 226 3816. Evening. Radio Clyde Free Festiv

to give ‘em a chance. ‘Drenchcd in despair and tumescent with monstrousy dangerous emotions‘ The Face.

0 Makossa Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Real crowd-pleaser of a reggae band. Worth seeing. even ifyou‘re sober. 0 CrosstalkJailhouse. Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free.

al in ' argument is that it likes to give

l 0 Capital Jazz Band Crest Hotel. : Queenspark. The 9th annual tree | exposure and experience to the lesser Glasgow Queensferry Road. Lunchtime. ; festival from those nice people at I ‘hyped’ bands in Glasgow-and I can 0 Snakes oi snake and “cave” gm 0 Texas Funk/Latin/Jazz Club disco Radio Clyde sees two major changes see their point. Still, one or two of the Drumchapel Community Centre.

bar. above Coasters. West Tollcross. this year compared to other years. former type bands have thankfully crept 32ll Kin fauns Drive. 944 1009/9344.

10pm. . Firstly the event is taking place in i in to the billing which goes as follows: Tickets £1. See Mayiest. o Basin Street Stompers Basin Street. Queenspark ratherthan Kelvlngrove . Tonight“ N00". Strangers And Dunferm fine Haymarket Terrace. Evening. and, secondly and more importantly, ; Brothers (excellent). The Crows (rather Satchmo‘s music. ; they actually have some promising l Ill": The Cult. but ill"!‘1 at ll). The Stynil ' Bubbel Yahoo WiirChOUSC‘ 0 Alex Shaw Trio Platform One. ' young acts on this year. ? Rites (GlaSOOW'S laVOlfl'lle rockabilly KIFKBHIC- Rutland Street. Lunchtime. Past festivals have tended much ; band and deservele 50); Hue And CW SATURDAY 17 0 Delta Devils Maxies Bistro. West I more strongly towards promoting i (rather iazzv With "Willem" V008ll8l); . Nicoison Street. 667 0845. Evening. Glasgow’s (I must admit, largely .‘ real POIlg'qge.:hefheflggtglznlb?ls Edinburgh media thrivin hea elsure, 8 er 0. e 8 ll . H i . MONDAY 26 f 2:32:12: mid sma||)|ocal bagnds W Zero Zero and The Force. There will :1???“ M "'9 30$ R055 QPW Air 1 . '80 be a ham” (touneen!) 0' hosts eatre. Princes Street Gardens. G|asgow ' trapped in the pub clrcult Criticisms of 8 2pm, Free. See Spring Fling. , , , z thetestival every year have largely on the day, all llale Clyde presenters . Fini Tribe . .Ab. I . . ' 13' Fa"th '3'“ “Name 7"” . centred around the tact that Glasgow so it you ever wondered what these A . , bl , ifmuitC “0 Psi")? Kelvin Park Lorne Hotel. ; has always had new bands reaching people looked like then you now have a 8m 2.? 9mm; 3?)?“ F‘f‘“ Sauchiehall Street. . I some so" 0‘ nauonal audience __ chance to out Fringe . ~££ "3' mg- 55- One Of the greatest and Wm whetherthe young Simple Minds, entertainments will also be provided by , d3 one 33's 3'3," 0'39?" influential guitarists in the history of i Lloyd Cole of me Jesus And Mary me pouock community Circus and the :SISFC ‘amnia'; Espérg 093 : jazz, with local trio in support. | Chain _ but these have rarely been Clyde Action Roadshow. Let’s hope It’s 5’20 inddoifltrgg in‘TELZTangrf'rofiin' i Edinburgh pmmmed am" 'esflvaI' (Hyde's a sunny day ° ' ' (Andrea mm") Shops. Students and guests

“n; it’s-{‘1 a 29 May 23