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Made in Glasgow, these remarkable super heavy-weight cotton boxers come in a wild, wild, wild range of

colours— Chintz (features), Hawaian

Biol, Prince of Wales Check, Rhapsody

in Blue (light denim look), Deckchair

(blue and yellow stripe) ideal lorthe heavy-duty-underwear enthusiast. Modelled on classic 1950’s Brooks Brothers Boxer Styling. Available

small, medium, large. Hangloose,guys.

As worn by style-leaders of any sex. Cost £6.99, plus p&p-, trom Grundy’s, 11e Buchanan Drive, Glasgow G77 BON. Allow 21 days delivery.

RliS'lAl'RANl: 'l'ue—Sat (evenings only) 'l'able l)‘l lote and a la carte menus BRASSliRlliz Seven days: lunehtimes and evenings Wide range of meals available ()ursiife settling. lt't'tII/lt’l' permitting

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Near Charing Cross

We Wlll be open 7 days a week from 8 a m till late for Breakfasts Busmess Lunches and Evening Dinners

. Tel: 041 221 7323


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10,6:iittg:lit)i‘ (leJS-SEB Cockbei l‘l'i Sbt‘eeet. EDINBUQGi—l C33) 226 51/45

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(‘himmy (‘hungas.

The sign above the door bade us 'Welcome to the Fiesta'. We entered. not a car showroom. but a former grocery store. recently transformed into (‘himmy (‘hungas. (ilasgow‘s newest concept eaterie.

Advance reservations cannot be made. instead patrons book at the cocktail bar on the night and wait to be summoned on the l’. A. by (‘himmy's American female hostess. which is not only a novel idea. but a practical one. An interesting selection of imported beers is available. including Mexican (‘erveza and many of these were consumed while waiting fora table.

Waiting however also affords an opportunity to scan the intriguing decor. A series of post-antiquity artefacts are on dispaly - weighing and fortune-telling machines. a massive old juke box and a harassed looking hombre atop his stage coach propelled through a cactoid forest just above the heads of the clientele - and all this before the meal.

()n ordering. we were bemused to learn that (‘himmy (‘hungas is not a revolutionary folk hero from 'l'ijuana. but is a Mexican dish. not dissimilar from French entre crepes. only spicier. with a choice ofbeefor chicken fillings and supported by a variety of rice. salad. beans and other unidentified tasty treats. My amigo got stuck into Steak l’icadore. which was a particularly distinctive spiced dish with thin strips ofsteak. accompanied by trimmings similar to my (‘himmy (‘hungas Together with meatball soup (Mexicano Mulligatawny and multo bueno) beers and coffee the fare was reasonable at £18 for two.

(‘himmy ('hungas probably isn‘t for the snobbisli gourmet with a train to catch. but it is positively a must for those with a sense of fun and a taste for the slightly different. (.lohn Swadel)

Viva Mexico. just off lidinburgh's animated ( ‘ockburn Street. is indicated by a sign of a sleepy Mexican. dozing under his sombrero and is found down a steep flightof steps in the shade of Anchor ('lose. It is run by Mexican .lulio (ionzales and his Scottish wife Judy and offers real Mexican food at reasonable prices. Mexican restaurants are uncommon in both [Edinburgh and (ilasgow and corn tortillas. rolled or fried. filled or smothered in refried beans. guacamole. chilli or fresh coriander are interestingly different and delicious. At lunchtime there are also warm bread rolls heaped and spread with spicy fillings. Untried but fine sounding are the puddings - creamy and rich (‘reme (‘aramel or Mango Mousse and a suggestive choice of drinks - ‘Bohemia‘ or ‘l)on liquis‘ (Mexican beers). Aztec (‘offee and aromatic liquers - Membrillo (quince) or Almendrado l (almond).

l will be all Scottish and French.

Tex Mex.

It‘s an informal friendly restaurant on Hanover Street. Edinburgh. perched slightly above street level. making it possible to eat and watch the world go by without being stared at. It‘s not a place for any sort of pretension. thankfully making little attempt to appear ‘Mexican‘.

Service is friendly and quick our waiter shared our slight intrigue as to the exact ingredients ofThree Bean Salad. I‘m not sure if this starter is three different types of bean or merely three different preparations, but it was full offlavour and interestingly mixed textures.

For our main course. my partner and 1 respectively sampled Taco Salad a crisp pastry in bold shape filled with salad- and a chicken filled Burrito a flour tortilla pancake with cheese and beans. Neither was as hot as at least I had suspected, and there were plenty ofseparate flavours to savour.

An inexpensive meal. much more than a snack. which indicates both a style ofeating and a restaurant well worth returning to.


0 Chimmy Chungas 499 Great Western Road. 334 71 l l. Mon-Sat 11.3llam/noon-2pm and 6-] 1pm. (‘losed Sundays. They don't take bookings unless for more than 6 people. See review.

oThe Granary ll) Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands G41. 632 8487. 7 days noon-3am. 6- 10.45pm. Diner plus two bars situated on Glasgow‘s southside. it specialises in Mexican food - tacos. cnchilades etc. From £4 for main course. Also steaks. burgers. Book in advance for Friday

or Saturday evening as they are busy. 2

oTimes Square 48 St Enoch‘s Square 221 657‘). Mon-Sat noon-2pm. 5-] 1pm. Closed Sunday. This restaurant has only recently open - in fact in the last 6weeks. From June they will have an all-day licence and the diner will be licenced until 1 They include a ‘Mexican lmports' selection on the menu. with ‘chunky chilli'. using shoulder steak not mince a speciality. Despite this. they also do vegetarian dishes and

burgers. kebabs.


oViva Mexico 10 Anchor Close. High Street. 22651-15. Mon-Sat noon-2.30pm. 6.30-1 1.30pm. Closed Sundays. Book for Thursdays. Fridays and Saturday evenings. Lunch approx £2. main course from approx 850-1350 See review. 0T8! Mex 38 Hanover Street 225 1796 Mon-Sat noon-lam. Sundays

lpm- 10.30pm. Best to book for

i Thurs. Friday and Saturday eveings. Special lunch from £2.25 See review. oJacksons Bestaurant2()9 High Street

225 1793 Will re-start their Mexican menu in October. For the summer it