Strathclyde; ABC Kilmarnock INDEPENDENTS’ DAYS agrigggyfnogm (John Huston. I . ac tc 0 son, Kathleen The next iortnight sees an encouraging , r ' ’_ f/ f/ r , {"7 ' Turner, Angelica Huston. 129 mins. variety oi activityintheindependent 3 ' L D ' Skilful black comedy directed with sector oivlsual media. Events in both -- f1 « assurance by veteran Huston and j Glasgow and Edinburghwillhighlight _ _ r "i :3 ~ V ' ' graced byarogues‘gallery of f the wayin which Scottish iilm and i. f - performances. Glasgow: GET Q video-makers, eithercommunity- i ‘9' g . Glasgow; GFT, Salon. 3 based or of independent means, while i g. ~ 0 Ban ( 15) (Akira Kurosawa, ; outside the usual channels oi l 33 J apan/France, 1985) Tatsuya

production and distribution have still managed to produce a challenging and l a relevant body oi work. 3 Pride oi place goes to the day event organised by the Scottish Association iii ol Workshops (in collaboration with the Scottish Film Council) at Glasgow's GFT on Fri 23 May lrom 10am to 5pm. ? The aim oi theiilm and video workshops in Scotland is to allow groups in local communities access i and resources to actually produce a video, providing the training that will ; enable them to do so and education in i the language and social context of the : media. Thus, no two workshops are l l

Nayakadai, Meiko Harada, Peter. 162 mins. Kurosawa‘s King Lear is a bleak and despairing vision of mankind rent asunder by division, personal vengeances and family feuds that produce no honour, no victors, just victims. An accomplished fusion ofJapanese 1 history and blood-drenched i Shakespearean drama, the film i grows more impressive with i repeated viewings. Glasgow: GET o The Return oi the Living Dead ( 18) j l i

E s ,. .g J \

“‘P v 9' f F: r s k .A v

westwards, Glasgow Film and Video . Workshop is involved in an ongoing i critical look at media representation of I

(Dan O’Bannon. US, 1983)C1y Gulager, James Karen. 91 mins. The : dead go ape-shit crazy down in old Kentucky, much to the dismay and dismemberment of the living. Knowing, funny/sick schlockerama will please the healthily deranged. Glasgow; Cinema

5 o A Room With A View (PG) (James

' Ivory, UK, 1985) Helena Bonham-Carter, Maggie Smith, Julian Sands. 117 mins. Elegantly mounted with an agreeable lightness of touch, this is a near perfect screen version oithe Forster novel with ' some dandy acting. Civilised entertainment at its best.

holding the 1986 Scottish International Amateur Film Festival, an engrossing and surprising programme at film by wholly unpaid enthusaists, at the EFT , at 2pm on Thur 22 May. As part of the -' Spring Fling in Edinburgh, at 7.30pm

exactly the same, ior each one is providing representation iorthe social, political and linguistic lorces oi its own particulararea.

At present, there are several workshops in central Scotland actively involved in local issues. Formed in 1977, the capital’s Film Workshop Trust lays on a Women's Film and

= Video Unit and a Film Animation Workshop; it has produced material for the Miners' Campaign Tapes and a 60 minute documentary on the US Navy base ailion Loch ior Channel 4. Video

the city, with work on ‘lmages ol 1 Glasgow’ now in development. ' Ata basic level, exhibition of the V Workshop’s material takes place when I; a tape is shown to purely local ' audiences, important in generating I more community involvement. The GFT 1 event, however, gives a wider public a ; unique opportunity to llnd out more about his burgeoning movement by screening its work and providing a platiorm iorthe workshop 3 co-ordlnators themselves to talk about

on Sat 24, Super-8 Special leatures a

selection of exciting celluloid and

videotape trom central Scotland, i

including the work of rock groups Flnl

| Tribe and The Laughing Academy- lree

: admission too!

I All these events provide ample

i evidence that there is a good deal ot his in Scotland beyond the treadmill oi ;

the commercial or art-house cinema



i in Pilton, on the other hand, is based in a large estate outside Edinburgh and

provides a voice tor the people of the area, having produced, ior example, a tape on local housing problems, and operates in close association with Community Arts Projects. Moving

what the workshops have to otter and how one can get involved.

There are another two events which concentrate on creative rather than documentary-type material. The long-established Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers will be

circuit, which is more than deserving oi your support. So instead of the same old screen, you might try to visit at

least one oi them because you just , might be surprised by what you see. Go , on. i dare vou. (TrevorJohnston)

original and provocative British triumph. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

. Glasgow: Grosvenor. o The Neverentling Story (U) (Wolfgang Petersen. W. Germany. 1984) Noah Hathaway. Patricia Hayes. 92 mins. Ten year-old Bastian. an inveterate daydreamer and bookworm. uncovers a special volume that allows him to escape from all his problems in a flight of fantasy. Edinburgh: Filmhouse 0 Night of the Living Dead (18) (George A. Romero. US. 1986) Judith O‘Dea. Duane Jones. 98 mins. Romero‘s ground-breaking treatment oithe flesh—craving undead may be a film with a lot to answer for, but it works very well as a narrative (with the zombies closing in on a nuclear family), and one credits the film-maker with enough sophistication to read an element of political satire into the proceedings. Recommended. Edinburgh; Classic 0 The Oiiicial Version ( 15) (Luis

Puenzo. Argentina, 1985) Hector

Alterio, Norma Aleandro. 112 mins.

: One woman‘s politicisation amid the 3 ruins of the military regime in Argentina and the desire for knowledge about the injustices of

the past which this egenders has repercussions for every aspect of her

0 DutolAlrica (15) (Sidney Pollack.

Streep. Klaus Maria Brandauer. 161 F mins. A carefully measured tragic

romance suffused with images of

5 awe-inspiring beauty and topped by i another flawless performance from

life. Compelling. deeply-felt drama which lifted this year‘s Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

0 0h, Mr Porter (U) (Marcel Varnel. UK. 1937) Will Hay. Moore Marriott. Graham Moffat. 84 mins. Blustering. seedy incompetent Hay takes over as Station Master at Buggleskelly and uncovers ghosts and gunrunners.

Superior British comedy from a Golden Age ofnative film funsters. Edinburgh; EU Filmsoc 0 Once Bitten (15) (Howard Storm, US. 1985) Lauren Hutton, Jim Carrey. 92 mins. A 300 year-old female vampire at large in present-day LA needs a steady supply of male virgins‘ blood to keep her bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Strathclyde;Odeon Hamihon

US. 1985) Robert Redford, Meryl

Streep. Edinburgh; ABC, Dominion. Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road, ABC Sauchiehall Street, Cinema. Grosvenor. Rio. Lothian; ABC.

Strathclyde; ABC Grecnock, ABC


Kilmarnock, Kelburne, La Scala, Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton, Rialto. .

o Pennies From Heaven (15) (Herbert Ross. US. 1982) Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters, Jessica Harper. 108 mins. Denis Potter’s acclaimed BBC series becomes a big—budget spectacular with Steve Martin, in the Bob Hoskins role, a sheet music salesman in Depression-era Chicago searching for sexual and spiritual silver linings. Stodgy patches are more than made up for by some breathtaking 3(l‘s-style production numbers, although the hard edge of the original is a little blunted. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

o Porky’s 2: The Next Day (18) (Bob Clark, Canada, 1983) Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight. 98 mins. More abominable japes with your favourite fun-loving mental midgets, who get involved with putting on Shakespeare at their High School. Somebody should stick up for the poor Bard, methinks. Strathclyde; ABC Kilmarnock

o Porky’s Revenge (18) (James Komack, Canada, 1985) Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight. 92 mins. Another one ofthese atrocities. Shakespeare, you’ll be glad to know, has escaped from this particular

Edinburgh; Dominion. Glasgow; Grosvenor.

0 Hope (PG) (Alfred Hitchcock, US, 1948) James Stewart, Farley ' Granger, John Dall. 80 mins. Two homosexual students murder a

friend just for kicks then hold a party with the corpse stashed in a trunk in the room. A blackly comic diversion on the ethics of murder, with Stewart miscast as the donnish academic. Historically interesting for Hitchcock’s experimentation with

the ten-minute take and his characteristically devious guest appearance, Edinburgh: EU

F ilmsoc

O Shivers (18) (David Cronenberg. Canada, 1974) Paul Hampton, Lynn A Lowry. 93 mins. Something nasty in the water supply (nothing to do with Chernobyl) causes the natives of Toronto to turn into cannibalistic nymphomaniacs. Rather nasty Cronenberg picture examinining our fears of bodily contamination; a sort of ‘straight‘ William Burroughs with reputedly a rather nifty stomach-erupting sequence for afficionados of the genre. Edinburgh; Classic

0 Scottish International Amateur Film Festival A programme of award-winning films which celebrates the unpaid aspirations of amateur movie-makers. Glasgow; GET

0 Smog (Wolfgang Petersen, W | Germany, 1972) 85 mins. Petersen’s prize-winning docu-drama caused such a furore on its original release ' that it prompted government action i against the problem of urban J

"The-List 16— 29 May 29