O PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. Wed 4 June. Glasses. vases. I I 556 8921. Mon—Sat 1(lam—5pm. Sun a )erweights etc. 2-5pm. I 2 SO THE PLEASANCE For information Costume in Scottish Portraits Until I: phone Patsy 556 3341 or Michele 22S summer. A small display. I 166‘). —— 0 PRINCES STREET GARDENS ()pen ; Art Workshop tor Women (Spring University of Edinburgh, Old College, all reasonable times. I Fling) Still 25 May 111.3(lam—5pm. South Bridge 03] 6671011 Sculpture Park (Spring Fling). See Free. Creche. Michele (iunn takes a City Art Centre and French 'lnstitute. workshop exploring the faces and I Friends of the Earth (Spring Fling) Sat i images of women in mask-making 3 May - 31 May l7—Sat3l May. 1—6pm. An 1 etc. ALEXANDER ROBERTSON I exhibition on this organisation in the 0 THE SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM (1925 _1978) . refreshment tent. ! Lady V'icloriaColliery. i PRINTMAKEBS' WORKSHOP NCWl‘mSWI‘gQ Ml‘lll’lhlilm (‘63 A major retrospective exhibition of a Scottish artist 5 GALLERY 23 Union Street. 557 347‘). 7519- TUC—Fri lililnl—l-“ll’ln- whose work h is r lrel ' been seen in Scotl ind Mon—Sat loam—6pm. ; Sat'Sun Noon—5pm. l Prints from Scottish Art Colleges Until l A Day in the Lile ot 3 Coal Company M II S It 10 Im _ 3 )m Sat 2-1 May. 6(lprints selected from 1 Journey back tothe earlydaysol‘the I' 0 T I‘ I)‘ I the studiosofSCutlund'g an colleges 1 colliery via a series ot'tableatlx using (Ciallt‘ry Closed 1‘) and ._(l May) in Aberdeen. Dundee, Glasgow and artefacts and costumed models. : Edinburgh. The w'ork looks back Prestongrange (between Prestonpans SUDS’d’Sed by "’9 SCOII'SI‘ Ans COL‘I‘C” I overthree years and isnotable tor ' and Musselbtlrgh) 'l‘llC-Fri

the number of large picccs lilam—me. Sat Sun Noon—5pm. H U N T E R I A N

submitted. This is in line with the Visitor Centre. I listoric Cornish

I current trend in painting for large ' Beam Engine and displays UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW canvas. illustrating coal-miningthroughthe 0 OUEEN'SHALLClerk Street. 668 ages. 3456. o THE SHORE GALLERY 59 Bernard own John Haswell - Photographer Until Street. 225 6753. (‘losed at present. Mon 1‘) May. Images 0121 journey i 0 STILLS GALLERY 1115 l ligh Street. I through Northern India. 5571140.'l‘ues—Sat l2—6pm. drl ' Works on Paper by Torquil Anderson Up-to-Date Until Sat 24 May. Mon 1‘) May—Mon 2 June. Photographs by David llurn. An 0 BIAS GALLERY 15 Rutland Square, exhibition which sets otlt to pose - 229 7205. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm. questions about photography. ' The Way We Live Now Until 26 May. 0 TALBOT RICE ART CENTRE ()ld West oi Scotland Ener Workin 1 College. University of Edinburgh. . . Group 26 MIIIVJ)Jungyflmricsgmm (m7 161 1 CI“ “WI MIIIFSIIII ~ The somalscenetn Scotland 1850—1920 students from Scotland‘s lilam—5pm. 2MAY_9AUGUST1986 architectural colleges. Alexander Robertson (1925—1978) _ . o ROYAL COMMONWEALTH POOL L'ntil Sat 31 May. A major “may FI'dayg‘ws'oo' 82333823333908” 5 May and ‘8'2‘ “'1’ Dalkeith Road. 667 7211. retrospective exhibition of a Scottish Spring Fling Competition Sat l7—Sat 1 artist whose work has rarely been . 31 May. The adult paintings from seen in Scotland.

this year’s competition.


Chambers Street. 225 7534.

Mon—Sat ll)am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm.

I Gallery at Scientilic Instruments After much restoration and addition to the collection. this gallery has just been re-opened. Well worth a visit for the magnificent planetarium alone.



Place.225 7‘)~l2.1\'lon—Sat "m (

‘).3(lam—lz t '.

Julie McMahon—Photographer Until Of SCOtland

‘sz '.1 h* t" .‘t 3. h'l ‘t‘ -

(Liz‘hilCSilll2812:1331 zithitiiiLfin The Mound, Edmburgh 031-556 8921

College) McCann makes images



Street. 5566366. Mon-Fri

to, I.;: St ) 3 Queen Street. 5568921. Mon—Sat 1 lam—6pm. Sat lt).3()am--lpm. I;;-I 2". i :I : .. . ''''' II -I VII 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Maggie Greer—Scotland and Other ' '; ' Through all the agesthismuseum : Places Watercolours. 3 ' . i 5" tells Scotland‘s rich story. Louise Annand 26 MayJ June. 0 ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY'I'he ; \k'zttercolours‘. " g f 35-, I Mound. 225 6671. Baajie Pickard 26 May—7 June. I; ' .j -- 5 E. I, t -- BSA SummerShow Until Mon 7July. Pottery. ' - " - ' 0 THE SCOTTISH ARTISTS SHOP 6 0 369 GALLERY 211‘) Cowgate. 225 ..I 5' fiisffiv- '3" Howard Street. 5566337. Mon—Sat 3013. Mon—Sat l2.3(l—5.3(lpm. 33+): I_: .. 10am—4pm. Sun 2—4pm (may Spring Fling Painting Competition change). A new venue specialising in L'ntil Sat 31 May. This year‘s Scottish (mainly contemporary) competition is ‘Peace'. Prizes will be -I artists. presented at the City Chambers on Outghtred and Elspeth Buchanan Thurs 22 May at 5pm. Scottish Landscapes Until Sat 16’ Tim Morrison LIntil Sat 31 May. Prints May. and woodcuts on the theme ‘People ' O SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE 141) in Cities‘. I Canongate. 556 8136. Mon—Sat Lecture Series Talks on : Joan Eardley 1()am—5.3()pm. A permanent Wed 21 May 8pm. £1 (5()p).

showcase for the crafts of Scotland. Wed 28 May 8pm. £1 (50p). 3

i 0 THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 (ieorge ' John Bellany Wed 28 May 8pm. £1

Street.225 5955. Mon—Fri T (5()p). Contact Angela Wrapson for pOet‘, and artist, Blake iS one Of the most 3 9am—5.3()pm. Sat‘).3()am—lpm. detailsol‘artclasses. ' y t Paintings tor Boardrooms Until Wed-1 - OTRAVERSE THEATRE l 12 West Bow. “Otable fr‘nd powerful Secenmcs m the hlStory .lunIeaAselectionoflargepaintings 2262633. of art. Hts mystlcal VISIOH and metaphysmal me u ing works byJames Morrison Oisin (E.J.) Peters ‘Bealtaine’ Until ° ' and E. Walton. 3 Fri 3(lMay. The word ofthe title is Phllosophy have eamed a large fOllOmng Ian Eadie-War Drawings Until Wed-l mythic Irish for May. 'I‘hislrish artist thlS century when hIS splrltual values have June. Paintings ofthe 51st Highland prints to that subject. Irish music will ° ° Division fromthe Second World complement the picturesin the bar come to be regarded' AdmlSSlon free War. on several evenings. Ring box office Dalnd Gulland - Engraved Glass Until for details. I

' The List 16121) May 37