pollution, which the film depicts as utterly out of control. The linking device , an irresponsible TV station anxious to keep up with events, holds together a sharp narrative. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

o Sophie's Choice (15) (Alan J. Pakula, US, 1982) Meryl Streep. Kevin Kline. Peter MacNicol. 151 mins. Handsomely mounted and finally quite harrowing adaptation of William Styron‘s novel. In 1947 an

aspiring young writer comes to New 1 York and moves in with an eccentric

couple; Sophie, a Polish survivor of

? Auschwitz, and Nathan, a

T schizophrenic scientist. Glasgow:


O Spies Like Us (PG) (John Landis, Q US, 1985) Chevy Chase, Dan

Aykroyd. 102 mins. Dim espionage

; comedy. Strathclyde; Kelburne . o Super-8 Special Part of

Edinburgh‘s Spring Fling, this is an exciting selection of local film and

g video productions (see panel). ? Edinburgh: Assembly Rooms

0 The Supergrass (15) (Peter Richardson, UK, 1985) Ade

l Edmondson, Alexei Sayle, Robbie

Coltrane, Dawn French. 107 mins. In order to impress his girlfriend, young Edmondson pretends to be part of an international drugs ring. Lo, verily, it comes to pass that he does get involved in a drugs ring, with chaotic results.

The Comic Strip feature includes all your favourite wacky stars doing their turns, Robbie Coltrane weilding a chainsaw and Alexei Sayle in a tutu don’t you know, and ends up as a consistent and, dare I


. m

1:. s4}? .

if you've seen the film. now win the

: book. Isak I)iiit'.s't’ll'.s Africa (Sierra

(‘Iub Books) north approx £25.21ll official 0!!! (if/Ifrit'u Movic 'l‘ic-in

r hardback cdition plus 6 soundtrack albums of thc Oscar-winning music

(by John Barry) must be won. Return the form below with your

answcrs to: The List (Oil! of Africa), 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE.

l. Whosc 'l'ygcr burned in the night‘.’ 2. What do 'l‘iggcrs like to eat?

3. Where. according to thc man who bakcs cxcccdingly good cakes. did the elephant get his trunk?

Name ..................................... .. Address .................................. ..


say it, funny whole. Enjoyable. Edinburgh; ABC. Glasgow; ABC . Clarkston Road, ABC Sauchiehall I Street. Lothian; ABC. Strathclyde; 7 ABC Greenock, ABC Kilmarnock. Kelburne. 5 o The Tempest (15) (Derek Jarman. UK, 1979) Heathcote Williams. Toyah Wilcox, Karl Johnson. 96 mins. Jarman‘s playful version of Shakespeare’s last play replaces the island setting with a decaying Gothic mansion in the country. The gleeful avoidance of Bardolatry will offend the purists, as Jarman switches the stress from the Text to the visuals. , which feature a luxuriatingiy : goid-hued wedding masque as well as an all-out camp finale. Great fun. Glasgow: GFT I 0 Turned Out Nice Again (U) (Marcel 1 Varnel, UK, 1941) George Formby. Peggy Bryan. 84 mins. , Eager-to-please Lancashire - comedian Formby has a spot of honeymoon trouble as promotion in Dawson’s Underwear Factory affords the responsibilities of married life. Formby was the number one

box-office attraction in Britain at this point and his mixture of toothy

charm, cheeky chappy and ukelele

endeared him to mum and dad. He once admitted, ‘I wasn't very good

' but I had something the public

_ seemed to like.‘ Edinburgh;

I Filmhouse o Urgh! A Music War (PG) (Derek

1 Burbidge, UK. 1981) 124 mins of

concert footage featuring The

Police. John Cooper Clarke. OMD.

; Echo and the Bunnymen, XTC, The Dead Kennedys, Steel Pulse,

? Magazine, Pere Ubu, and The Cramps. Wow! A treat for music fans. Edinburgh: Classic

o Ursula and Glenys (15) (John

Davies, UK, 1986) Brid Brennan, Gaylie Runciman. 54 mins. Two estranged sisters are brought

; together by a summons from their long-absent father. His desire is to

; salvage the past, but the effect of his

f intervention is to reawaken old

enmities which the sisters had

; believed dead. A skeletal narrative is

deliberately underplayed to enable the viewer to reflect on a dense Q examination of moral and ethical

' values,muchinthe mannerofWim

Wenders. Edinburgh; Fiimhouse 0 Water ( 15) (Dick Clement, UK, 1985) Michael Caine, Leonard

Rossiter, Billy Connolly. 97 mins.

On the Caribbean Island of Cascara

5 the discovery of mineral water of unique quality arouses the British Colonial rulers and local rebels from their complacent lifestyles. Caine

retains his dignity while all around him are losing theirs in this wild

1 farrago of slapstick and would—be

satire. Glasgow; Odeon 0 White Nights (PG) (Taylor Hackford, US, 1985) Mikhail

; Baryshnikov, Gergory Hines, Helen

I Mirren. 134 mins. A Soviet defector

stranded in Siberia and an

anti-Vietnam Yank in dire straits team up to fight the system and devise a daring escape plan. The two stars are among the best dancers in the world, and all these cold war cliches are the price you must pay to

see the exhilarating dynamic duo in full terpsichorean flow.

Edinburgh; Odeon. Glasgow; Rio. Strathclyde; Kelburne. Odeon Hamilton.

0 Workshops Event A programme of screenings and discussions organised by the Scottish Association of Workshops, and featuring work and representatives from their member groups (see panel). Glasgow; GFI‘ 0 Year at the Dragon ( 18) (Michael

f Cimino, US, 1985) Mickey Rourke, S John Lone, Ariane. 134 mins.

Miscast Rourke‘s obnoxious cop weighs in to sort out the restless

; natives in New York’s Chinatown

; just as if he was back in Vietnam.

3 Unpleasant and incoherent. this is a , disappointing reactionary mess ofa 5 film. Lothian; ABC.


- This section gives details ol

9 programmes showing at cinemas in

f central Scotland over the next

: iortnight. Readers are advised that many cinemas in the Slraihclyde and

Lothian regions are unable to provide

i The List with details oi their ; programming for both weeks covered

by each issue, as these may not be

: available at the time of going to press. These listings thereiore provide an

accurate guide to programmes lor one week only, unless further dates are

§ speciiied. Readers are advised that

§ programmes may be subject to late

change at anytime.

Cinemas operating a lamlly discount

scheme allow an adult accompanying a : child to ‘U’ and ‘PG’ certificate

programmes to gain admission lor the same price as the child up to 6pm.

- All programme times are pm unless

otherwise stated.


0 ABC Lothian Road, 229 3030. Bar: Ham—2.30pm, 5—10pm

' (Mon—Thurs), llam—l 1pm ' (Fri/Sat),5—10pm(Sun). [D] i cinemas 2 & 3 prior notification

advisable. £2.70, £2.30 Child £1.40. £1 .300AP £1 (before 6pm). Family discount scheme operates.

E 1.TheHitcher(18)2.25,525,825.

Sun 525,8.25.

: 2.0utotAlrica(18)2.20,7.20. Sun 7.20.

f 3.TheSupergrass(15), 8.15.Sun5.15,8.15.

From Fri 23: Biggies (PG).

0 ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street. Sat 24: Super-8 Special. Free as part of Spring Fling.

0 CLASSIC Nicolson Street 667 1839. [D] Cinema closed Sunday. £2, OAP


From Fri 16:

Emmanuelle In America (18) 12.30, 3.30, 6.45. and Emanuelle’s True Blue Coniesslons(18) 1.55, 3.05, 8.15. From Fri 23: Hardcore (18) 12.30, 3, 5.30, 8.05 and Pornbrokers(18)1.55,


See also Lates section.

0 DOMINION Newbattle Terrace, 447 2660. Rest 10am—2pm & 6—11pm (Mon-Fri), 10am—1 1pm (Sat). Bar 12—2.30pm, 6—10pm (Mon—Sat). Cinema closed Sun. £2.50, £2.20.

' Chiid£l .20 OAP£1 UB40/Students

£1.20. (all perfs except evng perfs in cinema 3).

1. Out oi Airlca (PG) 2.30, 7.20.

2. ABoom WithAView (PG)2. 15, 5.15, 8.15.

3. A Leiterto Brezhnev (15) 2, 5, 8.


FILM SOCIETY Membership of Britain’s largest film society is open to the public; £15 waged £10 student/U840. Passport size photo required. Six films shown weekly, current season ends 30 May. Guest tickets for individual performances (£1.25) may be purchased in EUSA shops at Teviot Row, Mandela Centre, David Hume Tower, PGSU 22 Buccleuch Place, The Pleasance and King‘s Buildings shop. They are not available on the night. Filmsoc office 557 0436 (1230—1 .30pm). For 24 hour information, Nightline 557 4444.

Fri 16: Harold and Maude (15) 6.45. Being There (15) 8.30. Pleasance. Sun 18: Hope (PG) 6.45. The Man Who Knew Too Much (PG) 8.25. George Square Theatre.

Wed 21: Love Nest on Wheels (U) 6.45. on, Mr Porter (U) 7. 10. The Maggie (U) 8.45. Pleasance.

Fri 23: Treasure ol the Sierra Madre (U) 6.45. The Maltese Falcon (PG) 9. Pleasance.

Sun 25: Man at Flowers (18) 6.45. Favourites ol the Moon (18) 8.30. Pleasance.

Wed 28: No Periormance.

O FILMHOUSE Lothian Road, 228 2688. Bar (Mon—Sat, noon—11pm, Sun 6.30—11pm) Rest (Mon—Sat, noon—9pm). [E]

Matinees £1.20, (concs 50p). Early evgs£1.80 (concs£1.20). Main evenings & Double Bills £2.20. No concessions on Sats.


Fri 16: Pennies From Heaven (15) 2.30. The Man with Two Brains (15) 6.45, 8.45.

Sat 17: The Last Unicorn (U) 2. The Man with Two Brains(15) 4, 6.45, 8.45.

Sun 18: My Beautiiul Laundrette (15) 4.45, 6.45, 8.45.

Mon 19: My Beautiiul Laundrette (15) 6.45, 8.45.

Tue 20: Pennies lrom Heaven (15) 2.30. My Beautiiul Laundrette (15) 6.45, 8.45.

Wed 21: My Beautiiul Laundrette (15) 2.30, 4.45, 6.45, 8.45.

Thurs 22: The Official Version (15) 2.30. My Beautiiul Laundrette (15) 6.45, 8.45.

Fri 23: Turned Out Nice Again (U) and Short. 2.30. My Beautiiul Laundrette (15)4.45, 6.45, 8.45.

Sa124: The Never Ending Story (U) 2. My Beautiful Laundrette (15)4.15, 6.45, 8.45. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (15)and All oi Me (15) 11.

Sun 25: Camila (15)6.15, 8.30.

Mon 26: Camila (15) 6. 15, 8.30.

Tue 27: Briet Ecstasy (U) and Short 2.30. Camila (15)6.15, 8.30. Wed28: Camila (15) 2.30, 6.15, 8.30. Thurs 29: Another Country (15) 2.30. Camila (15)6.15, 8.30.


Fri 16: Detective (15) 6.30, 8.30.

Fri 17: Detective (15) 2.15, 4.15, 6.30, 8.30.

Sun 18: Detective (15) 4.30, 6.30,