i7 . . they don t seem to be getting anywhere. Shame.

SUNDAY 25 Edinburgh

0 Powerhouse Boogie Band and Little Wolves King Biscuit. Madisons. Greenside Place. Afternoon.

0 Heart Industry, Rootsie Tootsie Band and Future World Moves King Biscuit Madisons. Greenside Place.

0 Billy Jones Duke of Wellington. Duke Street. Leith. 8.30pm. Free.

: Pop/folk.

3 0 Small Businessmen Jailhouse.

Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free.


0 The McKenzies and The ' Honeymooners Lucifers (Jamaica Street). The first in a series ofgigs of the stranger kind in Lucifers with the ultimately strange McKenzies. See panel


g Edinburgh 0 Blues ’n’ Trouble and Nasty Nigel Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Edinburgh’s premier Blues band continue slogging away.

' Make them happy and buy a copy of the LP at the bar. Nasty Nigel‘s come over from Ireland for this. You want

to know any more about him you‘ll

. have to brave his nastiness yourself. 0 The Walk Jailhouse. (‘alton Road.

. 9.30pm. Free. Loadsofpotential and ideas. but they‘re wasting it on what is really a pretty drab set of



5 Edinburgh

I O ldle Frets Preservation Hall.

' Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. 0 Kiam Jailhouse. Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free.

WEDNESDAY 28 Edinburgh

0 The Shadows Playhouse Theatre.


The newest arrivals on the Scottish . indie/aIternative/underground scene (call it what you like, they are all nail names) are a band called The McKenzies. They have a very noisy single out called ‘New Breed’ on Ron ; Johnson records which is an indie record label run by a guy called Ron Johnson. The temptation is, as always, to describe The McKenzie single in

convulutedrockjournalese buttoreslst '. -

i that means you’ll have to listen to it- whlch is a good idea. The McKenzies : are Gary Weir, vocals; Peter Gilmour, g bass; Peter Ellen, saxophone; Paul , Turnbull, drums and Iain Beverldge on guitar. They are in their early twenties and would quite like to change the world. They are trying to dothat by, as Paul says, ‘not just playing pop in a 4/4 beat’ and are cultivating a sound that falls somewhere between the very wide berths of punk and jazz. ‘Dur main aim is to make good records- or in some eyes horrible records’ says lain, ‘We’re trying to take

Knopfler's presence. Or mine. for

; Duniermline

1 music irwards, on from punk and

f are really manufactured. We rather ; have fun and make excitement for i ourselves.’ ‘Dur music is based on


Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £8. £7. £6. Yaaay! Twangy Hank’s back! Never. ever. underestimate the influence of the Shadows on (by now) about four generations ofguitarists. and never calloust slag Hank Marvin in Mark

that matter.

0 Billy Jones Canny Man‘s. Morningside Road. Free. Pop/folk. 0 Watch With MolherJailhouse. Calton Road. 9pm. Free.

0 Tam White and The Dexters King Biscuit. Madisons. Greenside place. 10pm. £2. Distinguished local blues-rock band.

0 The Peristalsis Brothers Boston Bean (‘0. St James Centre. 9pm. Free. See Wed 21.

0 Heart Industry Warehouse. Kirkgate. I would expect to see this lot in the charts one ofthese days. If it wasn‘t for the fact that they‘re annoyingly derivative of Simple Minds.

THURSDAY 29 Edinburgh

0 Black Sabbath Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. Tony Iomrni these days front the legendary Heavy Metal gang. Paranoid was good. but I doubt they've got many surprises up their sleeves.

0 Heart Industry Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. See Wed 28.

0 Red Jailhouse. Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free. See Thurs 22. Glasgow

0 Vinyl Midas.

o The Heartbeats 'i‘he Saltmine. Glasgow best rock and roll club in Lucifers. Start practising The Slosh now!

Duniermline o Strangers And Brothers Warehouse.

' if it's worth carrying on, bearing in

mind that even once it’s finished

there‘s no guarantee that gigs will be r allowed to continue. Fingers crossed, everyone.

. g gr . disco. it would be great to get in the

uncomfortable in there. Chart bands

erratic, staggered rhythms probably more associated with jazz stuff.’

You can see The McKenzles on May 12th in Rumours in Edinburgh, 25th May at Lucilers in Glasgow and 30th May at The Place in Edinburgh.


I o The Bluebells, or, to be more


N f

accurate, Ken and David of the

0 We’re back! And withoutfurther delay, apologies to Coasters and The Redskins which didn't make it in last time. Two issues ago a sudden surge in the old improbability generator resulted in the Redskins second date at Coasters being listed as Free. We apologise to the venue, any confused and disappointed punters and of course the luscious pouting Redskins themselves. Also, a free Mars bar— no, two free Mars bars —to the first person who can read through last issue’s Edinburgh listings from beginning to end and make sense of them.

0 Rumour has it that the maverick- though most would say downright awkward and contrary— Screaming Nobodies are now no more. The band who once detailed their members’ criminal records as part of their

, publicity, broke up we hear, on the ; afternoon oit May, only hours before

they were due to appear on stage in Glasgow. The management were not amused.

: 0 Whisper who dares! Good news,

possibly, on the Empire front. As a sort of sound check for modern-day folk heroes the Environmental Health

Board, the Empire is going to open its

doors to punters again on 1 June, when Tom Robinson (it‘s his birthday that

_ day as it happens) will be doing an

afternoon show. The purpose of the

i show (and thanks Tom, not everyone

would’ve done it) is to test the soundproofing already done and to see

(Mab) 0 Hot poop indeed! Listen, of course,

j doesn’t report on idle rumour but just

5 LISTEN to this one! Pop’s Most

; Handsome Man (and most

? extraordinary singer) Billy McKenzie

3 may be making a label change from his

current record company Warner Bros to the ultra-hip ZTT label! ZTT’s parent

: company Island Records confirmed

thatthis is a ‘rumourbased on fact’ . . .

0 Talking about Billy McKenzie...

i spotted at his world exclusive

mega-gig with Paul Haig in Cardinal

5 Folly last week wasthe unlikely sight of

Billy Sloan and Muriel Gray in a tete a tete on the dancefloor. Robert Maxwell

j charts,althoughlthlnkwe'dlookpretty 3 wasn'tseen‘”

0 Also seen at the Billy McKenzie/Paul Haig affair was Halo and Alice of The Woodentops dancing to Love And Money’s ‘CandybarExpress’ and Hipsway's ‘The Honeythief‘. Cynics suggested that the Woodentops didn’t realised that it was two different songs... I o Hipsway’s video for ‘The Honeythief’ i deserves the Most Unlikely Location ; Award of ’86— it was filmed in the car park of Greenwich Gasworks. |

Bluebells are currently recording a folk album in Glasgow with Irish folk hero

' Brendan Behan . . .whateverhappened

to pop. . .

0 Tears for Fears’ rewrite of their mega world hit for Sportaid ‘Everybody Wants To Run The World’ will be

rush-released by the ever

understanding people at Phonogram on 19 May. All proceeds of course will go the Bandaid Trust. . .

0 Mr Bob Geldofwill be running in the New York 6 mile marathon event on Sportaid Day on 25 May. Plans to superimpose his saintly face on a globe and satellite it around the world, have still to be confirmed . . . all due respect to the enormous world impact Saint Bob has had, but doesn’t that sound like a dreadful idea. ..

. 0 Watch out for old rocker Rod Stewart

playing in the SECC for two nights on 30

June and 1 July . . . tickets on sale from

19 May. . . Big Country play Glasgow Barrowlands on 29 and 30 June... Simple Minds have added another night to their mega mega gig at lbrox on 7June . . . Dueto populardemandthey will also be playing lbrox on 6 June tickets are available from the usual major outlets for the new date and postal applications will be accepted to Regular music for £11.50. If both nights sell out(which I’m sure they will) they will have sold a staggering 60,000 tickets for both dates.


The Shamen: “They May Be Right. . .

(One Big Guitar). All wide-eyed and

' whimsical come The Shamen, from

Aberdeen. Previously

known as Alone Again Or, they were, by all accounts, just another wimpy synth band; and nowadays? Well, heard Revolver? They have. Heard the final

Teardrop Explodes EP? So have they.

The three tracks on this single most definitely come from the velvet box marked ‘quirky’. Happy Days takes up the A-slde, all choppy rhythm guitar and suspended notes plummeting out of mid-air, with dabs of shimmering acoustic guitar and warbling synth filling in the spaces; ‘Why is blue the colour of the seasons?’ I Don’t Like The Way The World is Turning utilises the old Killing An Arab riff, usually plagiarised to cover up for a dearth of imagination, and the rest of the track is a very pale imitation of Julian Cope’s masterfully-paced Duch Monkeys, to be found— it it still can be found any

. more on the last piece of vinyl to be ? flogged under the Teardrop Explodes

name. It‘s hard work trying to like this record: The Shamen will need a similar brainstorm to that which inspired them

3 to change theirapproach before they'll

become offbeat enough to be interesting. But after being Single of

the Week in Sounds I don't suppose

that will botherthem that much. (Mab) i:

The List 1o 29 May 25