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mm in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow tor children and young

' people. Please send details not later than 10 days bolore publication.

5 Activities 8. Fun

OHAGG’S CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Pollokshields 427 2725 Drama workshops A new series of drama workshops is starting at Haggs Castle where they are always full ofgood ideas for children. Workshops start on Sat 17 May for 6 weeks. lilam-noon. for 8- 12 year olds. Ring to book - places are limited to 20. Free!

Saturday activities 2.15pm Free activities for children with an interesting historical flavour. No booking.

Archery Sat 17 May (8+ years) Everyone will get a chance to have a go for a bull‘s-eye.

Streetgames Sat 24 May (7-9 years) Streetgames Victorian style. HUNTERIAN MUSEUM University of Glasgow. Hillhead Street 330 4221 ext 4213 Mon-Fri 9.30-5. Sat 9.30-1pm.

MrWood’s Fossils Until 10June. The Bearsden Shark is the intriguing exhibit at this exhibition - a mere 300/350 million years old. On

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§ Saturday mornings from 10am-noon f children between 7-13 years can

make a plaster cast of this mysterious i fish who has a big toothbrush type of , ‘fin‘ on the back ofhis head. There is

5 a competition (closing date 13 June)

to suggest what the shark might have used this ‘fin' for.


The Natural World at Haggs Until 22

June. Deer. heron and otters are

amongst the wildlife that used to live

on the haggs (ie marshes) where the 16th(‘ castle was built. Exhibits are on loan from the Natural History Dept. Kelvingrove.

Mary Queen oi Scots Mary. whose second husband. Lord Darnley was blown up while staying at Kirk o‘ Fields and was herself beheaded. is the subject of this exhibition. offering lots ofactivities for children. Theatre

OMITCHELL Granville Street. 221 3198 Box office Mon-Sat noon-6pm. Bar. cafe. Tickets also from Ticket Centre. (‘andleriggs 552 5961. Mon-Sat 1().30am-6.3ilpm.

; Oliveri'l‘hurs 29-Sat 31 May. 7.30pm. : £2.50 (L‘ l .50). The rogues from the

E Dickens classic in a lively musical

5 version by the Mitchell Theatre for

; Youth.

Also see Maytest

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spent on a community project, was generously given to help finance this particular project. The Tron plans to make the Youth Theatre a permanent part at its activities, using only local young people so the theatre can iunction within its locality by involving those who live there. See Maytest.

- and chops to fry! Numbers are Activities & Fun limited so bookin advancg

Exhibitions 0 COMPETITION: The Art of the OCANONGATE TOLBOOTH MUSEUM Architect (‘ity Art Centre. 2 Market

163 (‘anongate Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Street 225 2424 ext 6650 Mon-Sat (‘losed Sun. Free. 1(lam-5pm. (‘losed Sun. Inspired Art, Laughterand the Bright Eyes of young visitors to the exhibition can Children The exhibition has been take part in a competition to draw or extended until the end of May paint a borne they themselves would OCITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. like. Prizes in 5 age groups. plus a 225 2424 ext 6650 Mon-St prize for the most original entry. 10am-5pm. ('losed Sun. 0 EDINBURGH 200 ('orstorphine The Endeavour Competition 22-31 May Road 334 9171 Mon-Fri 9-6pm. Sun Now in its fourth year. this popular 9.30-6pm. £2.5(l(£1.25) Every exhibition. organised by the Altrusa afternoon at 2.30pm there is a (‘lub of Edinburgh. shows the work Penquin Parade. followed at 2.45pm

ofdisabled children. by the Feeding of the Sea Lions 0369 GALLERY 209 (‘owgate. 225 with commentary! Also a children's

3013Mon-Sat 12.30-5.3()pm. adventure playground. sited Peace - Children's PaintingsThe conveniently near to the children‘s entries to the Spring Fling chimpanzees for reciprocal

cornpetiton. influence. (‘oming up next will be lots ofspecial events in July during .FILMHOUSE 88 Lmhian Road 228 National Zoo month! Look out for 3688_ Junior matinccs. 2.00pm All details in future issues of The List. tickets are now bookable in advance ‘FORT SAUGHTONv Similhi‘m Park- (for a trial period) All ticketsfl. Dawn till dusk. Snyder the Spider The LastunicorMUHUSA1982) Whirl and Jungle (iym are just 2 of An almost extinct unicornrs quest to the attractions children shouldn't find out ifshc mavhc haS a fellow miss in the ‘Wild West 'stockade in unicorn somewhérc Fort Saughton. It is the most exciting The Never Ending Story ( U) Childmn‘“ i‘dVCnUirC Pia." 11”“ (Wolfgang Peterson. W Germany. Edinburgh has had and was recently 1984) 94 mins. 1“ English_1~hcti{|cis officially opened.

, _ the name ofa book in which the . NATIONAL GALLERY H!“ Mmmd world. Fantasia. is being consumed 556 8921

. . _ by Nothing . There is wonderful Livmg off the Land Until end June. scope for Special effects and for DOV‘OSI‘iifS- Fm “id” Shim”!!- Bastian. the schoolboy reader to ‘Tatties and Kail‘ are amongst the '

, f h. h} . . become a rescuing hero.

groupingo t iscx intion. illustrating scenes from l‘)th(‘ Theatre . gcomsh mum“. life. PLAYHOUSE18-22 (JTCCITSKJC Place. ' ' . . _ ‘. . - §§7 .ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND giraffqu Mon Sat 10am 6pm. . .

" “"‘22553.)-.‘2 ~~ iséifnuglspnz 4 W n S it Mr Men the Musical! 21-24 Mayq. _ Young Museum - Summer Expeditions Wed-F“ 3 & 4-3UPm‘i3-35»‘(£--73)- Lots ofadventurous Saturday 53" 1 111m 8‘ 1301’") £35” (ti-3P“)- activities are planned for 8- 16 year RPS” I'liirgrwvcs Mr Mmimd olds to go along with adults on : little P4155951!” br‘mghi ‘0 iii“ by the expeditions to the beach and Redgrave Ihc‘mcj Fa‘mham “'"h countryside near Edinburgh. The i the help ‘inhc ‘iUd‘CnLC~ first will be to Yellowcraigs Beach Sat i 17 May. noon-3pm. Bring sausages i

Overcoat, the Tron Youth Project, involving youngsters specifically irom the East End oi Glasgow, perform their second play, a lively and colouriul piece of street theatre. An award won by Glasgow Herald journalist Andy Young, which included £1000 to be

See Spring Fling

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